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23 Dec 2017 19:28 #1
Marble Blast Platinum came out on December 23rd, 2007, by...

Marble Blast Platinum came out on December 23rd, 2007, by a small group of 11 community members who have worked tirelessly for 13 months. Back then it contained 120 new levels (and 27 more Director's Cut levels) which challenged many even to this day, and quickly became Marble Blast Gold's first full-scale modification. What it turned out to be 10 years later was far beyond anyone's imagination.

As one of the co-leaders of this successful mod, I'd like to thank not only the many staff and developers through the last decade, who spent countless hours and nights to create a small wonder, but also the community. Thanks to your constant support and feedback we kept on developing this mod for all these years and further establish it to be a central part of this wonderful game.

Ten years after the original 1.00 release, we now take for granted what once was an impossible dream: Leaderboards, Multiplayer, a new Shader Engine, an Engine Extension mod, almost 4,000 custom levels, new powerups, features and content that would have made anyone 10 years ago cry with absolute joy.

To all of you, thank you for sticking with us for all these years.

Happy Marble Blasting,

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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23 Dec 2017 20:17 - 23 Dec 2017 20:21 #2
Thank you, Matan, for running, supporting, and sticking with the community you and several other people formed several years ago. None of us would be here without the help of those who push aside their normal lives to play a “stupid” marble game.

Hats off to you. Well done and three cheers to the dragon.

Call me Chris!

Discord: Nockess#4107
Custom Levels:
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23 Dec 2017 22:15 #3
I second everything that Rosie has said here. Throughout the constant turmoil of my 15 year old life, this wonderful community and the game which it revolves around have been one of the few constants I can always think of fondly. Thanks to Matan, the guy who I grew up watching replay of the days of and laughing my little egglet head off, the vibes here have been maintained so nicely and this game has expanded into something that every mainstream gamer should know about. Hats off to you, and hats off to the whole staff, all its comers and goers.

"it's the internet eguy. where children are men. men are monkeys, and women are PQ."
-Jeff 2014
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23 Dec 2017 22:50 #4
So uh... Yeah, I'll share some memories

I first found out about MB from, unsurprisingly, MBU. Well, the free demo version on the XBLA. Then I found out about MBG and MBP. When I first started playing the game in... I'll say 2010, I could not, for the life of me, beat LtWH. I could do the first hit fine, and the second hit I could only do by landing on the trim of the wall. The third I couldn't do at all... I was trying to hit the wall as high as possible instead of as low. I didn't find out I was doing it wrong until like May 2016, which... Was actually what inspired me to come back. I was 12 then, and would be for another 6 months, but I didn't say anything and managed to (quite easily) stay on the LBs. Anyway, what I think really got me into the community was Frosty's mini-tourneys. (And LDM) I SACKED (and I still do) at Gem Hunt, but there were a lot more fun things there like the massive Co-op sections. (Hooray for 14 player Cardcaddy's) Anyway, I wasn't, and still am not, very active on the forums, but the opposite can be said for Discord... Which is where I learned about the magic of the 21st letter of the alphabet, and how to get the joj done right. Fast forward July and HOLY SHIT IT'S PEE QUEUE oh it doesn't work on my laptop that's great. I finally managed to get a working one about a week before Frightfest so that worked. I was also able to do LDM again, which is always fun, and was a nice throwback to Frosty's mini-tourneys. Now fast forward to yesterday, where I finally had a turn in the spotlight... Until that spotlight crashed! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I finally did something useful in the community for once... By using nothing but "PQ crashed! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻" for most of my CaH answers. Now, I had another small meme in March for #FreeYoshi, but that was just a general thing that anyone does for mutes and bans, clearly. Having a meme was nice... Until it crashed! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ and was overrun by ma tan. Oh well. Anyway, this community is honestly the best community I've been in... Ever, I'd say, and... I'd just like to say thank you to all of you for letting me and all my autism stay here and feel welcome.

