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lock [READ] Known Bugs & Suggestions [Last Updated 04/07/2019]

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25 Dec 2015 12:42 - 08 Apr 2019 01:27 #1 by Aayrl
Known Issues

- I am unable to log in to Marble Blast Fubar online because my game build is out of date.
This is a known issue with a game-client update from Build 50000 and a new version available on the server. A new launcher client will be available soon which will allow users to once again grab the latest version of Marble Blast Fubar and play online. Older versions of the launcher could still work, but it will be recommended users grab the latest Marble Blast Launcher for full support.

- There are elements of the UI that overlap while playing a level on certain resolutions (such as MOTD on small resolution settings)
This will be corrected in a future build as I move UI elements around.
Source: marbleblast.com/index.php/forum/mbf-beta-feedback/8507-bugs-motd-blocked-by-main-menu-gui-gem-counter-blocked-by-time

- World times toggle does not stay on "World" setting after reloading the game.
Need to add a pref value for it, it will be in the next build.

- Why aren't there a separate set of times for players who use Skills / Mastery and those who do not?
I'm working on the implementation side of it. Show your support and Thank the following thread:
Source: marbleblast.com/index.php/forum/mbf-beta-feedback/8537-suggestion-seperate-leaderboards

- Sometimes, the game is stuck on "Logging In..."
Please post your Console.Log in the following source thread (listed below) so I can further review the issue:
Source: marbleblast.com/index.php/forum/mbf-beta-feedback/8569-bug-marble-blast-fubar-not-logging-in

- Bail Out! will sometimes start without any of the moving platform objects loaded (no planes!)
Known issue, still working on a reasonable way to predict when this occurs. Simply restart the level until the planes appear.

Levels which are currently being rebuilt / revised:

Intermediate - Emberstone (Scenery, challenges)
Intermediate - Vengeful Catacombs (Rebuild)
Advanced - Temple of Aut-Ahl (Scenery Adjustments, Challenge adjustments)
Advanced - Jenga (Rebuild)
Advanced - Bladestorm (Scenery removal - less repetitive)
Advanced - Special-Ops Mission (Shortcut removal, scenery adjustments)
Advanced - Marble in the Clouds (Rebuild)
Advanced - Rock Climber (Extension, less repetitive)
Advanced - Kalimahri Pass (Scenery additions)

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