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16 May 2008 09:25 #1 by IsraeliRD
To Staff,

I've talked to several leaders of MBP, MBA and MBF [namely: CyberFox, Phil, Jase, Technostick, Spy47 and Aayrl] and we had reached an agreement to merge.

The new vision is to create a game menu where a player may choose either MBG, MBP, MBA or MBF. Once selected, the game loads appropriate mission files, user interface, sounds etc and the player can play the game. Also, players may also go between games, so they can play all 4 games in 1 package.

Each mod will have its own stuff and differences, so that all mods will still be easily differentiated, but each of the 4 will retain a few universal properties which might be slighly modified for each mod. I'll expand on that later.

As an added bonus for the player, the player will have several custom tabs so that they can easily put their custom levels in whatever they want. Also, MBP will no longer use the Anti-Hack system (more on that later). Also, when entering the level editor, all 4 games will be available for edit, so players can use all 4 [interior folders will be kept separated for each mod, thus ensuring differentiation between those and custom interiors]. Each mission file might have a few additions to it (again, later on).

As mentioned beforehand, we will have a few universal properties, which will require new databases [topics for those will be made in time, so please wait and do not post those, I'll create them]. For example, MBP's Tip of the Day might be expanded for MBG, MBA and MBF, each having its own message database, thus we can update them daily [unlike the current MBP system which barely updates due to the huge lack of TotDs].

Another property which is currently MBP developed is the Leaderboards system. This will be expanded for all 4 games. We will no longer have to use the world record topics. Custom levels are planned to be added to this system. I can't give more inside info of this system but Aayrl has a few ideas for it as well, which will be very useful. Each leaderboard system will probably be changed a little for each mod so each one will be unique in the way it calculates ratings and the such.
Also, this is where the Anti-Hack system will be imposed in order to keep the Leaderboards the only place where cheating will not occur. The new system will be the current MBP Anti-Hack system along with console/level-editor/etc disabling for leaderboards only.

Other systems and ideas will be gone cross-platform. Those have yet to come up.

Finally we come to the big issue: We cannot use MBG due to trademark and copyright stuff, so missions/interiors are a problem. The good news, we'll create a system to search for MBG on the computer, and if full version was found, it'll allow installation of the huge Game Selection Mod (name subject to change because there is no official name), as we know a demo MBG build is not functional for current mods. This will bypass this problem.

As of now, MBA/MBF will have their slots under construction (we'll need awesome pics for that!) but with time we'll probably release to public some new builds of those two mods that do not give everything of the game, but just a tiny bit of a sample. MBG and MBP will be the first two to feature.

Furthermore, any new mods to come to the public will be allowed to have a slot open for them. However, it is required to have the mod actually functional and that it will actually complete. As of now, custom mods (mini-mods, where only a small part of the game changes and can be done by a single person only, or a small group of 2-4 ppl etc) is not yet included but I do believe they will be added as an option, thus every person from the community can create his own mod based on say... MBG.

In the next few weeks, a few base ideas and scripts will occur before actual work will happen. No release date is currently foreseen. The public must NOT know of this until we know this project will actually occur.


"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.

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16 May 2008 20:47 #2 by Andrew
Wow, what a neat idea! I'm all for it.

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