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file MBG crashes when I open a level

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16 Mar 2022 17:57 #1 by Anonymous
MBG crashes when I open a level was created by Anonymous
Hi folks,

It makes me so happy to see the Marble Blast community alive and kicking. I started playing about 16 years ago and I love the game so much. I'm currently trying to install the newer version of the game (which I downloaded here — thank you!!) on my newer Mac. The game installation has worked fine, but when I go in and try to actually open a level, it freezes and stops responding. (I click the button to start the level, and then nothing happens and I can't do anything else). Does anybody know what might be going on?

I downloaded 1.6u Marble Blast Gold - Mac from this website, and my mac is running 10.11.6, so it should be compatible.

Any help would be so much appreciated. Thank you!!
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16 Mar 2022 18:33 #2 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic MBG crashes when I open a level
Hi, I just realized that I totally put the wrong title. MBG *freezes/stops responding* when I open a level. Also, my name is Taylor! Many thanks again to anyone who has thoughts and is willing to share.
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