file MBP Egg Guide (COMPLETE) (SPOILER) (1.13 Progess)

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24 Dec 2007 06:26 #1 by Aayrl
Due to a massive update of this thread, as well as some new updates to come in the following days, the thread has been locked until the changes are complete. Thank you for your input, patience, and understanding in this current patching.

I've been working silently on this topic, even though there are only minor visual adjustments. I currently have most of the levels explained and awaiting transfer to this post. I have also DELETED all previous replies on this thread. I do apologize to those who were so enthusiastic as to provide some extra Easter Egg routes for post 1.10. However, I feel since this is *my* Easter Egg Guide, that I will post my own routes here, and you're welcome to re-post yours *After* my updates are completed. Thanks again for your patience and understanding, I promise to have this finished *SOON*.

Welcome to Aayrl's Easter Egg Guide!
Several levels have had their easter egg changed in patch 1.10 of Marble Blast Platinum. I've worked diligently to update as many levels as I could. Please be aware that EVERY Level now has an easter egg. I will be adding several new paths to the easter eggs shortly. Levels with their name in Sky Blue have been updated for 1.13.

Please note: There are several paths you can use to obtain easter eggs on several levels, such as the many variations on Battlecube. I'm simply listing the easiest routes below for all users to find the Easter Eggs with Ease. Now that's a lot of E's.


All of the Easter Egg Routes for the Beginner Levels have been confirmed to work for any user by Matan Weissman.

1. Let's Roll - From the start, Go towards the sign in front of you, and you'll notice two posts. Drop on the left post and then roll under the platform. Use the Gyrocopter you pickup to fly and hit the sign near the finish. You can either land on top of the archways that border the mission, or you can go straight to the egg from that sign hit. The egg is behind the archway behind the finish, to the left.

2. Jump Tutorial - There are several variations for this level. The egg is on the outbound side of the archway near the finish. From my experiences, the sign hit and the edge hit options near the finish currently do not give you enough height to roll towards the egg. Therefore, the easiest way to currently get the egg is to use the WR Technique, and double-edge hit off of one of the early jumped to the first archway, where you will see a Super Speed. Use diagonal once on the archway to jump up the triangular prism in the center slightly, and then use the Super Speed to get over to the other arch. You can now simply use Diagonal to roll over that second triangular prism and reach the egg.

3. Diamond Round-up - I found this one to be exciting. When you're going to the bottom level (the normal route), you'll notice the sign that points down. Directly behind the sign is a pillar. Roll behind the pillar, on the trim, and pickup the hidden Gyrocopter! Next, go down to the bottom level to the gem. The easter egg is hidden behind the pillar, directly behind the gem. Use your Gyrocopter and jump to get enough height to skim along the ceiling, and slowly maneuver to the backside of the pillar and collect your easter egg.

4. Learn the Friction! - When you reach the part of the level where it explains the Sand friction, you will notice you become fairly close to the top of the boundary wall. You can perform a simple wall hit to either land on top of the wall, or aim directly for the easter egg itself. The egg is positioned on a small platform in the corner, between the out of bounds walls, with a random-flooring friction.

5. Training Towers - Use the Super Jump to reach the second platform and then pickup the Super Speed. The easter egg is directly under the center of the bright orange ramp. Go to the left or right side of the ramp and aim with the Super Speed to grab the egg.

6. Learn the Wall-Hit - This is currently one of the hardest easter eggs to attain. The easter egg is wedged between the archway and the finish sign. When you reach the final platform of the level, move towards the very end so you have enough speed for a nice, high wall hit. It's suggested to perform a wall hit in the center of the wall, and then rotate the camera so you can angle your shot at the easter egg. It's a fairly simple technique, but will take several attempts to master the shot.

7. Gravity Knot - This one is extremely simple. Go through the level as you normally would until you reach the finish platform. From that finish platform, you can look downward and see the edge of previous platforms, which are thicker and darker than the wooden ones. Jump down carefully onto these, and roll all the way back to the wall infront of the start. You will now notice an archway to your left, (If you're facing the start platform behind the wall). The easter egg is behind the archway, and you can simply drop down on top of it from this point.

