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question-circle Old iPhone game about rolling a ball through a maze

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10 Apr 2021 02:37 #1 by Josep_Nollette
Hi all,
This past year I dusted off my mother's old iPad 2, running a version of iOS that can still run 32-bit programs, and looked at all my downloaded/purchased games, and was disappointed to find that some of the games I enjoyed as a kid have been removed from the list never to be downloaded again.
Of the games that have been delisted, one of them was a game where you would tilt the device to control a ball (marble?) around a maze. I do not remember the name of this game. But what I do remember is the following:

I first downloaded it on my iPhone 4S in February 2013 after a dream one night involving Marble Blast (the dream itself is another story). The game ran on the Unity engine. The player had the choice of two designs for the marble, one of which being an 8-ball. The maze consisted of brightly-colored square panels surrounded by support beams, reminiscent of the Quadro playground building system . Some levels would incorporate bridges and slides not unlike those of a typical kids' playground. There were no checkpoints, so if you fell off you had to restart the whole level and the music would reset. The music itself consisted of a single jazzy tune.

Has anyone here played such a game on an iOS device? If so, what do you remember the name being?
Thanks in advance.

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