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                STOP DeluXe (released in April 2023) is a quirky hybrid of the Marble Blast series and is the first hybrid since Marble Blast Fubar to include on-line features and replays. It is the successor to STOP II, being one of the rare full-release modifications developed since December 2016.
                With over 290 new stages, new physics, an awards system, statistics, leaderboards, instant replay support, web features, tons of bonus content and secrets, and so much more, this modification is the largest and most ambitious of any Marble Blast game to date. Can you help Captain S. Marble recover his lost Teapots and save his friends from Palladium Village in order to help everyone return home safely? This ambitious and humongous modification is a must-have for diehard roll-playing game fanatics, especially for those who are just checking out this web site and prefer to play something else first. This modification has highly balanced gameplay and encourages learning and promotion of strengthening the mind and fingers as you complete STOP DeluXe. Developed by Tekannabrand, Inc., under Jiquor and RandomityGuy.

You can view more information about the project here: https://stopii.fandom.com/

script.png Bunny Game 1.0.1

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If you plan to run this .swf, you need Adobe Flash Player (standalone), as Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported on web browsers.

2023-07-06 10:31:39
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ps.png STOP DeluXe | 1.9uX 1.3.4 HOT

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The installer for STOP DeluXe (STOPX) v1.3. Requirements: Windows 7 or higher, Microsoft Visual 2019 Redistributable. If you have modern AMD or RTX graphics, roll them back before playing the game.

2023-04-12 22:05:04
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