8. Flight of the Marble - On the first platform, pick up a Gyrocopter and head back to the start pad. Jump and use the Gyrocopter, and ram into the pillar in front of the start pad. This will cause the marble to go higher into the air, and you will see the easter egg on top of that pillar. Easy.

9. Teleport Training - By far the easiest easter egg to attain in the entire game. After you use the first teleport, roll your marble around that teleport machine and collect the egg. The egg is directly behind the teleport machine, on the platform.

10. Busy Bee... - This one can be a pain, but it's a fairly simple technique. Jump and use the first Super Jump, and hold down your Use Powerup key (Default Left mouse button). Once you use the second Super Jump, let go of the Use Powerup key, and grab the third Super Jump. Move your marble ever-so-slightly to the left so you don't slap into the platform the finish is sitting on, and then use that final Super Jump. You will notice the easter egg is on top of the finish sign, so you simply maneuver your marble, while airborne, to land on the egg. Please note; this is a very straight forward technique, but it will require several attempts to master.

11. Learn the Bouncy Floor! - This one is also a pain. Go through the level until you reach the section with the Super Jump. Grab the Super Jump and head back down to the start platform. While facing the same direction you did as when you started the level, use the Super Jump to get on the left side of the archway directly in front of the start platform. You will receive a Gyrocopter. Now, carefully get back to the section of the level with the Super Jump. Here is where it gets tricky, but if you remember The Time Modifier Race, this one should be simple. Jump and use the Gyrocopter, and then land on the Super Jump and immediantly use it. Quickly get your marble to fly over to the Finish Platform. The easter egg is directly behind the middle cone on the top of the archway, directly above the finish. Simply fly over and drop the marble behind the archway to collect your egg. NOTE: Use the Super Jump before you hit the bouncy floor. The bouncy floor will give you too much height and shoot you Out of Bounds.

12. Bump your Head! - Pick up the Super Speed and turn so you're facing the Start platform again. You will notice a pillar behind it. Gain speed using the Diagonal technique, and then use the Super Speed to perform a wall hit off of the pillar, onto the top of the level. Facing towards the finish, drop down on the left section of the outer platform and collect your easter egg. The easter egg is in the center of the outer edge of the level, on the lower platform.

13. Learn the Time Modifier - Roll your marble to the finish platform. Here, you need to gain speed by using the diagonal technique, and then use a wall-hit to bounce on top of the Archway. Now, roll your marble down the wall to the right of the finish, and land on the platform adjacent to the finish platform. You will notice the platform at the end of this straight walkway will sometimes change color, due to improper level lighting. This is a secret moving platform! Stay on the moving platform, and it will bring you under the level. The easter egg is underneath the level, just below one of the floor tiles. The moving platform will pause for a moment underneath the easter egg, at which point you can jump normally and attain it, before the moving platform brings you back to the finish.

14. Learn the Random Force - This is a fairly easy easter egg, even though it was bugged several times in the past *grin*. Use diagonal and jump once or twice at the start so you have enough speed to use the slanted trim around the ice platforms to bounce on top of that brown ceiling. Roll your marble to the far right corner and notice there is a piece of trim that has been removed. Drop down at that piece of missing trim, and you will collect your easter egg. The easter egg is scaled 0.1 0.1 0.1 at the bottom of the missing trim location, at ground level.

15. King of the Marble - This may seem challenging, but it's actually quite simple. Grab a Super Speed and head to one of the outer ramps that has a direct path to the center of the level. Holding down W, roll down towards the center platform, jumping once or twice along the way. Keep your marble at ground level before you reach the center, so your marble performs an edge hit. Immediately after you are in the air, use the Super Speed to shoot directly up into the air and collect the egg. The easter egg is directly above the center hole of the level, and believe it or not, was lowered and made even easier to obtain than early tests of 1.10.

