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Xedron wrote:
In all seriousness, TheSphere, you need to stop these games that nobody wants to play. It's pretty clear now that most of the people posting on this thread don't want to do with your original intention of this being a counting game, so why are you dragging it on? This is pretty much the same thing that happened with your Game Developers thread. Stop the bumping. Most of the members agree that your threads are causing too much chaos and spam, so at least put a halt on that for now.

So, I've only seen four Quizzes and Games threads by TheSphere, which I would hardly call excessive. Perhaps the fact that three of them were initiated in the past two weeks is a little intrusive. I'd like to remind everyone that, as much as I dislike having such a forum category, these posts are technically in the Spam Board.

You voluntarily opened these threads and decided to read them, none of us are forcing you to open all of these spam threads. If you have nothing pleasant to state, stop posting rude, disrespectful comments towards other members of the community. Negativity is not something anyone should take lightly, even if it's in a "playful" manner.

I'm going to lock this topic as well, as we've clearly derailed the original intent of the topic at this point. TheSphere, please feel free to make another topic in the Quizzes and Games category if you please. However, do consider the concept of your topic and your audience before posting to ensure members can actively participate without becoming confused or annoyed.

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