Just keep repairing,

P.S. I really hope my meme doesn't crash! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

brapdoors mbg #OhBoyFreeAM!
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24 Dec 2017 03:13 #5
Shoot, I've been playing Marble Blast before Platinum was a thing! 10 years... dang...
I once tried getting MBP, but it didn't work. My only view into MBP was through YouTube until a few years later when I forgot about MB completely. I only remembered MBG and then MBP around August of last year, so I successfully downloaded MBP around October and beat all the levels one time offline. Then, I created my account, and here you have me now!

I remember spending hours trying to find the dang finish pad in Three-Fold Maze.
I remember being tortured by the fact that I could not finish Icarus.
I remember playing around in the level editor for weeks on end while learning basic 3D coordinates.
I remember the absolutely hilarious Replay of the Day videos.

I can now complete my childhood nightmares of levels very easily.
I can now enjoy playing what was simply out of reach for me.
I can now chat with fellow Marble Blast players who are leagues ahead in terms of skill while still feeling like a part of the community.
I can now think back on my childhood of Marble Blast Gold and see how much things have changed for the better.

Even though I have not been part of the community for 10 years, MBG has shaped my life very positively.

i don't know how to end this post

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24 Dec 2017 03:30 #6
If I recall correctly I first found out about MBG in 2007 because it was on our school computers. Loved the game and ended up buying it to play at home. After beating the game I thought something would happen in the custom levels tab, but it was still empty. I started looking around online to find out what was supposed to happen and eventually I stumbled upon the old Marble Blast forums. From there I learned about how to make custom levels, play other's custom levels, and also ended up finding out about MBP. MBP's new levels plus the leaderboards were even more fun than the original game, and it took over a lot of my free time for years. I've been playing on and off ever since I first found out about it, but it's one of those games that I always keep coming back to. MBP will always rank in one of my top games of all time.
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24 Dec 2017 07:26 #7
I first came across Marble Blast around 2005, when I was 7 years old, pre-installed on my family's Mac Mini. I remember trying to beat all the levels and getting stuck on Scaffold and thinking the Gold Times were impossible. The next year, Marble Blast Ultra came out on the Xbox 360, and I played through the game, eventually beating all the par times, including Schadenfreude (which was extremely frustrating and difficult). Then I took a break from the game... forward to 2010, I was in 7th grade and I noticed that Marble Blast was on the computers at my middle school. I then found out about the speedrunning community and decided that I would take on the challenge. By summer 2011, I had finally beaten all the levels in Marble Blast Gold under Gold Time. Then I found out how to get custom levels, and I played through a few of those as well. Finally, in the fall, I downloaded MBP, and I started trying to beat as many ultimate times as I could. By the time I was done with middle school, I had beaten all the levels in MBP except Morph and Battlecube Finale and had completed about 90 ultimate times.

In high school, we didn't have Marble Blast on school computers, but I still continued to improve by playing on the Mac Mini at home. By the end of 2012, I had finally beaten Battlecube Finale. But due to my laggy computer, it wouldn't be until fall 2013 that I would finally beat Morph. Then, at the start of 2014, I heard about the new Marble Blast Forums and version 1.50 of MBP, so I figured I should join the community! By then, I had completed all the levels in MBP and 115 ultimate times. Then RC1 released, so I had the opportunity to finish off the last ultimates on the leaderboards, and on the night of 19 September 2014, I beat The Tale of the Tall Skyscraper in 6:37.173 for 120/120 ultimate. And then three months later, I got the Schadenfreude achievement by finishing Battlecube Finale with a time of 6:57.437.

Finally in 2015, I decided I should get my own YouTube channel, and I started posting videos of my speedruns online. And at the start of the year, I started working on the colossal project "MBP 2007: the Movie!", which showed all the levels in the beta version of MBP. Then, I realized that the 10th anniversary of MBP was coming up, so I decided that I would do another 10th anniversary rampage, like the one I did for MBU back at the start of 2016. And after spending a total of about 160 hours of recording, I finally came up with this...