16. Magnet Training - If you're good with the tornado, you'll do fine on this one. Go about the level as you normally would, but do your best to NOT land over the finish at the end. Instead, you will see a line of magnets behind the finish sign. Roll over to these and they will shoot you over to the top of an archway. Land on this archway, only to be shot again by a row of magnets. Land on this final archway, and yet another row of magnets will launch you into the air, where you will be able to (if needed) spin and land on the egg. The easter egg is several yards above the level, and is only obtainable through the magnet-launching technique.

17. Ground Zero - At the start of the level, jump *perfectly* center on top of a nuke. This will launch your marble several yards into the air. The platform in the center of the level, with a roof, will be your target. Land on this platform and collect your egg. The easter egg is on top of the boxed-in section of the level, in the middle.

18. Recoil Training - Easier said than done. Rotate the camera 180 degrees so you go reverse from the direction of the start pad. Jump and fall down, and you will notice a flat pillar with a Super Bounce above it. Hold down your Use Powerup key, (Default left mouse button), and you will bounce off of this platform. Slowly, manuever your marble to the other side of the large pillar in the center, and you will notice a Super Jump. Hold down your Use Powerup key again, and Jump as you land on the Super Jump. The combined forces of the Super Bounce, Jump, and Super Jump should give you enough momentum to leap across the level, and land on the pillar with the egg, on the complete opposite side of the level. This will take many attempts to master, and is considered one of the harder beginner level easter eggs. The easter egg is on the tallest pillar, directly right of the start, and even viewable from the start pad. PLEASE NOTE: When you are using the Super Jump, it is CRUCIAL that you do NOT hit the pillar in front of you, as the friction of the pillar will slow down your acceleration into the sky, and ultimately disallow you from gaining enough height to reach the egg.

19. Mini Mountain - This one is simple. Go through the level as you normally would until you reach the section with the Super Speed. Grab one, and then wait against the wall for the respawn (about seven seconds). Once it respawns, use the Super Speed you currently have, but immediantly let go of your Use Powerup key (Default left mouse). This way, you're on the finish platform with a Super Speed. Head over to the finish platform, rotate your camera 180 degrees, and slowly fall off the edge. Use the Super Speed to ram into the wall below and collect the easter egg. The easter egg is directly below an overhang coming out from the finish pad, and you can view it as you're rolling up the slanted pathway.

20. Ramps - Roll over to the finish. There is a secret room hidden beneath the finish platform, and is accessed through a doorway, facing the pillar behind the finish. Slowly tap the forward key so your marble slightly falls off the edge, and then use the diagonal technique to bounce into the room and collect the egg. The easter egg is in the center of the platform beneath the finish pad.

21. Diagonal Training - Thank god Matan made the Gyrocopter easier to attain...the older version was a pain in the rear. When you reach the section with the curved ramps you use to collect the Time Travel, gather as much speed as possible for that last curved ramp. Hold down the jump button so your marble gets several jumps in before releasing from the interior. You will notice a Gyrocopter slanted on the pyramid part of the pillar directly infront of you. Land on the gyrocopter an then back onto the level interior. Head towards the finish pad, and use the Gyrocopter as you come onto the final platform, and bounce off of one of the pillars for height. Go behind the left pillar, (If you're facing the finish), and collect the egg. The easter egg is behind the triagular prism section of the pillar, to the left of the finish pad, (again, if you're facing the finish).

22. Learn the Edge Hit - Move to the end of the first platform. Turn around 180 degrees and use the diagonal technique, and a few jumps before running full speed into the interior and performing an edge hit to collect the egg. The easter egg is on the top of the left cone of the second archway in the level relative to the start location. (If you're at the start, you can see the easter egg on the second archway, on the left.)

