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29 Nov 2011 19:26 #1 by Aayrl
Star Wars: The Old Republic was created by Aayrl
Curious if anyone else was looking at this game.

The final weekend beta testing session ended last night, and I must say I have high hopes for this game. I quit WoW a few months ago because the content was dull, repetitive, and not challenging enough. My guildmates and I have been eyeballing this game since 2009, and we got a chance to test out some of the Flashpoints inside the game. I uploaded a couple of the videos to my YouTube channel if you want to see what you're missing.

I really enjoy questing in this game, it feels like an epic storyline and not so much grinding mobs all day like all of the WoW quests. Each class has their own storyline plot to follow alongside the main story of each planet you visit.

Oh, did I mention you get your own starship and can travel throughout the galaxy completing FPS-Eve-Online-Type missions?

In every zone you can find group quests that require each player to perform their absolute best to complete the objective. It really keeps the casuals away from the game, mainly because it requires you to think about your class.

Aside from world content, there are multiple Flashpoints throughout the game that act as mini-raids for groups of four players. Each Flashpoint requires everyone to blow their cooldowns and coordinate their abilities to defeat the boss (unless they out-level the boss). I like the challenge factor. It gives each boss encounter a more epic feeling when you defeat it, rather than the 'yay give me epics' from WoW.

My only concern about this game is the PvP content. There are warzones (essentially battlegrounds) that split players into two teams, competing against each others tactical skills. There's one warzone that just sucks tremendously, mainly because it's all RNG based. The other two are OK if you have a coordinated group of players (which never happens in warzone pugs).

All in all, it's pre-ordered, and I believe this will be my last MMO. I have yet to find a game that lives up to the standards and experiences I saw and had in Everquest, but this one comes pretty close.

Anyone else have any thoughts?


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