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06 Apr 2007 16:00 #1 by Panda
Level Building programs was created by Panda
This thread answers and provides download links for the two recommended custom level map-making programs. First is Constructor.

Torque Constructor is a Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) WYSIWYG brush editor that supports export of buildings and structures to numerous industry-standard CSG model (.map) formats, or seamlessly export directly into the Torque Game Engine (TGE) or Torque Game Engine Advanced (TGEA).

Modify and expand any of the basic scriptable functions with TorqueScript, from plugins, tools, and widgets to customization of the GUI. In no time you can automate repetitive tasks, bind keyboard shortcuts to specific actions, and create an intuitive design environment built just for you.

Built for traditional 3D artists who are more comfortable working in highend modeling packages such as 3D Studio MAX, Maya, and Lightwave, Torque Constructor is easy enough for the novice and powerful enough for the veteran game builder.

Torque Constructor also features a lighting system from Synapse Gaming, delivering brilliant lightmaps, easy-to-use tools for manipulating light entities, and dynamic real-time previews for rapid prototyping.

Learn more about what game developers have to say about Torque Constructor in the Constructor forums.
[Torque Constructor] has an insane degree of customization and its scripting abilities allow you to do anything you want with it.

Dave Calabrese, 21-6 Productions

What's New? Yes. Free. As in no cost to download.

Why would we give away something that we have worked on for over two years? It was a tough decision, and not one we made lightly. In the end, however, it all came down to trusting and believing in our mission statement, and empowering all of you Indies out there to make your game. We truly believe that anyone who wants to make great games should be able to do so, and making Constructor available to anyone who wants it brings us one step closer to that goal.

Torque Constructor improves TGE and TGEA in an area which has been in need of improvement for some time: the art pipeline. We recognize that, and are making Constructor free not only to thank those of you who have supported GarageGames and the Torque Technologies for the past seven years, but also to increase the value of our 3D engines for new users. Hopefully, releasing Constructor for free will encourage more artists to consider Torque a viable and attractive engine to create art for.

Once again, thanks for your support and look for the free download of Torque Constructor for MAC and WINDOWS on April 9!

Happy Constructing,

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Replied by IsraeliRD on topic Level Building programs
Quake Army Knife
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QuArK (aka Quake Army Knife), is a free toolkit and environment for developing 3D computer game levels for a large variety of popular games, mostly first-person shooters using engines similar to or based on the Quake engine by id Software.

QuArK has the ability to directly edit maps, and to a limited extent, models. It can import, export, and convert sounds, textures and various other game assets. It is also possible to move or change dynamic game objects without the need to recompile the whole map which makes finetuning of details much easier and quicker.

3DDevelopmentPack is a custom installer to allow people to quickly and easily develop a 3D game using QuArK. It combines QuArK, Lazarus, GLScene, and OpenBSP.

Along with support for most games based on engines developed by id Software (Quake, HeXen II, Quake II, Heretic 2, SiN, Kingpin: Life of Crime, Soldier of Fortune, Quake III Arena, Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force, Half-Life, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix, and Doom 3), it also has support for other game engines, such as Source, Genesis3D, 6DX, Crystal Space, Torque, and Sylphis 3D.

QuArK is released under the GNU General Public License.

It initially started out as a Delphi program called Quakemap in 1996.

QuArK may have been named after Quark, the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Ferengi character, and the coincidence that the actor which played Quark (Armin Shimerman) shares the same first name as the author of QuArK (Armin Rigo).

Marble Blast
quark - The (almost) Complete Guide
Here's the guide you've been waiting for. It explains straight to the point all the stuff you need to know, which isn't a lot really. It also features Frictional Battlecube recreated in QuArK!

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.

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