23. Hazard Loop - Head over to the trap doors section. Get to the yellow platform cut off from the rest of the level by the trap doors. The trap door closest to this platform, on the far right (if you're facing the rest of the level) has a hidden Super Jump beneath it. You will have to sit on the trap door for a second or two before jumping off to get the Super Jump. Now, use the Super Jump to get on top of the big yellow platform in the center, which has a hidden Gyrocopter. Use the Gyrocopter to fly over to the pillar directly to the left and slightly behind the start pad (relative to the direction the start pad is facing). This can be made easier if you use a Gyrocopter, and then pickup another for a longer flight duration for positioning.

24. Keep on Rollin' - This one was ingenious to be honest. Roll to the finish platform, but don't actually finish, silly. Next, jump onto the fairly low wooden wall, and head directly behind the finish. Rotate the camera towards the finish sign so that you may see a Gyrocopter and a Super Jump against the wall! Drop down directly on top of these objects while holding down the Use Powerup key (Default left mouse button). This will use the Gyrocopter and Super Jump to give you enough height to collect the egg. The easter egg is directly on top of the finish sign, and can be viewed from all perspectives of the level.

25. Battlecube - From the start, go to the side with the Finish Platform (by picking up the respective Gravity Modifier). Now, roll over to the far corner of that section where the gem is location and note the location of the Gravity Modifier that would have the same rotation as the start pad. Now, slowly backup and use the diagonal technique and run into the Gravity Modifier to flip the rotation, and land on top of the easter egg. The easter egg is located beneath the interior section with the finish pad, slightly above the finish pad's location, on the opposite side of the interior. PLEASE NOTE: If you are fairly skilled with the Diagonal Technique, it is possible to just use diagonal and run into the gravity modifier to reach the easter egg, avoiding the Super Jump step.

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24 Dec 2007 06:26 #2 by Aayrl

1. Triple Decker - Grab a super jump and go to the right side of the finish on the second level. Go up the grass onto the edge and head to the middle of the beam. Adjust the camera to spot the egg and then fall. Use the jump to jump back under the nook to grab the egg.

2. Mountaintop Retreat - Where the path splits in two, one for the Time Travels and one to come up, you should notice a hole in the pillar holding that platform for the finish. Aim carefully to grab the egg.

3. Cyclone Launch - None

4. Spin Practice - Speed up at the beginning with a few jumps and diagonal. Go straight into the ice pile on the right and then jump as you hit it. This will launch you onto the roof with the egg.

5. Loop Exits - Use the Super Speeds to launch you up the loop. Exit at the right moment to land on top of the loop and collect the egg.

6. Medieval Maze - When you start, turn left, then right, stop at the superjump. Pick up the super jump and hit space before you jump. You should see a hole infront of you. Go in. The egg is at the end of the tunnel.

7. Ramp Madness - None (THIS IS MADNESS!)

8. Mini Marble Golf - Go through the level until you get to the super jumps. Pickup a super jump and come back to the start. Behind the start is an archway. Jump before you hit the superjump to get on top of the arch to collect the egg.

9. Marble Mini Golf: Icichole - Go through the level normally until you come to the part with the two ice blocks and the duct fan. Go up the furthest ramp and then turn around to see the Egg on a cliff. Use the fan while going diagonal up the back ramp to launch onto that platform and get the egg.

10. Basic Agility Course - None

11. Avoiding Hazards - None

12. Technoropes - None

13. Take a Stroll... - When you get to the bumper, jump on it to get to the platform above. Once on that platform, move diagonally and perform an edge hit on the wall to get ontop of the box and collecting the egg.

14. Roll Like the Wind!
- Use the marble recoil on the brick infront instead of behind. When you roll off, you should immediantly roll backwards so you get under the mission when you hit that antigravity. Then, roll towards the finish and jump onto the ice ramps. From here, aim at the edge of the archway on the crack between block middle and block left. If you hit it right, you'll get the egg.

15. Sprint - When you're heading for the finish, launch off the tightrope right before the end of the lift and aim for the left tower. You'll notice a hole with the egg in it, aim carefully and its yours.

