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30 Sep 2015 19:13 - 30 Sep 2015 19:27 #1 by Joey
My First Time was created by Joey
My First Time
September 30, 2015

Today, we’re going to blog a little bit differently. I’ve noticed that much of my content is generally critical or otherwise distressing in nature. But today, I would like to turn the tables a little. Recently I’ve been trying to be a more optimistic person, and so far I think I’m doing quite well. So, instead of blogging about what is currently transpiring in my asymmetrical life (since to be honest I have no idea), I’m going to reminisce and look at all my firsts. Then I’d like to hear yours. It’s possible you’ll know a little more about me by the end of this. And I hope I get to learn some things about you as well.

  • My first time playing any type of PC app was in 2002. All I remember from it was that it was an assortment of crayons arranged in accordance with the rainbow.
  • My first time playing Marble Blast was in 2004. It was a demo, and I remember not being able to win Ordeal for the life of me. Granted, I was a young child and probably lacked the proper skills to do anything, but that’s irrelevant.
  • The first time I failed a test was in third grade. I was scared that my parents would kill me, and so I crumbled the test up and hid it underneath my bed. They never found it.
  • My first campout was in 2007. My dad signed me up for Boy Scouts and I was initially frightful because there was a lack of technology!! I did enjoy the fresh air, however, and in later years I came to appreciate it more than I initially did.
  • The first time I cried on the basketball court was in fifth grade – the first and last, of course.
  • The first time I went to an amusement park of any sort was in 2008. I went to King’s Island. And I rode my first rollercoaster, the Fairly Odd Coaster, as it used to be called. I didn’t like it and thought that my death was imminent shortly after getting on. Fortunately, it didn’t go that far.
  • My first time visiting New York City was in 2008. I was just ten years of age, so in my mind it doesn’t really count. My family visited Atlantic City, which we had done often in my earlier days. However, this time we drove up to New York to sightsee. We ventured up Wall Street, Broadway, saw the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and we rode on a ferry. That’s all I remember – I’m still waiting to go again!
  • My first flight was in 2008. Unlike many, I was not afraid of falling from the sky.
  • My first time at Walt Disney World was also 2008 – Christmas, to be exact. We visited Magic Kingdom and also my great grandmother’s home for the first time (the house we currently live in).
  • The first person I wronged was my mother.
  • The first time I saw Spiderman 3, I think I had nightmares.
  • My first pet that was entirely my own was a fish named Fexarodian.
  • The first complete piece of music I ever wrote was titled “Battle Scene”, in 2009. I imagined a boss battle, because as a young child surrounded by technology and video games, that was my idea of a perfect setting.
  • My first time at Cedar Point was in 2010. At this point I actually liked rollercoasters. Only, Top Thrill Dragster was still out of my comfort zone.
  • My first time playing Minecraft was with Classic in 2010. I despised it.
  • My first experience with modifying MBG was in 2010-2011. It ended. My second experience with modifying MBG was in 2011-2012. It also ended. My third experience was within the same years. It ended as well.
  • The first day I posted on these forums was May 4, 2011.
  • My first and only year of homeschool was 2011-2012. I was a fan at first. But then, near the end, I was no longer a fan.
  • My first big purchase was FL Studio + plugins. Of course that’s not a big purchase to most people; but comparatively speaking, based on the amount of money that I made off of eBay (not a lot), it was a big purchase.
  • The first time I wore contacts was terrible. Now it isn’t so bad.
  • The first year I watched the ball drop, admittedly, was just 2014.
  • The first time I drove (legally anyway) was this month last year. So far I haven't killed anyone, so that's good.
  • The first time I went to prom was terrible. The second time was worse. But the third time was the best (senior prom)! The reason was because I planned most of the prom, including the location, and so it felt more like my own. I also went with my best friend, which was far more memorable than picking up someone for the sake of labels.
  • My first job was retail at a grocery store – Kroger was the company I worked for.
  • The first time I rode Top Thrill Dragster was May this past year.
  • My first major move was, as you may know, this past June when I migrated to Florida with my family.
  • My first date was… oh wait – we’re not there yet.

There are probably others that I missed over when I recouped parts of my past. But I’ll add if anything significant pops up. Feel free to do the same. :)

I love you, but your attitude is like that of a shrew. Your options? Take a pill or be my kill. Might I suggest that you wear a vest. Perish in class or be banished to the land of bluegrass, where dreams don't exist as you'll be eternally pissed.
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01 Oct 2015 00:40 - 03 Nov 2015 18:48 #2 by Technostar
Replied by Technostar on topic My First Time
My firsts:
  • My first time playing any game on the computer was playing a game called "Blues Clues" in 2006. Back then, I remember the computer was one of those bulky cathode ray things.
  • My first time playing Marble Blast was on a school Mac in 2008 (The Mac was one of those with MB pre-installed). Everyone in my class wanted to play, so you could only go OOB 3 times before handing the controls over to someone else.
  • My first campout was in 2006 with my dad.
  • My first time at an amusement park was when I first became 48" tall, so I could ride a lot of coasters. I remember I went on this coaster called "Wild Mouse", and I enjoyed it so much that I went on every coaster I could at that park.
  • My first time at Six Flags: Great Adventure was when I became 54" tall, on that same trip I rode Kingda Ka (It's too short, a 2hr+ wait for a 30-second ride)
  • My first time getting a pet was in 2008 when I got 2 cats.
  • My first time at Cedar Point was this past August.
  • My first time playing Minecraft was in June 2012. It took me only 1 time playing the Pocket Edition lite version to get me hooked, and I bought the PC version 2 days later.
  • My first time going on a plane flight was in 2008 to California.
  • My first time programming in Java was December 2013.
  • My first time leaving the country was when I went to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side.
  • The first (and only) permanent injury I've had was in winter 2011. I was playing a game of tag and I collided with another kid, right front tooth-first.
  • The first time I made it to the state competition in MathCounts was this past school year.
  • My first date was... Nvm, I'm in the same situation as Joey there. :P

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01 Oct 2015 01:13 - 01 Oct 2015 01:13 #3 by NF
Replied by NF on topic My First Time
My firsts:
  1. The first tooth I lost was on April 3, 2006; the last, June 7, 2012.
  2. My first time playing any game on a computer was in 2004 when I was 4, visiting my cousin (who was 11) in Long Island. She was super in to electronics and used the computer constantly. I just remember that it was some type of pool game.
  3. My first time playing Marble Blast was in 2006 (Guess how old I was?). My dad showed me it on the family's iMac G5. I tried Learning to Roll but I was unsuccessful; I fell off at a minute and four seconds when I was about half way through the level.
  4. My first (and only) time failing a test was in eighth grade for Social Studies. There were five questions and I got three of them right.
  5. I don't know if this would be a campout, but in August 2003, I went to what used to be a camp owned by lifelong friends of my family. It has five cabins, a dining hall, and a wet sauna that has gone over 200˚F. I have gone there every year since with three families (including the host family) who have known my family since 2003 or earlier.
  6. The first time i went to an amusement park was in 2004. I don't like amusement parks. They are not fun.
  7. The first piece of music I wrote was called "Song in B Major." It was on April 1, 2013. I put it somewhere on these forums if you can find it.
  8. The first time I went to New York City was in March 2010. It was righteous. I was visiting my aunt and uncle on the 26th floor of an apartment building (they are no longer there; they moved). I love New York City.
  9. The first time I posted on these forums was when I had a question about skyboxes in MarbleMaster1's Advent Calendar Compilation. I can't remember the date but I will look it up.
  10. My first major purchase was the Mac Mini I am writing on, on June 16, 2015.
  11. I have never watched the ball drop.
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