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Category: Marble Blast STOP
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Marble Blast STOP is one of the first full-release mods developed since July 2011; not counting Marble Blast Powered Up that was released in 2013.

With over 170 new levels, this mod has the most levels of any mod released to date. So far reception to Marble Blast STOP is fairly positive. One thing that is getting a lot of notice seems to be (when you go on through the game), some redeveloped and resurrected classic Marble Blast CUSTOM Levels, such as Open House Revision. The new CheckPoints and OCTAGONs are a bonus for easy gameplay and challenge. Current complaints are about the inconsistent graphics style and presentation.

While Marble Blast STOP may be the new game, it doesn't just contain gameplay, but it contains an actual storyline. It's best to go through the level packs in order so you understand the story better.