16. Downhill Racing - This is a muck. At the start, go to the end of that first platform and perform a wall hit onto that wood piece above. Once on it, get ontop of the arch to jump onto the sign. Collect a gyrocopter, wait for the respawn, and use it. Collect the other gyro and head down the mission. At the 3rd set of pillars, use the copter (Like in Flight of the Marble) to bounce up the pillar and collect the egg.

17. Double LoopLoop - There are two ways to do this. I do it by going through the loop but NOT using the super speed. Go down the level ontop of the gem. Then, roll off the edge slightly so you can see the egg. Aim and Fire.

18. Powerup Practice - After collecting the third gem, get the super jump and go back to the beginning of that platform. The egg is underneath that wall of water. Hit Space and use powerup. Aim and Fire.

19. Wall Master - None

20. Byzantine Helix - Go up the first two helix and get the Anti-Gravity. Roll down that first helix and get the super speed. Use it to get ontop of the second and then just fall into the white box to collect the egg.

21. Convoluted Helix - None

22. Astroflight - At the duct fan, face towards the start. You want to aim for the lip of the green platform under the first brown ramp. If you do it right, you'll ricochet inside the ramp and collect the egg.

23. Winding Steps - None

24. Floor Climb - None

25. Bumpy Highway - None

26. Perplexingness - None

27. Timely Ascent - None

28. Marble Agility Course - None

29. Puzzle Ordeal - None

30. Dragged Up - Haha, I found this one! When you get to the fourth speed booster, Use it and then slide off the edge. Quickly spin to the middle and you'll land right on the egg!

31. Gym - Grab the speed booster and go diagonal to the carpet. Before hitting the carpet wall, Use the speed boost to launch onto the roof. You should notice a hole. Go in.

32. Skill Zone - None

33. Divergence - None

34. Daedal Helix
- None

35. Battlecube Revisited - On the first level with the start, go over to the Super Speed (dont need it) and use the 180 Degree gavity modifier. Aim your marble so it hits the outside Brown walls. Follow these walls until you spot the egg in the corner. If you use diagonal and a jump, you can get it.

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24 Dec 2007 06:26 #3 by Aayrl

1. Pink Fold Maze - At the gyrocopter, go down the slope and pickup the modifier to rotate you 90 degrees. Right before you hit it, use the gyro copter. Now fly under that platform to reveal the egg. Just hover over and snatch it!

2. Diamond Seeking Fun - None

3. Gap Aimer
- At the start, go backwards and aim onto the wooden arch. Follow the arch to the other side of the map. Try to slow down as much as possible. When you get to the end, either 1) jump and do an edge hit and collect the egg or 2) jump onto that wooden platform and then jump off of that to control the marble to land on the box. Now you can collect the egg!

4. Orange-Fold Maze
- While grabbing a gem, I noticed the egg against the wall, So, Grab the super jump and go back to the start. Turn left at the bumpers and go on top of the platform and become parallel with the start again. Use the jump onto the platform in front of you. Looking on the edges, the edge not reveled to the map should have the egg. Just fall off the mission on top of the egg and it's yours.

5. Nukesweeper - None

6. Treachery
- While jumping and finding shortcuts, I noticed the egg was behind the finish sign! Now, here's the trick; At the beginning of that icy path to the finish, gain some speed. Jump on each of the platforms using W only. Then use diagonal on the long stretch. If you jump off the finish platform, you'll rebound off the pillar and hit the egg on the sign.

7. Swivel - None

8. Nuke Field - Ha, Thanks to Pablo's Motto, I found the egg. It's ontop of the finish sign. All you have to do is jump on a Nuke! Now, the hard part is positioning. You must jump on the inner edge facing the finish but not too far out. It takes a few tries but you'll eventually be able to maneuver to the egg.

9. Platform Race - I Accidentally found this one, I jumped on a nuke and Saw the Easter Egg on the other side of that 4th gem. Just jump down from the finish platform (Diagonally) and land on that yellow platform. It will bounce you just high enough over that wall to aim carefully for the egg and then fall OOB.

