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file Stupid weather pogo

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04 Oct 2013 05:19 #1 by Xelna
Stupid weather pogo was created by Xelna
Here I am today raging at the damn weather... It's too hot omg! We're October 3rd and it's 30 pogo celcius outside. Like what the hell. I can understand from say, mid-may til mid september, but Mother nature said no, I'm gonna heat yo pogo socks all year long. U know, I'm going to Cuba this january so it better be SUPER cold and Snowy in Canada when I leave so the trip worths it But the other question is, WHY in the pogo-stick mother of love is it snowing at the end of MAY.... I can tell u this, Qu├ębec has the most incomprehensible weather in the world. Thanks for reading my rants and happy pogo marble blasting.

~ Pogo

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