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map-pin [NOTICE] Fubar Build 51000 Released!

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23 Jan 2017 00:47 - 23 Jan 2017 01:07 #1 by Aayrl
Hello all,

Marble Blast Fubar Beta Build 51000 has been released. Simply run the Marble Blast Launcher, select "Marble Blast Fubar" and click "Play" to download the latest build.

Due to some server side changes, you must update your game client to Build 51000 before you will be able to play the game client.

Build 51000 features a new Beginner level, as well as a few rebuilds of some of the older Fubar levels which were unbalanced and did not fit the theme of the mod. More details can be found in the Beta Build 51000 Release Notes .

There will be more Conquest level revisions released over the next few months as minor build updates based on feedback I've been reviewing from players both via Private Messages and on the Beta forums. The feedback has been incredibly beneficial for level revisions and design, so please keep them coming! Post any suggestions, comments or concerns in the Feedback forum! --> https://marbleblast.com/index.php/forum/mbf-beta-feedback/

Also, please be sure to check out the Known Issues thread for the latest bugs so we can avoid duplicate reports!

Thanks again for your interest in Marble Blast Fubar! I hope you find Build 51000 satisfactory!

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