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30 May 2008 05:07 #1 by IsraeliRD
Patch 1.10 Log File was created by IsraeliRD
This is a current, updating, list. Do not release to public or talk on it. Please PM or MSN me for any other bugs/errors to fix, do NOT post here.

Note: Not all code fixes/level fixes/other stuff have actually been done, it has been put here so it won't be forgotten to be fixed.

Marble Blast Platinum :: Patch 1.10

Total number of fixes/additions/removals: 85

General Fixes: (14)
- All original 25 Official Marbles Set are now smooth looking (especially the big marbles) thanks to the increased poly count.
- 'Mid-P' and '3D Marble' are now set to the same size as the remaining marbles and can now be played with when aiming for World Records.
- 'MBP on the Marble!' and 'Moshe' marbles now display the correct texture instead of being reversed/mirrored.
- Checkpoint triggers bug is now fixed (the marble was restarting at the trigger, not the actual checkpoint dts).
- Ctrl+L (The one that creates an automatic level picture for a level in the level selection screen) now created a PNG file rather than JPG. This fixes the bug where game crashed when a JPG was put rather than PNG.
- Statistics and Achievement GUIs no longer have an 'Apply' button. It's now 'OK'.
- Fixed a UI bug where the custom levels option was selected when you pressed to the right of the Achievements button (orange bit, needs a bit of clicking around).
- Fixed a UI bug where the expert levels option was selected when you pressed to the right of the Marble Selection and Statistics buttons (on the pic background itself, a little bit to the right of the orange of the selection screen).
- Checkpoint bug fixed where any powerup item picked up [and then hitting the checkpoint] was lost when going out of bounds and respawning on the checkpoint.
- Renamed 'Gravity Defyer' to the correct form of 'Gravity Defier' across MBP's levels, help/credits etc.
- Added a 'Loading...' text to the Achievements UI while it loads the achievements.
- Level Search now looks for MIS's in the missions (root) folder as well as inside the folders in the missions folder (previously done mission folders only and not the root one).
- Fixed the GUI where pressing F11 for level editor while in level select screen gives you a window with nothing in it but an Okay button.
- Fixed GUIs that had similar problem to the above but looked funny.

Removed: (2)
- The code that quits the game every 1250 times that you go Out of Bounds. Instead you only get those messages but it doesn't quit the game.
- Some unusable level editor bits such as the Terrain Editor, Area Editor and others. Modified the level editor. Now only buttons and such that we use appear and those we don't use disappeared and deactivated.

New additions: (12)
- Added Colmesh.dts to shapes
- Custom Marble (Evil Eye) now has correct amount of polys and moved to Official Marbles.
- New texture for the Random Powerup [the old shape and textures have been saved in a ZIP file in shapes folder].
- New texture for the Time Modifier item.
- Added 13 more marbles to the official marble list [all created by the awesome Phil!].
- Added a new marble with GarageGames's logo and it is the size of MBU's marble. It can be found in the offical marble list [now totals 40 marbles].
- Added new information to the Help/About menu regarding MBP features.
- Added a 'delay' to the teleport with a default time of 2.0 seconds but if you add this is a teleporter's TeleportTrigger [like bonusTime for Time Modifier], you can change it from 2.0 to any value you want.
- Added some new textures for MBP.
- Cancel button for the Demo Recorder has been implemented.
- Implemented a Custom Resolution button in the options menu. A dialog box would pop up and you can choose any of the given resolutions. Once you applied those, the game will adjust accordingly and give you 10 seconds in which to decide if you wish to keep the new resolution before it automatically reverts back to the old one.

- In order to support the GarageGames marble throughout Marble Blast Platinum, 9 levels, Learn the Edge Hit (beginner), Double LoopLoop, Marble Agility Course, Puzzle Ordeal, Gym (intermediate), Recoil Ultra Course, The Time Modifier Race, Don't Jump! and Mastering the Marble (expert) were modified slightly so that the GarageGames marble can fit through several parts of the levels.

Current Official Marble List:
Staff's Original, 3D Marble, Mid P, Spade, GMD Logo, Textured Marble, Golden Marble, Rainbow Marble, Brown Swirls, Caution Stripes, Earth, Golf ball, Jupiter, MB Gold Marble, MBP on the Marble!, Moshe, Strong Bad, Venus, Water, Evil Eye, Desert and Sky (im gonna get phil to change it a bit), Dirt Marble, Friction Textured Marble, Grass, Mars, Phil's Golf ball, Molten, Perishingflames, Phil'sEmpire, Matan's Red Dragon, Metallic Marble, Sun, Underwater, GarageGames, BM 1: Color Burst, BM 2: Oil Spill, BM 3: Fire!, SM 1: Midget Marble, SM 2: Eerie Greenie, SM 3: Mini Easter Egg!.

Current Custom Marble List:
By Bob:
Crazy Rainbow, Happy Face, Neptune, Polka Dots
By Ian:
Data, Granite, Lava Thorn, Ian's Molten Marble, Sand, Watt

Marble Blast Platinum Online: (0/5)


- 4 Leaderboards with a rating system:
--> Marble Blast Gold
--> Marble Blast Platinum
--> Marble Blast Platinum: GarageGames Marble
--> Custom Levels
All include personal and global leaderboards

- 42 new Achievements unique to the leaderboards, making the total amount of achievements as 50!

