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29 May 2014 18:26 #1 by Joey
Summer Plans was created by Joey
First, I'd like to comment saying that I'm going to blog a lot more, because I find this a great way to express ideas and thoughts. Secondly, I've been finding more of an interest in playing Marble Blast again, especially with the recent addendum of multiplayer. Throughout this summer I would like to play the game quite a lot, though not so much to where it's all I'm doing, of course; but I've already expressed that in my 2013 year review. Marble Blast is actually... fun - really fun. For those of you who may not have read my 2013 year in review, one of the key things I talked about was how I fell into a phase of Minecraft gaming. This was ongoing throughout pretty much the whole year. Although it did not consume me, I did end up starting a new gaming channel for it (which I do still actively use). Throughout this summer, I will be playing much less of that. However, when I do play, it will be for the purposes of making videos. Speaking of which....

Also for those of you who do not know, I did get a new desktop last year. I can record videos. And I'm going to record videos - Marble Blast (and MP) videos - all of which will go up on my gaming channel. That should be a fun hobby for the summer. But that's only where it begins. Although the gaming side is fun and all, it is only a hobby, for that is not what the direction I wish to pursue, but you already knew that.

Academically, I'm taking the ACT on June 14, which should be fun. I have to take my junior English this summer in order to be a senior next year, but really all I have to do is read 10 books (pssst Spark notes) and write a critique on them. Then, I plan to start college classes in the fall, which really is going to consume a majority of my senior year. As of now, I'm only going to be taking three classes at my school next year - the rest will be college classes. That's cool and all, but we still have to retain money for those college classes. Plus, I have to apply for scholarships next year - oh what great fun (sarcasm). My mom wants me to get a job this summer, but I'm not so hot on the idea. It would be nice to get that extra year's worth of savings in, but it seems almost rushed to get a job this summer, especially at this point in time. I don't even have that many options, for I am not yet 16. But alas, I'd like to hear your opinions on this. Is it wise to get a job now? Or is it wise to wait?

Musically, I have big plans (but I'm sure you saw that coming B) ). Starting tomorrow is TW's Probation Marathon, which I'm sponsoring on two major EDM forums and also Facebook. My idea is to fill the entire summer with music (this marathon lasts three months - until August 30th). My goal with this marathon is to make a name for myself (finally) as well as advertise the album - "Dawn of Orchestral Ends". I'm aware some of you have heard of it, but for those of you who have not: my goal with this album is to epitomize my style of music - clashing orchestra and electronica in the most disparate ways. But it's more than that; the album is a story. It starts all orchestra, and it gets progressively more electronic as you go further in down the tracklist, all leading up to the big finale - a story within a story regarding the end times and death itself. It covers a wide range of emotions and genres - you might even cry (I did). I'm working towards a December 20th release date, but more will be advertised on the album during the marathon - this is the plan!

TL;DR (which you should have; shame on you), my summer plans cover three major areas of focus: gaming/videos, academics, and music. I will most likely blog on some of the major things that occur, but there's far too much that will occur to the point where I'd almost be spamming if I blogged everything. :P If you'd like to tune in to what's going on, you may do so at either (or both) of the YouTube channels in my signature, or Facebook. Soon after the Marathon, I plan to host live streams (just remember that this is tentative atm).

Those are my plans. What are your summer plans?

I love you, but your attitude is like that of a shrew. Your options? Take a pill or be my kill. Might I suggest that you wear a vest. Perish in class or be banished to the land of bluegrass, where dreams don't exist as you'll be eternally pissed.

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