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30 Apr 2021 05:00 - 30 Apr 2021 05:21 #1 by Eclipsia
Triumvirate Pathfinding Competition was created by Eclipsia
Triumvirate Pathfinding Competition
April 30th 5:00am GMT to May 10th 5:00am GMT

What will the competition involve?
This competition is a 10-day competition to see who can come up with the best path for collecting all 181 gems on the collection map: Triumvirate. (normally played on Multiplayer servers)
This was originally a challenge I created for myself since there is a time limit of 5 minutes on the collection map and I wanted to see if I could collect all of the gems before the time ran out.
I then wondered how other people may go with pathfinding this challenge and see if people could get a faster time, so therefore I created this competition with the prize pool for the fastest runs.

- Due to the fact that this is a pathfinding competition, there will be no collaboration between competitors, if I see similarities within runs then those players will be heavily questioned and runs could be disqualified if they are way too similar to each other.
- Please make sure you submit your runs on time as any late entries will unfortunately not make it in.
- An in-game recording of the run will need to be given to me in order for a run to be considered valid for the competition. (details on how to play Triumvirate
offline in singleplayer in order to save recordings are below)

How do I play Triumvirate on Singleplayer and save rrecs?
It is known that multiplayer server matches/rounds can not be saved in rrecs as the marble freezes in place as the rrec is loaded. To allow for me to verify times for this competition, you will need to load the map in regular Singleplayer.

Step by Step guide in running Triumvirate in Singleplayer: (may look slightly different on Mac however it’s a very similar process)
1: Go to the games directory via the Marble Blast Launcher:

2: Follow this directory: platinum > data > multiplayer > collection > beginner:
Now in this folder we can see all of the beginner maps in the collection category for Multiplayer.

3: Copy the Triumvirate_collection and Triumvirate_collection.mis files

4: Paste the Triumvirate files into your custom levels directory which should be under this directory: platinum > data > missions > Custom

5: Now you should be able to load in PlatinumQuest and go into the Custom Levels category and play Triumvirate, making sure to enable rrec recording.

NOTE: When you load the saved rrecs it may seem like the recordings are broken as gem artifacts as still present, but the recordings continue as normal and the recording finishes when the time runs out or when you collect all 181 gems.

When you finish a run and restart the level or exit out of the level, a prompt will show up saying to save the recording, once you have saved the recording; you can retrieve it by going back into the PlatinumQuest files and going to the directory: platinum > data > recordings.

You can submit as many runs/recordings to me as you like throughout the competition, and your best time is what your time will be for the end result of the competition.

There is one primary way you can submit runs to me and that is through Discord. My discord tag is Starwide#6165, I’m in the Marble Blast Community Discord Server but if you aren’t, feel free to send me a friend request :)
If you do not use discord, you can message me on twitter: twitter.com/Starwide_

When you message me with your submission, please do it in this format:

Runner’s Name: <name>
Time: <300s - in-game timer>
Recording: <send the rrec file>

The Prizes:
1st: $50 NZD Steam or Amazon Gift Card or MB donation under your name
2nd: $30 NZD Steam or Amazon Gift Card or MB donation under your name
3rd: $20 NZD Steam or Amazon Gift Card or MB donation under your name
Raffle Prize: If in the run all 181 gems are collected then that person will be in a raffle for a $20 NZD Steam or Amazon Gift Card or MB donation under your name.

If there aren’t 3 runners who have collected all 181 gems within the time limit, then whoever has the most gems will place highest. I will be keeping track of players' runs within a spreadsheet.
If there aren't more than 10 individual runners submitted by the 10th of May then I will extend the competition for a longer period.

The top 5 runs will be featured in a video like compilation on my channel, if you want custom marble skins to be used then please let me know through dms.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask about the competition, please feel free to message me through Discord or Twitter.

Thank You and good luck with your runs!

Eclipsia (a.k.a Starwide)
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09 May 2021 05:23 #2 by Eclipsia
Replied by Eclipsia on topic Triumvirate Pathfinding Competition
The end deadline of the Triumvirate Pathfinding Competition has been extended to the 15th of May at 5:00am GMT due to a recent poll ran on the Marble Blast Discord Server.

Hopefully that gives you guys more of a chance for a better shot at the comp.

Good Luck!

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26 Jul 2021 17:17 #3 by Nockess
Replied by Nockess on topic Triumvirate Pathfinding Competition
This has already made its way around the Dsicord server, but thought it would be good to post here to informally bring a conclusion to this competition.

All times are written in the description!

Call me Chris!

Discord: Nockess#4107
YouTube: www.youtube.com/Nockess
Custom Levels: marbleland.vaniverse.io/profile/5
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