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10 Jun 2014 05:34 #1 by Joey
One of the many interests that I have pursued in recent months is that of writing. Though, you may have already been able to pick up clues on that. One of my goals for the summer is to publicly release two novels. But these two novels will only be an introduction for what is to come. Ideally, I'd like to tell a huge story that encompasses many different ideas, regarding concepts of morality, justice, and courage. My goal is to tell this story through a series of stories, each with its own plot, but ultimately leading up to a story that ties all the other stories together. This creates for a mix of suspense and drama, and this mindset of writing allows me to express my ideas much more clearly. I'll tell you a little bit about the two novels I'm working on, and the ideas behind them.

Many years ago, I thought of an idea for a comic book character (I must have been in 5th grade at the time). Being so young, I had not a firm grasp on the concepts of character development and plot. I only focused on the aesthetics and action behind said character. I came up with a plethora of original characters. Although they did not have much meaning at the time, these ideas I had back then drove me to come up with a story that combined all of these characters. But, being as though not all characters were worthy of a story, I chose a select few to write about.

The first of these was "Behemoth". Behemoth is a monster, but the person behind the monster is Chase Juno, a successful and lively millionaire who has an aptitude for developing technology to improve the concepts regarding human intelligence. Upon becoming Behemoth, he receives a dormant personality that he now must learn how to control. He is used to having everything handed to him, but there comes a point where one's wealth might make him oblivious to everything around him. Although this story has the typical hero vs. villain deal, it focuses largely on character development while trying to relate a moral message to the audience.

The second novel that is currently idle is one of the first superhero characters I came up with, named "Thunderbird". Thunderbird is a college student, struggling with relationships, and not sure how to effectively deal with situations. Perhaps being a superhero might bring him to learn more about the standards of living, and the cliché "with great power, comes great responsibility" might just come into play. This guy's story actually extends beyond himself, as I have at least six novels planned for him at the moment. Behemoth and Thunderbird do not reside in the same universe, however. Their stories are completely unrelated. Thunderbird's story is more of a standalone series (one of the first I ever came up with), whereas Behemoth is the beginning to a grandiose story that will gradually open up.

Here, I'll give you a brief excerpt from some of the dialogue in "Behemoth":

“Do you ever pass through your life thinking that maybe, you might lose all of the things you do possess?” Josiah was playing a chess game with Chase.
Chase made the next move in the game. “Give me an example.”
Josiah moved. “Does it ever strike you that your company may someday, take a turn down the wrong lane?”
“It already has. But see, that’s the glory of being a business owner. You have that option to take advantage of things, try things out, and find something that works!”
“But what happens when you’ve used all your options?”
“You start over. You might cry – perhaps purchase a violin. Hey, do you happen to have my paycheck ready for last week’s presentation?”
Josiah gave a look of disapproval. “It’s in the back.”

I love you, but your attitude is like that of a shrew. Your options? Take a pill or be my kill. Might I suggest that you wear a vest. Perish in class or be banished to the land of bluegrass, where dreams don't exist as you'll be eternally pissed.

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