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16 Sep 2012 00:15 #1 by Joey
9/15/2012 - Updates was created by Joey
Haven't done one of these in a while... Well, you know, aside from the Marathon. Now that it's over, I can get back to working at my own pace, and get some new stuff going! That said, let's get started!

The time between now and Christmas is going to be the most prominent time in my music production life, as the main goal is the promotion. In addition, I've made the decision that there will no longer be any more small projects - in other words, projects with little effort put into them, i.e. Danceparty series. Such projects were never bad, per se, but they don't really show anything unique, when compared to projects like To Infinity or Into Midnight. So, no more of that. Tracks like Funk House Guitarist and Remote Paradise, for example, fall under the standard projects category. You can see that these projects have effort put into them, and more or less what I expect from my tracks from here on out. Then you have tracks like Into Midnight, To Infinity, and The Epic - big projects. Expect more of those from here on out...

The time between now and Christmas is my time to show that there are No Limits! There is a plethora of things in progress at the moment:

Current works in progress:

Pi - A Funk House Guitarist/UFO-styled track, but with a twist.
Da Funk - Ever heard Feed Me or Skrillex? It's time to prepare for my new debut dubstep track, taking on professionalism I haven't touched on yet!
Enemy - This dramatic orchestral piece takes on something less synthetic than The Epic, with that added quality and professionalism!
Divided by 0 - The first in No Limits, this track is a huge drumstep project, taking the style of Into Midnight and sky-rocketing it!
Synthetic Symphony 2 - The star of it all, this is the track that will end the year off, and start a new music development era in my life as a music producer! When all you want is everything, Synthetic Symphony 2 is here to deliver.

There is actually a total of about 10 or so tracks in progress, but of course, you don't get to know them all! Pi and Da Funk are the only standard projects (Da Funk is more or less a big project). But all the others in progress are big projects!

I guarantee you some surprises in the next few months, and a new era of professionalism in my tracks is here to come!

Christmas 2012 is the event to watch for...

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