I would like to thank the Marble Blast community and the MBP development team for making this possible. MBP is very influential in my life, and even after I had completed all of Marble Blast Gold, the challenging levels and ultimate times of MBP encouraged me to continue to improve and develop my Marble Blasting skills, even to this day.
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24 Dec 2017 08:56 - 06 Apr 2019 03:53 #8
I actually used to play Marble Blast Gold back when I was only seven years old! The game was pre-installed on my Mac and I had a blast playing it! Unfortunately, after a few months, my dad completely deleted the game from the computer. It was sad, I had no idea where I could get MBG again. But then I found Marble Blast videos on Youtube! My mind was blown once I saw what people could do! Custom levels, world record rampages, you name it! I wish I could join the fun! But then, something unusual met my eye.

Marble Blast Platinum? I was really unfamiliar with the name. I didn't know a lot about Marble Blast's history, so I just thought it was a sequel or something. And I couldn't believe what I saw... Bouncy floors! Random Force! Magnets! Ultimate Times! Expert levels! Multiplayer! I just had to get the game! Fast-forward to December 2016 when I type "marble blast" in Google for a desperate search attempt for MBP. And there I found it,!

Finally! After all these years! I instantly downloaded MBP. I wasn't even bored of the launcher's load times. I was so happy, my smile would probably stretch to the moon! And it finished loading! I didn't know what to start on first. Why not play the levels in order? Or how about skip to the Expert levels? All the levels are unlocked! But then, I noticed the "Online" button. I found out that the game was originally released on 2007. Holy crap! I was only four years old at the time! Do people even still play this game?

I was scared that I was going to find myself in an empty online server, no one to talk to. After all, what's the point of beating an Expert level for the first time, if you can't happily tell someone? What's the point of playing multiplayer if there's no one to play with? I just stared at the account set-up screen, wondering what my username should be. The username I used in Geometry Dash was [REDACTED], so I decided to use it, too.

I was crying tears of joy when I found out that this game still has an active community! I made new friends, started playing some levels, and I had a bunch of fun.

Nevertheless, thank you all for being such awesome members of this community! MB never dies!
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24 Dec 2017 12:08 #9
I stumbled across the Marble Blast franchise in 2005, when I started primary school. I loved beating the levels with the routes I saw on Youtube (Huge thanks to Matan and Michael McFadden (of whom I now have his original gold time guide)) and I was astonished by what they achieved. Even my friends at school were impressed with the routes that I took, not daring to follow through on what I did. I remember playing MBP when the old leaderboards were around too (good times). Fast forward to December 2014 - I got my first world record. I then gradually got better at the new tricks on show e.g. Kalle's natural bounce exploitation, asuul714's iClock start, etc. Playing this game has been a good outlet for me (even if I have moments where I get angry) and there have been good memories made from this community in particular. Matan, I'd like to say a huge thanks to you for putting yourself out there for us (literally did on Youtube at one stage) and thank you for keeping this game alive.
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25 Dec 2017 06:54 #10
My first experience with the game was through this game called Marble Blaster in 2007 that my mommy had gotten the disk for. I failed on levels like Jump Training (pressing the spacebar and W key at the same time, who the hell can do stuff like that). It was not long until I became addicted to this game, unlike anything I had played before. I couldn't quit the game no matter what (lol). About a year went by and I discovered a video by a youtuber named Hildron101010 showing a way to open the level editor and make your own levels. I was astonished. I made over a hundred of my own levels (unfortunately they are all gone).

A couple years went by and I found another youtuber named IsraeliRD and found out he had an enormous catalog of MB videos. One that caught my eye was called: "Marble Blast Platinum : WR Rampage - Beginner & Intermediate". I didn't really know what to think of this; at the time, I didn't even know what platinum was ffs. But soon, after a little bit of experimenting (with the help of my mommy and daddy) I found the game and downloaded it. What I saw was more than I possibly could've expected. I'd admit I was still a little bit more of a creator than a speedrunner at the time, but this new mod just shocked me.