10. Fighting Slopes - None

11. Slippery Steps - None

12. Slope Madness - I couldn't help but notice the egg in the mesh work above while flying with the copter. Pickup the gyrocopter and then go to the super jump. Click the copter and then get the jump and use it. You should be able to use the copter to grab the egg and the jump will boost you up.

13. Lightning Ice - While climbing the slopes, I noticed a circle above the tall archway. I have yet to obtain the egg, but you either 1) Have to use the first super jump against one of those triangle ice things or 2) Save speed for the Grass ramp and use it at the slope to get the height of the egg.

14. Crash Course - None

15. NeonTech - This one was tricky, but very similar to Mountain Retreat. I noticed a hole in the pillar on the way to the gyrocopter. Use the copter to get onto the white part of the wall and then fall into the hole. If you don't get the egg, roll around the edges until you do

16. Beach Party - This one is even more tricky. I spotted it coming down the bouncers on the 2nd Gem. After the super speed part, on that 2nd Sand platform, roll off the edge. Slowly advance towards the wall. This takes extreme patience and a skill shot. You'll eventually get this egg. UPDATE I found a second path. When you reach the check point, roll to the water edge and then fall onto the wall of that bouncer. Go under the little lip and jump into that hole when you get to the egg. ANOTHER UPDATE This is a perfect path. At the start, waste the super speed and then jump onto that bouncer. Climb up the sand wall onto the gravity modifier. Then fall down onto that wall and collect the egg.

17. Slip Up - Okay, 1) so when you go to the left of the start, get onto that small platform where the gem is, the really high one. From there, jump towards the red random force to your back left. Jump to its front corner behind the pillar. You'll see or feel a platform. If you land on it, you should get the egg. 2) Same path except don't go up that icy slope to the gem. Stay on that small red square and jump onto the green looking edge. This should bounce you up and you can position onto the egg.

18. Perilous Road - Ahaha! I found this one!! Yes!! Okay, so after the two duct fans, there is a super jump. I was exploring of course and jumped onto that speed ramp when luck behold I ran into an easter egg, literally. I think it's really tiny and on one of the squares, but just use the Super Jump to get onto that super speed loop and you'll find it..somewhere

19. Ring Stunts - None

20. Par Pit - There are plenty of options to choose from.. I tried looking around the top and such but I cannot find an egg for this map.

21. Platform Race 2 - This one is easy, and takes a ton of patience. You can choose a number of power ups (IE Super Jump, Gyrocopter, Super Speed, ETC) to each the egg. I like using Gyrocopter. So, get on the platform and enjoy the ride until the fourth level. Grab the gyro and then go back on the platform. When you reach the top (next to the finish) Use your powerup to get on top of the brown tower and collect the egg.

22. Quaked Path - None

23. Frictional Ascent - This one was once again noticable in the level picture. These are easy to find, but hard to obtain. Go through the level until you obtain the Super Jump. Then backtrack to the ice ramp. Once there, jump on the bounce terrain and then use the super jump. This should let you get just barely into the box and collect the egg.

24. Ice Cold Pass
- Wow, Phil nice job hiding this one, but I'm a sneaky little explorer. I did the wall hit to get that gyrocopter and then followed the wall on the outside. I noticed this larger wall was conveniently just sitting at the end. I figured it was hiding the egg, so i Wall Hit up with the gyrocopter and sure enough behind it on the corner is the egg.

25. Michael's Adventure: MBP! - None

26. Treacherous Path - This one was funny to me because I was doing the level first time and found the egg! Its under the first trap door on the left at the trap door section.

27. Combo Course
- I liked this one, was too similar to Gap Aimer. Before you go to the wall with the holes in it, grab the gyrocopter and then roll on the wooden arch to the other side (Note, the flat part is a little slanted now!) Once at the other side, Hit the copter and the wall for height and then go into the 2nd loop and the egg is in the ceiling. If the copter runs out, just roll around the circle until you get it.

