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Forum Rules was created by ProMarbler
This topic is here to give you an overview of the most general forum rules. While this thread is provided for convenience, it is recommended you review the Marble Blast Terms of Service before using the Game Client(s).

Last Updated: January 17th, 2016.

First of all, welcome to the forums! As per our Terms of Service, creating a Marble Blast Account indicates that you are at least 13 years of age. Any member found in violation of this clause may be subject to Account review by the Marble Blast Community Staff with impacts ranging from revoked chat privileges to temporary and/or permanent suspension of the account.

Any users who deem to be in violation of the Marble Blast Terms of Service or the rules outlined herein are subject to review by members of the Marble Blast Community Staff.

Customizing your Forum Experience:

On the profile edit page ( Profile -> Edit Profile ), you will find fields where you can personalize your profile with a custom signature and personal text. Your personal text may contain anything you like so long as it is not offensive. Signatures may not exceed 600 (width) x 250 (height) pixels.

Additionally, you may modify your "Forum Profile" ( Profile -> Edit Forum Profile ), which includes fields such as Avatar, Signature, Location settings, Social Media accounts, etc. Any of these fields must not be offensive in nature, and may be modified by any member of the Marble Blast Community Staff if they are deemed in violation of the Terms of Service.

A Note on Colored Usernames

Some members aside from staff have colored names. To qualify, you must have shown yourself as a mature, helpful member of the community during your time here. Furthermore, you must contribute to the Marble Blast project and community. Colored usernames are awarded at the discretion of the Marble Blast Community Staff.

Forum Post Rankings (numbers indicate post count):

0 - No Poster - 0 purple circles
1 - New Marbler
10 - Novice Marbler - 1 blue circle
25 - Beginner Marbler
75 - Intermediate Marbler - 2 blue circles
125 - Experienced Marbler
200 - Advanced Marbler - 3 blue circles
300 - Professional Marbler
500 - Expert Marbler - 4 blue circles
750 - Senior Marbler
1000 - Respected Marbler - 5 blue circles
1337 - Elite Marbler
2500 - Master Marbler
5000 - Ultra Marbler
10000 - Supreme Marbler - 6 blue circles

Forum Staff Ranks:

Moderators: 6 blue circles
Developers: 6 green circles
Administrators: 6 red circles

Creating a Forum Topic:

We encourage you to ask any questions you might have. Before you do so; however, please search for the answer to your question in all relevant boards. We recommend reviewing posts from the Marble Blast Support Category for best results.

When you are ready to post, please take the time to ensure your thread is in the correct category. We understand that overlap occurs and you may be unsure in some cases, and that’s OK. If you have multiple questions, confine them to as few topics as possible (for instance, make only one levels thread in the New Levels board). Creating a large number of Topics in a short span of time may be considered "Spamming" categories, and is not encouraged.

Replying to Topics & Forum Etiquette:

When replying to a topic, please make sure that your post is relevant, mature, non-repetitive, and is made in a recently-active topic.

Before posting, please ensure you have read the previous posts and acknowledged the last post's date so you will not:
- Ask the same question if it was answered beforehand.
- Post an answer to a question if a previous answer was already marked as the correct one.
- Bump an old topic.
- Post off-topic.
- Write a single-word or single-phrase post.

We are aware that some questions have been asked and answered time and time again. If you are a new member, please use the Forum Search feature before posting a topic to see if your question has already been answered. If you cannot find a specific answer for your question, you are welcome to post and we encourage Community Members to answer these type of questions and make new members feel welcomed, even if it's a commonly asked question. Solutions which are obvious to some of us may not be apparent to brand new members - please do not disrespect each other.

Note: If discussion goes off-topic, please either continue the discussion in a new topic (a suitable place for some may be the spam board) or return on topic. While we encourage new discussions, it is not fair to the topic creator and the members involved in the original discussion when their thread is hijacked for another topic. If the topic itself is 'done and over with', then it may be locked by staff.

Posts responding to a topic such as "Oh yes!!" or along the lines of a cheer or expressing emotions, getting the pun across or having a damn good time is alright.

Double posting (defined as a single user posting two consecutive times) is only allowed when more than a day separates your posts OR when a Marble Blast Community Staff member is responding to a topic with the intention of resolving a remark or support request (such as Development topics or Suggestion topics). Sometimes after you post you may wish to add additional information. Instead of immediately posting again, just use the "modify" button in the top right hand corner of your last post and add the desired info.

Topics are occasionally locked by Marble Blast Community Staff Members, which prevents further posts on a topic. If you are the topic author, you may request a lock when your question has been answered. The Marble Blast Community Staff will comply unless we feel there is a good reason to leave the topic open. Duplicate topics and old topics may also be moved to the Vault if requested by topic authors or when forum maintenance is conducted.

Bumping (defined as posting in a topic with no activity in the last 90 days) is common among new members, but is not encouraged unless the issue addressed in the thread was not properly resolved OR the thread is stickied.

Topic Bumping Exceptions:
---> Your bump is contributive. For example, the member requested help and none was available at the time or was not successful, and you have a valid answer.
---> The topic creator gives you written or verbal consent to do so and the Marble Blast Community Staff are aware of the situation.
---> You reply to a resource topic (such as video topics, new level topics, graphics topics, etc) in which you have something useful to say and follow the etiquette listed herein.
---> You ask a question (which is related to the topic); community members are allowed to direct the user to previous posts or topics which answer their question. A Marble Blast Community Staff member may lock the topic as their discretion.
---> If you have made your own topic in which no one replied (and you still want someone to answer), instead of posting every 5 minutes, please wait 48 hours before bumping your own topic. If members still do not answer, you may bump a topic every 24 hours after. Don't be afraid to keep requesting help. If we haven't helped you to your satisfaction, then by all means keep on bumping unless explicitly stated otherwise by a staff member!

Topic creators may request topic locks if they feel the need. Additionally, Marble Blast Community Staff may lock topics once they become more than 90 days old. You may also request a topic lock if a topic was bumped and you answered the bumper's question. Please DO NOT request a topic lock if you see a thread going off-topic OR request a topic to be removed (they will instead be archived by the Marble Blast Community Staff).

Flaming (otherwise known as harassment) and long, heated arguments are not permitted. Topics containing racist, homophobic, religiously-intolerant, politically-charged material, malware, illegal downloads, pornographic material, vulgar language, illicit substances, or anything else deemed in violation of the Terms of Service will be immediately removed and their contributors will be warned. For example;

- You may not post or suggest to any member about methods of cracking copyrighted software or other materials; or where to find copyrighted, paid software for free which otherwise costs money.
- You may not post links to adult sites, sites that facilitate the obtaining of illegal software; links to cracks for copyrighted, paid software; hate websites; or sites promoting the use of illegal drugs.
- You may not post links to sites which contain viruses/worms/trojans/adware.
- You may not post pornographic images; Remember, most community members are of the age group 13-17.

If you have any questions about the Forum Rules, the Marble Blast Terms of Service, or our Privacy Agreement, please contact the Marble Blast Community Staff (marbleblastforums(at)gmail(dot)com) or send a Private Message to one of our Staff Members (listed here) by clicking on Profile -> Private Messages .

~The Marble Blast Community Staff
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