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lock [SUGGESTION] Add a way to reset mastery points easier.

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17 Jan 2016 01:21 - 17 Jan 2016 01:23 #1 by Regislian
Each time (level 50+) you switch level you have to manually adjust your mastery points. What would make that a lot easier is having something like:

-When you right click on - it decreases your mastery points in that mastery to 0/right click on + it maxes out your mastery.

-Or a reset all masteries button,

(Or having different profiles to pick, for example one for maxed out jump, one for maxed out time travel. Think one of the other options is easier though)
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17 Jan 2016 02:04 #2 by Aayrl
I think a quick reset button would be easiest to implement and make the most sense. Not sure if I want to allow folks to create mastery "profiles", though I could definitely see the usage (e.g., someone finds a WR route with a certain set of mastery points in a certain category, other people will want to mimic that "profile" so they can also hit the WR, etc.)

I'll be adding a reset to the next build, will have to think about the profiles.

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11 Sep 2016 21:06 #3 by Aayrl
In Build 50000+, I've added a Mastery Reset button to make it easier to change your Mastery skills based on the level you're about to challenge.

I decided against saving your current Mastery Profile, as the implementation was cluttering the UI and causing some strange issues with the server when you commit Mastery changes. Sure, it may be convenient, but it's just as easy to click the "+" button 25 times.

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