28. Ultimate Tree - This took forever but I finally figured it out. Take the copter from the indenture in the tree one level above the main elevator. Then go down to the main elevator and go near that branch with the gem that sicks way up. From that side, use the copter and then roll onto the elevator right before it comes up to your level. This should rebound you up and then you can wall bounce onto that box where the Egg is.

29. Strategy Climb - Right after the check point, just hold W and hit the modifier so you land on top of the gravity you just got. Then roll off towards the next platform and fall. You should get the egg if you time this right.

30. Despair - None

31. Morph - I love Moshe's level. /saltue. Anywho, Ignore the gems and head to the finish. Once you hit the finish pad, Jump down towards the castle. You'll notice a piece of the wall came out and became a platform. Fall towards it and ricochet inside the wall to collect the easter egg. It has neat scenery

32. Thief (The Level Image shown in the logo above xD) - None

33. Rolling to Eternity - This is hard stuff. On the part where there are maybe 20 Trap Doors, the one to the far right corner has a super jump under it. Make your way back to the start and then slowly roll off the MIDDLE of the platform. Use the superjump to rebound back and hit the egg.

34. Random Mayhem - This one is also on the finish sign. Just get to the super speed and then jump once on the random board. Jump before you hit the super speed on the edge of the next platform to launch your marble over the finish sign and get the egg.

35. Frictional Battlecube - This one was tricky as well. Grab a Super Jump and go to the water side. Use the Gravity modifier to flip you 180 degrees and fly out one of the boxes. You need to go to the tarmac side. BE CAREFUL, if you go too far off the sand you will be considered OOB. Stay close to the cube and looking to the right of the cube, the egg is on the pattern 4 over from the open window. Jump and click and you should be able to aim and grab the egg.

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24 Dec 2007 06:27 #4 by Aayrl

1. Stamina - This one is Really easy. If you can't get it, I WILL laugh at you. Every day. All you do is jump off from the finish platform onto the ramp below and collect the egg.

2. Tunnel Vision - None

3. Michael's Final Adventure! - Go to the tower and you'll see the Super Jump. Pick it up and wait for the super jump to respawn. Hold the Power button to fly up and land on the middle pillar with the gyrocopter. Use the copter to fly over to the easter egg.

4. Trigonometry - This one is quite easy if you can aim right. Right after the bumpers, gain full speed on the white tightrope. Do not make the turn. Fall towards the upward slant and the egg is right underneath. If you aim right, you'll get it.

5. Nukesweeper Revisited - This one is tricky. There are 6 cubes on the left side by themselves. At the start, turn right and go past those two boxes on the right. The one infront of you after you turn left is the Special box. Jump in and wait 10 seconds. The platform will move under and reveal a super secret part of the level! Jump on top of the wall and make your way to the other side. It's 3 down from the edge and 4 down from the left side.

6. Dizzying Heights - None.

7. Helicopter Monster Course - None

8. Recoil Ultra Course - At speed trampoline, pickup a superspeed and wait for the respawn. Use your speed and you should have another one in inventory. Go to the teleporter and when you get to the BIG yellow platform with the tornado, Stay by where the gem was and roll either left or right off the wall. Turn around and use the speed to get the egg. The egg is in the middle under the platform and behind the wall.

9. Bouncing Fun - This one is easy. At the third part, go behind the ramp very slowly. Now, wedge against the wall as you roll behind it to stay on the platform and grab the egg.

10. Speed Attack - None

11. Catwalks - None

12. The Time Modifier Race - This is a fun but challenging one. At the finish is a Super Jump and Helicopter. For these combos, you'll see throughout the level high above the mission on little podiums. Use the helicopter first, and then the jump. Do this to reach each platform and eventually the egg.

13. Sandstorm - This one is quite tricky. After the checkpoint near the finish, go through the two loops. Now, gain as much speed as possible while going diagonal to reach the red box across the mission. Grab a gyro and wait for the respawn. Click gyro and grab the next spawn. Rebound off the wall and hit the sandstorm cliff on the other side. From here, Jump and use the other gyro. You will notice a platform to the north of the sand cliff. Go to that platform and a hole will reveal the egg.

