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06 Aug 2012 07:02 #1 by Joey
Reign of the Zaex was created by Joey
The music madness is almost upon us!

Before you leave, I just want to say something real quickly here. I want to thank you all for your support. You've all helped me grow as a music producer, and I wouldn't be where I am today without your help. When I first joined in 2011, I wasn't involved with anything. I had no fanbase, and my music barely existed. Since then, however, you've been supporting me the whole way, and I want to give you all a big thanks for that.

I do want to thank some people in particular:

Jeff: You remember. It was December 2010 when I came to your Opal forums asking if I could be a music-maker. When you said yes, I was so excited! Somebody actually liked my music! Jeff, you've been a true friend to me from that point on, helping me with whatever I needed help with and supporting me along the way (even though I don't even know you in real life ). For all of those who do not know, Jeff was actually one of the first people I talked to in the 'internet life realm'. It was a new experience, participating in forum and online activity, and I loved it. Then a few months later I joined here. I'll go ahead and admit that I was only 12 when I joined. I didn't feel completely right about it, but at the same time, I wanted to experience this new life in the internet realm. I'll be 14 here in the next month, which is pretty much why I'm holding the Marathon in the first place.

Good to finally get that out.

Nihahhat/Mystery Man/RC: I want to thank these three because they've been the most supportive in my journey as a producer. I remember always being on Gmail and they (with the exception of RC, whose Gmail I don't have) would always tell me how excited they were about upcoming tracks and they would list me all their favorites. Heck, they even helped trying to advertise me places. I want to give them a big thanks for that. And then it comes time to get involved with Elite (I don't even know half the stuff that goes on in it anyway xD). Thank you.

Rokoshu: Rokoshu has supported me in a different way than with Nihahhat/MM - a way which I respect greatly. It helped me so much. Rokoshu here has given me advice. He gave me so much advice, both with my productions as well as my journey as a producer. In fact, this post is almost entirely inspired by something in which he first brought the suggestion to, which will be announced farther on. I want to thank you, Rokoshu, so much for all the help you've given me. Whether you realize it or not, you've helped me a lot. Thank you.

Everyone else: You've all watched my videos; you've all listened to my music. Don't feel bad if you weren't mentioned, because you are now. The people who were mentioned above had made a very significant difference in my life as a music producer, and they've really helped me out when I needed it. I want to thank everyone though, because you've all helped me out by getting me one step closer to my goal. I will never forget the significant start of my music life here, and I will never forget you all.

That being said, The Marathon is only a few weeks away! Good news too: I'm going back to school! Homeschool was just too isolating for me. But yes, school time! It's time to get social life back together.

Next announcement: Thanks to Rokoshu's suggestion about heading over to a music forum, I have found one! The best part is that it's one of the biggest out there, aside from Newgrounds or something like that. What's even better is that they own a label, which I am highly considering sending a demo to. The forum is .

Because of which, I want to give you all a free track that will be releasing as part of 'something' in the Marathon. It is called Zaex Generator. This track is dubstep (finally) based around a marching band-like style (huh?). That's right! This track should give you a taste of what the Marathon is all about. Expect a little bit of everything in the upcoming Marathon!

Here is the track:

The Reign of the Zaex is coming. Are you prepared for it?

Thank you all for your un-ending support,
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