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Hello, and Welcome to the Marble Blast Community!

We're glad you've shown an interest in the Marble Blast game and thank you for taking the time to read this quick introductory post. We'll try to cover the basics of the game installation process and the basic controls so you can play the game as quickly as possible.

Before playing Marble Blast, we highly recommend you create an Account with us through the Marble Blast website. This account will give you unlimited access to all of the wonderful features we have to offer, including Online Leaderboards, Statistic tracking, IRC chat services, User Friending, Profile browsing, and much, much more! If you don't have an account with us already, you may create one here.

Note: Some users have experienced difficulties receiving an account verification link in their e-mail inbox. If you did not receive a verification e-mail, please contact us by logging a Support Ticket .

Once you've created (and activated - you may need to check your email's spam folder) your account, it's time to grab the Marble Blast Launcher! You can obtain a copy of the launcher by clicking here: ( Marble Blast Launcher Client ) or by visiting our downloads section and downloading the "PlatinumQuest Launcher". Please note you'll need Java Version 7+ to run the launcher to the best of its ability. The Marble Blast Launcher provides an easy-to-use interface to automatically apply the latest updates and patches from our servers. This ensures your game client is up to date and optimized for your system.

If you remember playing Marble Blast on your favorite Mac or Windows system many years ago and stumbled upon this website to try and fulfill those countless hours falling out of bounds on Ordeal, then you have found your childhood frustration. The original Marble Blast Gold Demo may be downloaded from our Downloads section . If you're looking for the original game client itself, we are not authorized to distribute the game as it was in its original form due to agreements made with the shareholders. In addition, all known retailers of the original Marble Blast Gold have stopped distribution of the original game client as of 2011. You may still be able to play the original levels through Marble Blast Platinum, explained below.

Over the years, our community has been hard at work producing new and exciting content to challenge even the most seasoned players in the form of a modification to the game known as Marble Blast Platinum. Recently, we've released PlatinumQuest, another major upgrade to the game content. The current client gives you access to all of the original Marble Blast Gold levels, Marble Blast Ultra levels, Marble Blast Platinum levels, and the new PlatinumQuest levels, all in one easy-to-use game client. In addition, hundreds of new features have been added, including real-time IRC chat, statistic recording and tracking, competitive leaderboards, online Multiplayer, and much, much more.

Familiar with Marble Blast Ultra from your XBox console? Never fear, we've replicated all of the MBU levels directly into the Online portion of PlatinumQuest. We even support XBox controllers, so you can hook up your plug-n-play controllers to the Online client and play the game just as you would on your XBox console!

An exquisite twist on the game series, known as Marble Blast Fubar, is currently in its Open Beta phase. Marble Blast Fubar takes the basics of Marble Blast and throws a plethora of game mechanics from popular RPG and MMORPG games on the market these days, including a leveling/prestige system, skill trees, dynamic maps, global leaderboards, and much more.

Once you've loaded your game client of choice, It's time to learn the basics of the game! Marble Blast is a quick-play marble platformer game. The objective is to successfully navigate your marble from the Starting Pad to the Finishing Pad in the shortest amount of time. To move the marble, you simply use the default W-S-A-D movement keys on your keyboard and rotate your mouse or trackpad to control the camera. Alternatively, players may use the arrow keys to move the camera - and these settings can all be changed in the handy Options menu in-game.

However, your marble is not only limited to rolling around with it's own magical free will. You can also force the marble to jump by pressing the spacebar, and leap over large obstacles or avoid massive holes. In addition, special Power Up items are scattered throughout levels that can be used to give your marble a quick burst of speed, or perhaps even flight! Use the Left Mouse button to activate a Power Up once you've obtained one, and it will grant you these special powers for a short period of time.

Some levels in Marble Blast will contain Gem items. If a level contains gem items, you must collect all of them before reaching the finish destination! You may also encounter a variety of scary and intimidating obstacles that you will need to overcome, including dreaded Tornados or fields of landmines! Tread carefully, little marble!

When you first load PlatinumQuest, you'll be automatically dropped into the first level, Training Wheels. This tutorial level goes over the basic functionality and power-ups you'll encounter in the game. You'll need to complete this level before continuing to the main menu and Online content. Think of it as your right of passage!

That's pretty much it! We highly recommend you download the Marble Blast Launcher client, as all of the previous (and future!) versions of Marble Blast will be included and playable through the Launcher interface. We also recommend you play each game client through the Online mode to ensure your settings are saved to the cloud and to keep track of your times for all of your friends and peers to observe, as well as to chat with our wonderful community members during your gaming experience! If you're brand new to Marble Blast, we recommend checking out the Marble Blast Gold Beginner Levels before attempting some of the more difficult ones, as these will give you a good taste of what to expect in the world of Marble Blast.

We hope you enjoy the game and our community! The staff are here on our own free will and we do our best to ensure all of our players have a pleasant experience. If you have any questions or comments about the game, please feel free to send us an email or message us through the in-game chat system (moderators have a blue name in the user list, while administrators have a red name). Additionally, you may choose to submit a Feedback/Support Request Ticket through our state-of-the-art help desk service if you'd like one-on-one support with one of our developers or support members. We'd love to hear what you think so we can improve your Marble Blast experience even more!

Happy Marble Blasting,
~The Marble Blast Staff.
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