- Friends system [add/remove, see ratings]

- Chat room

Level Fixes: (51/52)
- Credited Pablo in author description for every interior he fixed for this patch.
- All levels now have an Easter Egg.
- All levels now have an Ultimate Time Tip written at the top of the mission file.
- Fixed all levels that had 'Phil83' in their author to 'Phil'.
- 'Don't Jump!' Checkpoint bug (marble spawns Out of Bounds) is now fixed.
- 'Rolling to Eternity' now has an adjusted In Bounds Trigger, an added Finish Sign (didn't have one before) and an all new screenshot!
- 'Ultimate Tree' now has a Finish Sign and a change of song.
- 'Mountaintop Retreat' now displays the correct original level authors.
- 'Timely Ascent' now displays the original level author.
- 'King of the Marble' now displays the true author of the level.
- 'Despair' now has its In Bounds Trigger correctly adjusted (was gigantic beforehand) and changed the song from Despair.ogg (non-existant, misspelt song.) to Seaside Revisited.
- 'Par Pit' now has its In Bounds Trigger correctly adjusted (was gigantic beforehand) and its song name also changed.
- 'Ground Zero' now displays information about the checkpoint in the level rather than at the beginning of the mission file itself.
- 'Mini Marble Golf: DC' can now be finished and is actually playable.
- 'Beach Party' now has 2 new checkpoints, the middle checkpoint was removed so a bug where you spawned inside the interior no longer occurs and... an all new screenshot of the level!
- 'Daedal Helix' has its OOBs and IBT adjusted as well as interior upgraded.
- 'Michael's Final Adventure' checkpoint fixed where you spawned on the higher blue platform rather than the yellow one where the checkpoint is.
- 'Slowropes' interior fixed with less misalignments so now only seemingly visible texture misalignments are remaining (really they aren't misaligned).
- 'Teleport Training' had a small misalignment error with the second teleporter; you could just go next to the raised brown floor and just keep moving towards it (without jumping) and you'll still teleport. Now you have to actually jump on the brown platform in order to teleport. The level's UT was adjusted to 14 seconds.
- 'Winding Steps' and 'Floor Climb' both displayed level 23 in their mission file, now it's fixed with 'Floor Climb' displaying level 24 correctly.
- 'Slippery Steps' description fixed (punctuation) and grammar (slippery and not Slippery).
- 'Battlecube' had been modified. It's now excatly like the original and the 18th diamond location had been changed and... a new screenie for the level had been taken! Also, UT had been modified [not sure] and Time Modifier bonus had been raised as well.
- 'Avoiding Hazards' had some interior fixes as well as description fix and it now has a new screenshot.
- 'Powerup Practice' remade with scenery and has much easier Speed Booster slope, has a new egg position and a new screenshot.
- 'Diagonal Training' finish platform extended so that you can make it to the end much more easily. Also it has its interior changed with smooth slopes rather than sharp ones which means: a whole new screenshot! Not sure but maybe UT was changed.]
- 'Stamina' egg size increased from 1.2 to 1.3 so it looks like an egg.
- 'Michael's Final Adventure' egg size increased from 1.2 to 1.3 so it looks like an egg.
- 'Diamond Round-Up' now has smooth slopes and a new level picture!
- 'The Time Modifier Race' had a texture change as well as entire interior had been fixed. New level screen!
- 'Morph' has the Easter Egg scaled appropriately to 1.03.
- 'Gym' had a make over: New textures (better look), interior modification, new start help text, some challenges modification [added a new one as well] and an all new screenshot!
- 'The Ultimate Friction Challenge' got some new smooth slopes [new interior basically].
- 'Bouncing Fun' had some interior changes to make it smoother (yes, smooth slopes!).
- 'Astroflight' got its starting slopes smoothed out and the TM was moved lower and of course, a new screenshot!
- 'Convoluted Helix' had a slight interior upgrade.
- 'Wall Master' had a certain bit to it smoothed out a little.
- 'Hazard Loop' now has the Cyclone bowl smoothed out when entering/exiting it.
- 'Perplexingness' had been completely fixed out and given a new screenshot.
- 'Dragged Up!' interior now looks better.
- 'Skill Zone' had some interior changes - Speed Ramps at the start look better and the Super Speed slope had a small change and of course... a new screenshot!
- 'Nuke Field' smoothed out completely with better trimming. Modified slightly the Start Help Text and some nukes and diamonds modified from original position. New screenshot added!
- 'Crash Course' interior slighly modified.
- 'Helicopter Monster Course' interior made better. Fixed the Start help text to say 'Welcome to the Helicopter Monster Course' instead of 'Welcome to Helicopter Monster Course'.
- 'Byzantine Helix' interior slightly modified.
- 'Puzzle Ordeal' interior slightly changed.
- 'Dizzying Heights' IBT Trigger adjusted so now you can fall off the level completely rather than be stopped on the grass.
- 'Space Station' interior modified - new finish style and planets smoothed out. New skybox and a new screenshot!
- 'Let's Roll' had been modified to fit in the theme of the 'Rolling' series. New egg position and a new screenshot!
- 'Flight of the Marble' had a small change in the Start Help Text.
- 'Lightning Ice' had a small change in the Start Help Text.
- 'Recoil Ultra Course' had some small changes in the Start Help Text.

- 'Nukesweeper Revisited' now has the 'upper covering' platform lowered thus stopping the marble-sticky-glitch where you got stuck in the interior and couldn't move the marble. The level now has the '80', '20' and 'angry face' fixed instead of having broken lines and incorrect texture adjustment.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.

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