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08 May 2017 13:50 - 08 May 2017 13:50 #1 by Lee
So first off, I'm trying to convert a .fbx file that is exported from Autodesk Maya and then imported to Blender (2.78c), and then exported it to a .dts shape so that I can use it in the game.

What I did was:
1. Make my shape in Maya.
2. Export it to .fbx in Maya.
3. Opened the file in Blender. (Import > file)
4. Rescaled it to the size that I want.
5. Placed a texture on it.
6. Went to the Texture tab on the right.
7. Opened my image.
8. Mapping> Coordinates: UV
9. Changed Viewport Shading to 'Textured'. (No textures to be seen though.)
10. Changed Layout to UV Editing.
11. Below I selected my image by clicking the button which is the left of the button +New.
12. Changed to Edit Mode.
13. Pressed U then Unwrap.
14. Headed back to Default Layout. (Now I see the texture on my shape.)
15. Went back to Object Mode.
16. Used this exporter ( ) to export to my desktop with the texture on there as well.
17. Placed the texture and .dts in a folder in data/shapes/rocklee
18. Opened it in the game.

The problem is that it's white. No textures. I even go through it.

I've provided .blender, .fbx, .dts, and the image.

Please help! :S

lee is awesome
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08 May 2017 14:52 #2 by Weather
Replied by Weather on topic Getting Blender2DTS exporter to work
The reason you go right through it is because there's no collision mesh. The FAQ for the exporter says to name the object for collision "Col-X", where X is a number from 0 to 8. So for this shape, you'll want to duplicate bolder1, and rename the duplicate to "Col-0". Since there are 2,304 triangles, I strongly suggest adding a decimate modifier to Col-0 with the ratio set to around 0.05, and another decimate modifier to bolder1 with a higher ratio value (0.2 looks good). Then apply the modifier on bolder1 and do a UV unwrap again (cube projection looks nice).

As for the material, its name needs to be set to the same name as the texture, without the file extension. Right now, it's "Material.001" but should be "rocklee".
If you want the game to mipmap your texture (which lowers the resolution as the player moves farther away, it helps with anti-aliasing), then under "Custom Properties" in the material tab of the properties panel, add a new property, click "Edit" and set the property name to "mipMap" and the value to "1".

Also just so it looks better in Blender, you can set the viewport shading to "Material" then set the lamp's type to "Hemi".
Lastly, you don't need bolderGroup2 or bolderGroup1 (which doesn't even have any objects parented to it).
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