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04 Aug 2013 04:52 #1 by RC
{8/3/13} Hilarity. was created by RC
What the title says.

Back in February, I was walking around town with some of my friends. It was 6:00, so they decided to go home. My parents were at some store, so I had to wait 15 minutes for them to come.

Then, out of the corner or my eye, I noticed something.

There was a group of kids who were crowding around something. I came over to see what it was, and this one kid, a tall, thick kid, was picking on an unnoticed student from our school.

I just kept watching, and the bully pushed the other kid to the ground. Just staring in amazement, the victim crawled away into a nearby store. The bully started to make his was over, and that's when I intervened.

I'm one to lose my temper easily. I guess it's from soccer (football); I get pissed off at the ref, or my teammates, and it wears off everywhere else. These kids were from a nearby private school, so they didn't know who I was.

I just told the lead of the pack, Look, just leave him alone. He doesn't mean any trouble. He then pushes me back, and says, English kid, I don't give a sh*t. (I have a bit of an accent). Then, I exploded.

I got up and punched him in the nose. He fell down, and started tearing up. He started bleeding. At this point, I'm just thinking,Holy crap, what did I just do? His friends are just staring at me, while he's crying. We then get into this huge argument, and one of them tried to challenge me to a fight. I quickly got the store owner to come out, and I guess he sorted everything out because he told me I was free to go. I pulled the victim up, and we walked away. He says, Holy sh*t, that was amazing!

Yeah, it didn't feel amazing.

How does this connect to me now?

I've got a bunch of asswipes going around who want to 'beat the crap outta me. I quite honestly don't care; they're already intimidated by me. It just gets annoying after a while. Also, everyone thinks i'm some kind of superhero because of it, so that pisses me off too.

I used to think that punching someone felt good.
It doesn't. At all.

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