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08 Jul 2018 02:25 - 08 Jul 2018 02:32 #1 by NaCl586
So Derpking redirects me to ask regarding coding/scripting questions here instead. Not sure how complex these questions are but I think it might be. First of all, I'm no coding expert, and I have no idea how to find these answers or some clues in the TorqueScript manual, as mostly I don't get all or some parts of the code especially global variables might refer to another script which I don't know. I wish someone could answer this so I hope I don't have to rely a lot on other programmers while making GLC 3.

First Question:
So one of the GUI elements available is buttons, and I can set them as radio buttons so it acts like a switch (I think it works similarly as in options gui, and there's where I first discovered it). However, in the options GUI, there are some settings that are pre-selected (already pressed) upon opening the GUI. I also discovered that I can group some buttons (for instance resolutions, color, or windows in the options gui) by changing the groupNum values to specific values based on some groups/classifications. Based on my short observation, I tried to create something similar to that. However, the problem is that I cannot make (don't understand) how to make a certain button being initially pre-selected upon opening the GUI in a certain group as I have some groups, and I need to have the same properties for other groups (one button being initially pre-selected). Can anybody tell me how do I do that? Preferably if there's some pref data or global variable that I could assign so I can make everything pre-selected based on certain criteria rather than being in fixed variable/string.
(If anyone has seen the latest GLC 3 post/update, you might probably understand what I mean).

Second Question:
This is about PlayMissionGui.cs (PMG), as I need to modify the PMG into a different layout for GLC 3. The only GUI style that I understand is HelpCreditsGUI and most of my codes that I made have similar style/layout/coding with that. I tried to look the PMG script and unfortunately, I only understand like a third to half of the script (especially the global variables that most of them I don't know what script(s) they came from); from the lines that I understand, PMG looks very effective and by understanding it I might be able to create more GUI codes or even other game elements. Can anybody briefly or if possible explain how the PMG script works? (Or if anyone has already done this, can anybody link me to the explanation?)

These questions are probably the most feasible thing that I could understand and ask for now.
Thank you :)

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