On December 2nd 2015, I created my account for the online leaderboards. I was prepared to find that the place had been completely abandoned and that I was just all alone playing the game by myself without knowing. However, I logged on and immediately saw 20 people online, welcoming me onto the leaderboards. I was amazed.

theres also a part where I hit the "log out" button immediately after joining because I thought thats what you push to send a message but lets not talk about that

On December 20th 2015, I got my first WR. It was on Turning Point, with a time of 20.21. I would improve this to 20.02 the next day. This wasn't anything very special, but it was a huge achievement for me. It was a confidence booster in a place with more competition than I could've ever expected. This is one key achievement that launched me towards speedrunning, and less on creating.

And then, of course, we cannot leave out the release of PlatinumQuest on July 6th, which would change the game forever. Nobody thought it would be possible to make PQ live up to the hype after an 8 year wait, but my god did it deliver.

And now to present day. This community is still just as alive as it was ten years ago, thanks to the amazing staff and members that play this. I really don't know where I'd be without this game.

we missed our chance to upload MBP WRR 3 on the tenth anniversary god dammit

"cna you salt spalt the slevel salt of 6 year salt who ca salt the lsat" - nobody, 2017
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26 Dec 2017 17:20 #11
Man, only now I realize it's been 10 years I've been playing Marble Blast.

About Platinum?
Well, I remember, as a kid, that I was playing MBP 1.14 a lot (especially in internet cafes), and I was really enjoying playing it. It was like a "drug" for me, since I was playing it like 8-10 hours a day! I remember having bad times at Space Station, which was the level I spent the most time on.

A few months before I started playing MBP, I was already a big fan of IsraeliRedDragon (like the good old times), and this channel really helped me improving my marble skills somehow.

So, for this and for keeping this game alive and kickbutt as always, I'd like to give you, Matan, a galaxy-sized thanks for everything.

My life would've been extremely boring without Marble Blast.

And now... ehm, wait, do I have some levels to build for PQ, or is it? Lemme check my list...

You forget a thousand things everyday. Make sure Marble Blast isn't one of 'em.
Instagram : ralphfrommb

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26 Dec 2017 18:27 #12
My first experience with Marble Blast was when I saw my brother play the MBU demo in either 2006 or 2007. He asked me to give it a shot, so I did. I didn't expect to like it at first, but it didn't take long for me to spend all my free time playing. A couple days later I began to wonder how people got these (seemingly) impossible times, so I tried to find out how on the internet. Apparently, people cut parts off of their controllers to be able to go faster. Not bothering to get the right tools to do so, I decided to just go for it, so I grabbed a file and started going ham on one of the controllers. For a short period of time I actually got it to work, till the controller died. It took me 3 tries to finally properly get it to work (duct tape is your friend).

A few months later I get home from school, try to turn on my xbox and there it was, the ring of death.. After having sent the xbox to the manufacturer, I decided to take a look around on the internet to see whether there were any other versions, there I found MBG. It took a while to get used to the different controls and the cartoon style of MBG, but after I got over that and especially after I got my first WR (which wasn't accepted for lack of proof, hah) I was hooked.

In 2010 I had some personal problems, which abruptly forced me to quit for a few years. After those problems were resolved I came back in 2013 and started playing again, more than ever before. 5000+ ingame hours later and here we are.

Thanks to everyone for making this community feel like home for all these years!
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26 Dec 2017 22:51 #13
I was first introduced to Marble Blast back in 2009 from YouTube. So I downloaded MBG, and immediately I was so into the game. I later heard of Marble Blast Platinum; however, I had trouble installing it until December 2010 when MBP 1.20 released for the Mac. When I first played it, I found the levels (even the beginner ones) very tricky for a player new to the game. When 1.50 was released in 2014, I was excited to play MBU in Platinum as I had never played Ultra levels before, and I beat all of them easily. In 2017, I eventually beat all 120 official levels in Platinum under the Platinum Time and earned a colored username! At the same year, PQ was released, and I managed to beat all official levels under the Ultimate Time! I have come a long way in playing MB, and I am truly impressed how capable the Marble Blast engine really is such as multiplayer mode and shaders! I hope 2018 will shape PQ even further!

