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Marble Blast Emerald was released on July 2011 and is the third major mod ever released to the community. During development Marble Blast Emerald had suffered numerous breaks and staff leaving and joining, and eventually ended up nearly never-finished.

Marble Blast Emerald features brand new game-modes including Tunnel Vision and No Jumping, and old favorites such as finding a hidden sapphire which can be found in many levels. Additionally it delivers to players a new pause menu which allows players to check for their best time, level description and even be able to change the options in-game among others.

Reception to Marble Blast Emerald was generally positive. Many liked its new features, scenery, level design and some of the sounds and music.
Most complaints were drawn to the user interface which was inconsistent in quality or felt clamped. Additionally the anti-cheat system often prevented players from recording videos properly (even by recording demos with the console), and also disallowed players to record new times just because the level editor was opened once (you had to exit the game completely). Other irks were the scenery (you could skip large parts of levels using those) and that the mod could be beaten too quickly.

Support was planned for Marble Blast Emerald but eventually was dropped due to a number of reasons: the developers were rushing towards Marble Blast Emerald 2 (which died very early in development) and others could no longer be bothered trying and fix it. Lack of innovative features and almost no custom levels from the community had therefore led to this mod be forgotten about.
However there are a number of videos that people have created, including personal rampages which aim to complete many of the levels in record time, or videos that show levels being beaten without jumping where the authors have stated they could not be.


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