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13 Jun 2016 23:54 #1 by TheSphere
Endless Dungeon was created by TheSphere
Endless Dungeon...

Is a game about dungeons that are most certainly endless. Here's the plot: Once apon a time, there was peace, until the something came and brought chaos! They sucked up the essence of Marble Blast and brought it to the endless dungeon, where guards have been guarding it for centuries. Now it's time for you to battle.

How To Play
Each room has different enemies, obviously progressing makes them stronger. You have HP and MP.

HP and MP regenerates once each 3 rounds. If you have less than 500 HP/MP, you will regen 100 per round for each. The higher your HP and MP, the more regeneration. Every 5 rooms is a boss, where if you defeat it, you will gain 100 HP and MP.
In the unfortunate occurrence where you die, you can become a ghost until someone revives you and give buffs. ONLY BUFFS!

yeah yeah too much info just read pls :3
1. No double post, only first post counts
2. No double attacks/summons in one round.
3. I decide the damage, HP of summons and pretty much all of that.
4. No sneaky cheating

You may begin battling (don't forget to say you signed up in your post so I can add you)

Room 1: Entrance Path
(H) None
Level 1: Rock: HP: 15/15 MP: 0/0
Level 1: Snail: HP: 5/5 MP: 0/0


The object of destroying walls is pretty much to just get ch*rploads of bricks and buy loads of everything, while learning for destroying walls in the process. Its time to rise to greatness!

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14 Jun 2016 01:20 #2 by Nature Freak
Replied by Nature Freak on topic Endless Dungeon

The Sphere wrote:
Once upon a time, there was peace, until the something came and brought chaos!

Gosh wiz, that's not vague at all!
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14 Jun 2016 01:21 - 14 Jun 2016 01:22 #3 by Weather
Replied by Weather on topic Endless Dungeon
Three things:
  1. Logic error.
  2. Endless games...
  3. Update Wall Destoryer.
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14 Jun 2016 01:36 #4 by Kalle29
Replied by Kalle29 on topic Endless Dungeon

3. I decide the damage, HP of summons and pretty much all of that.

You might as well write a book then

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14 Jun 2016 03:23 #5 by hPerks
Replied by hPerks on topic Endless Dungeon
Hi! So you've probably noticed a few of us getting annoyed about your threads recently, and (perhaps) not expressing it in the nicest possible way. ;) I thought I'd try to explain maybe why I think your forum games haven't been as successful as they could be, and hopefully provide some advice on what might make them more popular.

First of all, I think the main thing you should realize is that while incremental and RPG-style games (categories I'd say your games all fall into) can be fun as solo games, or in real-time multiplayer, they are very rarely suited for forum games. There are a few reasons for this, starting with the fact that these types of games usually require one person to be the "host" (the DM-type player), who has to respond to everything that the other players do. In the context of a forum game, this usually results in a lot of boring waiting around for the host to update. This is inevitable, and when you're starting a forum game, you have to take this into account.

When it's a computer game, the "host" is usually the computer itself, and in a tabletop RPG, the host is always in the room with everyone else, responding to the players in real time. But when it's a forum game, it can be hours or even days before the host updates the game. This significantly slows down the pace of the game, which isn't good for any game in terms of fun factor, but is especially unsuited for the types of games you've been posting - games with very little strategy, particularly incremental (idle) games in the style of Cookie Clicker, where most of the fun comes from seeing how fast you can make your numbers go up.

We like instant gratification, and we have little incentive to post in a thread that we know won't be updated for hours without some prospect of reward attached to it. In Cookie Clicker, if you could only click the cookie or buy something once every couple hours, I imagine you would lose patience pretty quickly.

I get the sense that you intended Wall Destroyer to be a similar sort of incremental game, where we started off with a set of basic moves ("punch", "kick", etc.) and then, after using those moves to exhaustion, we would unlock fancier moves. And that might work well as a computer game, where each move you make does immediate damage, and you can whiz through those boring early stages pretty quickly. But you had to have realized that as a forum, we weren't just gonna post "punch" and "kick" over and over again until something happened. We wanted to be creative, particularly with a game that seemed so open-ended as that one did.

And on that note, I think part of the reason why Wall Destroyer was slightly more successful than your other games was precisely because it was so open-ended. Besides the fact that none of us particularly want to read a whole page of specific rules (like Game Developers and Endless Dungeon), part of the (minimal) fun of Wall Destroyer was coming up with funny and unexpected ways to deal with the wall.

A few people did complain about the open-endedness of the rules (for that, see below), and I appreciate that you tried to make the rules for your successive games more well-defined and rigid, but honestly I think that that did very little except detract from the creative element, and it kinda just made the game all about following the rules and less about having fun.

This is part of the reason why (for example) the Destroy the World game was so popular. No rules, just good old-fashioned back-and-forth. Each person who posted had the opportunity to be creative and share jokes with the others in the thread, so each post contributed something to the thread and could take it down a whole new path at any time. This is an easy way to run a game with almost no effort - let the players themselves provide the interest, and just sit back and watch.

However, this is not to say that a forum game can't have lots of rules - Masterword is certainly an example of that. But if you're going to go that route, you should have an original concept that's relatively easy to pick up, but hard to master. Anyone can join in and guess a letter in Hangman, but it takes some ingenuity to guess the puzzles. Plus, being the host was fun (and it definitely helped that it rotated every round - remember when Andrew did all of the puzzles? :P).

The main point I guess is: you need some room for creativity in any game, and if it doesn't come from making jokes (e.g. Destroy the World) or contributing to some sort of storyline, it should come from the strategy of the game. And this is another area where I think your games are seriously lacking.

In your games, we're never really given clear consequences for our moves, and there never seems to be a clear option between reward and punishment based on the decisions we made. This is mostly because you usually designate yourself as the person who gives out the rewards and punishments, which often seem very arbitrary.

As a result of this, none of the games you've posted are games you can really get good at, and this is important for keeping players emotionally invested. Masterword and Hangman both have a lot of strategy to them, and both are games where you can look at the guesses/moves people make and evaluate them based on how good or bad they are. This gives players a real sense of satisfaction when they do well, and a motivation to improve if they do badly.

In comparison, it's very hard to get emotionally invested in the Wall Destroyer game, or any of your other games. And on the one hand, this is fine, if the game is just supposed to be a nice non-competitive diversion (like Destroy the World). But then making up a bunch of arbitrary and rigid rules and enforcing them while stifling creativity definitely works against that goal.

So that's basically it - I won't get into the Counting thread or the Chat room; those were failed experiments for different, probably more obvious, reasons. But hopefully I've managed to give some insight as to why I think your forum games aren't taking off, and word it in a way that doesn't sound like I'm writing this half-awake when I should be sleeping.

My advice for now - maybe a little waiting period before posting your next forum game. Doesn't seem like you're winning anyone over right now. Good luck though :)

tl;dr joj

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