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01 Mar 2013 06:52 #1 by Joey
Weekly Updates - 2/28/13 was created by Joey
I somehow keep forgetting to do this every Monday. Now it's Thursday. But I guess that at this stage it's okay, since there isn't much happening yet. Let's get to the updates for this past week:

First, let me clear something up about my ideal for this new system I'm building. I'm aiming for 16 GB RAM total. I'd be able to live with 8 GB for a while; I only want to make sure that I'm able to get more. This is mainly because of FL. The resources it eats up are absolutely ridiculous. The good news is, they have a 64-bit version in testing at the moment, which is good for me. The reason I look forward to using 64-bit is because it will let me allocate more RAM, therefore making 16 GB actually worth it.

Other than that, the only other thing I have to say is that Spiro, a ridiculous dramatic orchestral/dubstep track is releasing this Sunday, and is pretty much dedicated to a really good friend of mine, Marissa. We have an odd relationship. No, we aren't dating or anything. I'm not sure why we're good friends, honestly, but basically she asked me to make her a song with these specifications, so I did that.

More on that for next week. That's about all the news I'm giving out for now.

Stay tuned for more!
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