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05 May 2023 07:02 #1 by Jiquor
STOPX | May 2023 News and Views was created by Jiquor
Jiquor — Yesterday at 11:58 PM
STOPX: News and Views - May 2023

Hey Stoppers, we are all so excited to see how much traction STOPX has getting, the reception and dedication from some players has been phenomenal. As our game continues to shed more light to the old community and to newer players, we are very excited to see what players have been discovering in our hybrid that we worked so long and hard to complete.
However, I just want to state, without going public, there would have still been so many issues in STOPX that we certainly couldn't have caught without people like you. Your reports to our public e-mail and on the ⁠issues tab have been absolutely splendid, and they have helped us patch this game. While the daily updates for the first week of release were certainly annoying, we just want to reiterate and remind you that we couldn't have found these issues without you folks, so thank you so much for being helpful and sticking with us during our first crazy week.
These monthly posts will serve everyone on this forum as scoops for what has been happening so far in STOPX, what has currently been discovered, what is being planned for the future, and what is happening in the background. We can't wait to make more memories in STOPX with all of you! This is one of the largest grinds of marble modifications in the entire world, so seeing you all play and seeing others join is really making us happy.

As a reminder...
We believe this is the end of our frequent updates after a week of bug fixing. If you have been waiting to play again or waiting to play after 1.0.6 was released, this may now be the time!
Thanks to those who have played and reported issues so far that have led STOPX to become much more stable. We couldn't have done it without going public, and without folks like you! Thank you.

The STOPX Wiki has been rebooted.
Every Friday, we will be updating the Wiki with new information surrounding STOPX. Please go here to see the recent changes:
However, there are various articles, like secret stages, awards, pentagons and octagons, etcetera, that still need to see evidence from players before anything is published on the matter. If you are the first one to discover something, share it with us on Discord or on the STOPX Wiki. Contributors like you will help keep the Wiki going. As a reminder, the wiki serves as an entire guide for STOPX, especially for those that want spoilers on the game early on when they play for the first time. Your contributions and secret findings will help expand the wiki and expand the guide for every player in the world.

New jump scares? What?
That's right - STOPX has its new share of jump scares, and a few people have discovered them already.
August found The Backrooms on initial release, but for anyone who finds it and records the occurrence next will also get a spot on the Wiki and some bonus Pentagons in #go-commands, that is if you join our Discord server. A new version of EYELESS_DEATH was found, and CLUB_MASTER was found. As a reminder, if you alt+f4 or otherwise quit during a jump scare, you will not get the rewards (bonus Pentagons and rare awards) and you may also lose your save. Keep in this in mind when you encounter a jump scare again.

STOP II: End of Life
As of May 1, 2023, support for STOP II has ended.
You will need to upgrade to STOPX to receive support regarding our project.
Thanks for your cooperation. Any question without a supporting account for STOPX will not be answered.

The Next Update
We're planning an update before I head for California, scheduled May 11, 2023.
This update will see some minor text fixes and bug fixes, along with the introduction of our first activity.

Activities and Events
Our next activity launches on May 12, 2023. Look in #activities on our Discord server once it appears, it may be gone before you know it!
Our Bunny Explosion event is still going on. Currently, Kecel is in the lead to getting the grand prize. If you have been thinking about doing the event, this may now be the time to try and beat him to it! Once the grand prize winner has been chosen, the event will close and a new one will be launched, hopefully sometime in June 2023.

We cannot wait to see what else you discover in STOPX!

Best regards,
The STOPX Team

STOPX Creator. Getting better by every release.

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