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20 Dec 2020 08:38 - 21 Dec 2020 22:35 #1 by Yoshicraft224
Marble Blast Platinum 13th Anniversary Event was created by Yoshicraft224
In less than a week, MBP will be old enough to officially join the community! Somehow, it's also probably older than some members of the community. Come celebrate the obviously happening readdition of seaside.ogg by joining us on Saturday, December 26th, 2020 at 4pm EST! We're going to play through all of MBP in Co-op! As per usual.

As with last time with the PQ 3rd anniversary event, times will be recorded to be compared with future years. If we can't complete a level, then we'll just add 99:59.999, though this is much less likely to be a problem with MBP than it is for PQ. This includes if everyone leaves. Likewise, Gem Madness (or even any gamemodes with only a score) don't exist, so it's just the times we're worried about. I hope to see lots of people there! MBP always seems to get the most attention.

Check out this July's (and future Julys (Julies?) as well) PQ records here .

brapdoors mbg #OhBoyFreeAM!
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