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07 Sep 2017 15:31 - 07 Sep 2017 15:33 #1 by Ralph
Ralph created the topic: Ralph's Improved PQ Sound Pack (NOW OUT FOR DOWNLOAD!)
Ever felt a bit bored with PQ's original sounds? Are you guys searching for more cool, playful sounds when playing?

Wanna have some fairy-ish sweet melodies when you spawn / checkpoint / get a gem / finish? Wanna feel like a Super Saiyan when you get a Fireball, and feeling like you do some monster damage when you beat up some Ice Shards? Wanna have some realistic sounds in addition?

I heard your call, and now, after around 5 months of camping with my dog FL Studio and tinkering sounds with my boy Audacity, time to say hello to:

This pack has a variety of modified sounds, and replaces every single sound of the sound folder from PQ (except the ones mentioned in the ReadMe file), with fairy melodies and funny sounds ahoy! This will sure enhance the fun you have playing PlatinumQuest!
For example, instead of having a sniper cannon sound (like the final cannon in Manic Bounce), you get a pack-a-punched cannon with a laser boost sound!

But hey, I'm not going to spoil everything and let you discover (or hear) things by yourself!

Download the pack here:

Don't hesitate to make videos using my sounds, and notify me if you have any trouble with the sounds in-game : as always, I'll help you the best way I can. Or I will probably ask HiGuy to fix things...


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Ralph's Improved PQ Sound Pack :
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