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Gerson's Level Compilation Gerson's Level Compilation HOT
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Marble Blast: Gerson's Level Compilation (GLC) is a mod made by NaCl586. This mod features a format similar to the Japanese dōjin game known as the Touhou Project. Each level has four variations, which are sorted into difficulties, namely Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic.

Upon completion of the last level in any difficulty (excluding Easy), an Extra category of levels are unlocked and playable. These are recreations of levels from other Marble Blast mods that never saw the light.

Within one of the Extra levels in the game, there is a hidden trigger that unlocks the Naturous category.

New features include teleporters, checkpoint systems, statistics, achievements, custom resolutions, level statistics, and a music room filled with personal reflections. The music, composed by Gerson himself, features catchy and whimsical tunes. 

If you are new to Marble Blast, it is recommended that you start out with the Easy category. If you are an advanced player who's up for the challenge, try out the Lunatic category, where even the most seasoned players have their skills tested.

As this mod is very different from the standard way of Marble Blast, it is a highly recommended download for players of any skill level.


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Created2014-11-21 00:56:33
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