14. Platform Mayhem - This one was clever, Nice job matan. When you take the four green bumpers and the copter at the end, use the copter to go up to the blue platform. Fall off the backside and land on that gray square. Fall off that square and spin back to ricochet back onto the blue platform. Now, follow the instructions and the egg is yours!

15. Uphill Racing - This one is also quite simple. Much like downhill racing, go up the roof mesh and onto the sign pole. Grab the copter and wait for the respawn. Use copter and grab the spawn. Gain speed down the hill and near the end jump and pop the copter. Bounce off either a platform wall near the start or the podium itself to bounce up that last podium. The egg is on top.

16. Cardcaddy's Diamond Collection - I Quote Matan: IsraeliRD says: maybe there is a place and im just damn smarter than u Well, It's true. Grab a super Jump and go to the furthest left corner facing the finish. This takes extreme timing to perform. The pillar to your left will move up and down, and when it's down all the way, it shall reveal an egg! The platform movement will eventually loop so it hits you up when the pillar is down. Use the super jump for adjustment and grab your egg!

17. Don't Jump! - So, the egg isn't hard to find, its getting the egg that's the trick! Get to the third checkpoint and then go back where you see the duct fan. Use a wall hit to go OOB and get caught by the duct fan. If you maneuver right, you'll hit the egg even though you go OOB.

18. Trapdoor Mania - None

19. Arch Acropolis - Phil has tricked me again! Grab the copter at the start and wait for the respawn. Use the copter and then pickup the copter spawn and ram up the pillar behind the finish. Use the 2nd copter when you get to the top and then slowly maneuver around to the other side to grab the egg.

20. Slow Ropes - None

21. The Ultimate Friction Challenge! - This one was quite easy. Get to the end of the level. From the ice maze, Go diagonal and hold down jump. It should launch you onto the roof over the finish and slide you right into the egg, if you stay centered, that is.

22. The Tale of the Tall Skyscraper - Wow, this one was way easier than I expected. On the first part of the level, before you go up to the first icy slopes, on that small level that goes around the entire building, ram into the wall blocks. One of them will open. Follow it and collect the egg. Remember to run out because it will close!

23. Mastering the Marble - When you get to the part with the skinny tightrope, Climb up and achieve the checkpoint. Grab the super jump and go back up the tightrope. Jump onto that platform with the sandy wall and then use the super jump to get over the pillar to your left. The easter egg is near the pillar behind the furthest corner. Aim and you'll hit it.

24. Space Station - None

25. Battlecube Finale - Well. I followed pablo's quote The best hiding spots are in obvious places. So, I took a gryocopter from the grass side and went to the finish side. I figured it was on the finish but I couldn't get an angle on it. I used the copter to get ontop of the finish, but in doing so I rammed into the side and found.. an Egg?! I think it's inside the sign, or it's really small. I performed a edge hit off one of the openings to get the height of the sign and ran into the arrow.

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24 Dec 2007 06:27 #5 by Aayrl
Note: These are custom level easter egg routes featured on the leaderboards for the post 1.10 version of MBP. I've provided a guide for them since you can gain extra ranking points on MBP by discovering them. Enjoy.


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28 Dec 2008 20:23 #6 by Aayrl


These are videos created by Aayrl himself, showing routes explained in this guide.


Beginner Level 14 - How to Get the Egg! -

Random Marble Blast Platinum Easter Eggs 1 -

Marble Blast Platinum 12 Beginner Easter Eggs -

(The other two are shown in the videos linked above)
Response -




These are routes displayed by other users of the forums which may or may not use the same techniques described in my guide.


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28 Jan 2009 06:46 #7 by Aayrl

More Updates...they be coming mon'


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28 Jan 2009 19:18 #8 by Pablo
Good news, I hope Space Station's egg will be included in the guide!

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