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19 Jun 2016 04:31 - 19 Jun 2016 04:34 #1 by hPerks
Complaints about the new forums was created by hPerks
So we just had a productive discussion in webchat about various concerns we've had about the direction that the new forums is taking. The debate was sparked by a quite incisive comment from BPX about the weird stuff below the topics with the names and all that, and after a lot of back and forth, I think we found quite a bit of common sentiment. We urge the staff to take our opinions into consideration.

Here's the full conversation:

BPXSpringU has logged in!
 BPXSpringU (Webchat): can someone explain to me the trash that is the new forums
 BPXSpringU (Webchat): as in on topics with the weird stuff below it with names and all that
 BPXSpringU (Webchat): just saying its terrible imo
nobody (Webchat): ?
nobody (Webchat): wat
 hPerks (Webchat): yeah i agree
 hPerks (Webchat): with all the posts with the quotes in the topics and the people thanking other people for karma and all that stuff
Lee has logged in!
 hPerks (Webchat): all the achievements on the message boards with the support tickets underneath them for webchat leaderboards and the avatars in between them
Lee has logged out!
Lee has logged in!
nobody (Webchat): lmao
nobody (Webchat): and the list on the mainpage that says whos online
nobody (Webchat): and the list of board-specific moderators at the bottom of each page
 Kalle29 the Fabulous (Webchat): pro marbler and aayrl are totaly the mods of those boards
nobody (Webchat): they do such a good job of modding that u practically never see em online
nobody (Webchat): .. o wait
 hPerks (Webchat): undercover mods
 hPerks (Webchat): the hit reality show, only on MBN
 hPerks (Webchat): the marble blast network
nobody (Webchat): ^^^
 hPerks (Webchat): also featuring: sphere factor
 hPerks (Webchat): and the apprentice: you're banned! (matan edition)
nobody (Webchat): hahahah
 Kurt (Webchat): lol nothing looks different with the forums to me, unless ive been missing something big
nobody (Webchat): its collapsing
nobody (Webchat): needs foundation repair
 hPerks (Webchat): you mean you haven't noticed the post replies above the usernames display names with warning labels underneath?
nobody (Webchat): lmfao
nobody (Webchat): yeah its weird, now all of the posts are like
 [Dev] Threefolder (Webchat): ?
nobody (Webchat): organized into threads
 [Dev] Threefolder (Webchat): oh you're joking
 [Dev] Threefolder (Webchat): k
nobody (Webchat): shhh hahaha
shrimpala has logged out!
 hPerks (Webchat): yeah but the bbcode threads to the left of the mod buttons don't show the forum avatars
nobody (Webchat): and when u click user posts images and they never show any replies for support tickets
BlastedMarble has logged in!
 hPerks (Webchat): yeah the old proboards were better, at least they displayed the warning signature photos above the personal text terms of service boards
Guest_c2087eaf has logged in!
Guest_9d3bb398 has logged in!
Guest_9d3bb398 has logged in!
nobody (Webchat): >BPXSpringU (Webchat): can someone explain to me the trash that is the new forums
nobody (Webchat): referring to a specific thread? or
 hPerks (Webchat): he's obviously referring to the signature avatar thread on the support ticket bbcode spam board
 Obvious Lee (Playing): what
 Obvious Lee (Playing): 'obviously'
 Obvious Lee (Playing): what
nobody (Webchat): i thought he was talking about the custom level post approval support mod thread board
 hPerks (Webchat): nah that was put in the admin post approval tos warning vault
nobody (Webchat): or he could be talking about the way custom staff formatting shows up for auto-bumping vault threads in every intro forum
nobody (Webchat): or how webchat turns forum level posts into .zipped CLA mbg launcher files
 hPerks (Webchat): oh yeah i forgot about that dedicated community highlight server flair bug
nobody (Webchat): oh of course, plus the thing where multiplayer LE custom mode crashes the caps filter by spawning extra gems into the ToS
 hPerks (Webchat): i thought that got resolved in the latest prefix achievement server whisper message proboards patch
nobody (Webchat): and who could forget how Thistle posts to the non-spam mb thread for every quoted reply to abuse the spawn glitch found in the user profile level builder
 hPerks (Webchat): oh yeah, that too
nobody (Webchat): but the staff mod list client on webchat 2.0 for dedicated marbles always shows incorrect reply logout date
Battlecube314 has logged in!
 hPerks (Webchat): well, count your blessings - on webchat 1.0, none of the personal name colour status updates transferred from your old prefs.cs from the hangman world record rampage
Rozi has logged out!
nobody (Webchat): im glad, i was worried that mbg 2.0 would CRC the .dts sounds incorrectly and it would console
nobody (Webchat): or have they traplaunched the skybox onto the forum header .css admin log
 hPerks (Webchat): remember when the custom marble super challenge ratings wouldn't adjust based on the map2dif politics filter crashing
nobody (Webchat): o that was annoying, everyone had to use constructor to java map2dif to open the torquescript files so the LBs
nobody (Webchat): and every time u opened the map world editor in the expert LE it would checksum and fail to create a new forum
 hPerks (Webchat): yeah, and sometimes the fubar soundtrack .mis launcher wouldn't record a demo in 1080p60 unless you had vertical sync free look particles enabled
nobody (Webchat): ikr! i had to keybind each level to each map executable or else the shader renders would not accelerate the superspeed
 hPerks (Webchat): sometimes commenting out your interior test path node script objects is more trouble than it's worth
 jojenda1236 (Webchat): i hate the forums because i can't give myself a thank you or a + karma
 jojenda1236 (Webchat): >:L
JeffR has logged out!
 jojenda1236 (Webchat): Or a joj flair
 hPerks (Webchat): sure you can, just click the thread above the reply all signature button in the character limit generator
 jojenda1236 (Webchat): will there be a a joj flair for MBP?
TheSphere has logged in!
 hPerks (Webchat): oop, thesphere's here
 hPerks (Webchat): well it's been fun
 [Dev] Threefolder (Webchat): hey
 [Dev] Threefolder (Webchat): be nice
 [Dev] Threefolder (Webchat): :T
 hPerks (Webchat): lol
 hPerks (Webchat): i needed some way to end this
 BPXSpringU: no >:D
 Obvious Lee (Playing): lololol
nobody (Webchat): and yeah PM the admin user profile by selecting the forum text and dragging it to the custom powerup select dialog
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19 Jun 2016 04:34 #2 by lxgenda
Replied by lxgenda on topic Complaints about the new forums
i like to add another one
~not enough joj

"tl;dr joj" - legenda 2016
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19 Jun 2016 14:50 #3 by Nockess
Replied by Nockess on topic Complaints about the new forums
Kurt's not staff yet.

First player ever to get all of the Awesome Times.

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