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STOP DeluXe | 1.5uX STOP DeluXe | 1.5uX HOT
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Welcome to the successor of STOP II, STOP DeluXe! If you're wondering how DeluXe was chosen, our roman numerals for two (II) when crossed diagonally and infused with each other, make an X. We are very excited to have you try a modification we've spent seven years working on, which is a project that wouldn't have been possible with RandomityGuy. This is our final modification and we're very proud of it - our testers and outside community members believe this is the best user modification in existence. This new Marble Blast game brings you on-line leaderboards, an instant replay system, Construction Zones (a.k.a. 'challenges' for those who know M.B.P.U.), rich presence via Discord, statistics and awards, a revamped physics selection menu to easily choose between old and new physics, over 50 bug fixes, a revamped story, and SO MUCH MORE that we can currently list here! Most folks will say this is an amazing modification, with a lot of "quirks and features", if Doug DeMuro were to put it. Welcome to STOP DeluXe! The STOP DeluXe team has spent countless hours, some without sleep, developing this great project, which is arguably a worthy successor of the trilogy. Filled with new features, updated graphics, on-line features and exclusive physics, this modification is sure to leave you feeling nostalgic and skilled, even past the very end. Are you ready to help Captain S. Marble recover his lost Teapots and make it back to Palladium Village?


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Created2023-04-12 22:05:04
Created byJiquor
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