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file [BUG] Token-duplication-weird-thing

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01 Jan 2017 02:17 #1 by ??sfvbfb
[BUG] Token-duplication-weird-thing was created by ??sfvbfb
So, I am on a trip, and normally at home I play MBP/Fubar on a Windows machine and now I'm using a Mac laptop and I was replaying the level "Ventilation System" and noticed that the spinny token icon was not spinny or golden so I played the level, collected the token and it didn't say "You already found this token" like normal, instead it did the "Token Found" thing. Checked my profile and the token was not there, sadly.(y u no free token?) but nevertheless should be fixed. Have a nice day!

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12 Jan 2017 01:18 #2 by Aayrl
Replied by Aayrl on topic [BUG] Token-duplication-weird-thing
Thanks for the report!

The flag for the Token icon on the level image is currently client side and doesn't sync properly with the server-side database. I'll be fixing this in a future build.


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