Awesome Hint:

Since the Awesome Time/Score is secret, you will have to beat it in order to find out what it is. Just practice every day, and be ready to keep pressing the 'Restart' button...A LOT!
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27 Dec 2017 00:25 #14
(Apologies for any double-post. If my other post comes up, feel free to delete this one.)
My first experience with Marble Blast as a whole was on February 4, 2007 at OMSI. Well, TBH that was only the day I learned the game's name; at previous visits to OMSI I saw the game being played by someone. Coming from a fascination with 2D platformers, I really wanted to know the name of this brand-spanking new 3D game so I could play it myself someday.
After finding the name of the game, I left it alone until about a month later, when I looked it up again and wanted to play it on my Dad's computer. He downloaded the demo for me and I was instantly hooked. However, I felt something to be a bit off; many of the levels I played at OMSI weren't in that version of the game, and hence there weren't any mines or tornadoes. Dad understood my concern and bought the full version for me.
That summer, I wandered into YouTube and found gameplay videos of Marble Blast. I eventually learned about Marble Blast Platinum. What struck me in awe weren't so much the new level designs as the newer, flashier graphics. I thought it was a whole new ball game. After learning about the name, I looked up the Squidoo article and learned about all the new things that'd be coming soon. I even made myself a little manual complete with an anthropomorphic marble!
During the time I waited for MBP to come out, I expected for the game to look like how it was in the gameplay videos; I expected the "fried-egg" skybox, MBG-style (albeit orange) GUI, and levels without decorative-yet-intrusive pillars (I didn't care if they were LE'ed or QuARKed, since I didn't know the difference). While the demo didn't satisfy two of said criteria (and some others too), I nonetheless didn't care and enjoyed it.
(Funny story: one time before 1.00 came out, I had a dream where I was playing a level, and one part of the level was a yellow loop infested with nukes. My 8-year-old self for some reason developed this gut feeling that the use of hazardous explosives would make the game "too violent".)
Eventually the full game came out in time for Christmas. While the inclusion of checkpoints, trophies and a marble selector were welcomed, however, many of the things I expected weren't really there anymore. But I didn't mind since, hey, it's the full version. At least the old version seen in the videos would be released nearly nine years later.
Between the day I saw the first PlatinumQuest trailer and the day the demo came out, I sometimes had dreams of what PlatinumQuest (and future versions) would be like. One dream had the player collect all the fruit in each level instead of gems, with each level simply ending after all the fruit are gone. Another dream would tilt the level when the marble moved (like Super Monkey Ball, Kororinpa and Mercury Meltdown). Another dream used new powerups such as a weakened Gyrocopter. Most of the time, however, I simply stopped caring about Marble Blast as I focused on other things such as my own CGI-animated YouTube series "Philly McKee".
Eventually the full game came out in July 2017. Seven years after it was announced. The rest is history.
Thanks, Matan, for your expertise. You and your team have given us amazing experiences we won't forget.
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20 Apr 2018 00:28 #15
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14 May 2018 13:18 #16
I started playing MBG when I was a child (somewhere in 2008-2009). Later I found out about Marble Blast Platinum. And just now - about newer version of this one - PlatinumQuest. During this time I completed only MBG levels. Anyway I enjoyed this game at all. I wanna say that Marble Blast and its community is really cool and calm.

I can't type posts in English properly, so i'm sorry. xd

Ukrainian boi

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19 May 2018 06:42 #17
My first time playing Marble Blast Gold is when I really young, (when I was like 4 or something) I got way too excited for the various obstacles to roll through, and then I saw PlatinumQuest. PlatinumQuest was a really good game overall, and it combines all the levels from the orginal MBG with 3 other mods. When I see this post coming, I also feel happy with you guys who made this mod, too, with 10 years of scripting and building maps, good job for making this far.

(Note: Sry my engrisk gremmar sux)

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