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11 Jul 2016 08:58 #1 by JustSimplyJDM
A Proper Greetings. was created by JustSimplyJDM
It is me, Jeremy.
We meet again, but I haven't had a proper introduction posted (properly).

Ever since I saw a video on a graphics card glitching up while this user was playing a game with a sphere that looked interesting, I was determined to find what that game was.

It was Marble Blast (Online), I soon found out.

I embarked on a long journey on how to find out how to play it searched the web on where and how I could play this game, but came to a dead end.

The Discontinuation of 1/31.

Because it was 2014, all of the Marble Blast franchise was completely buried under the ground* and there was no official way you could play them. Except one.

The standalone version of Marble Blast Gold.

I got a pre-registered version from the webz, but I still had a bit too much kid in me at that time, I didn't know any better, please don't judge me too much.
But anyways, I still had fun playing that version of Marble Blast, but soon I found something even better.

This site. (And Marble Blast Platinum.)

So I signed up to get a account, downloaded MBP here, and had fun.

But then all of the sudden the childish side of me showed up out of nowhere.

Iaskedyouallforaopiniononmyeclipseballthingyavatar(whichistillhaventchangedyetbytheway),askedya'llhowtoportelementsofthexboxlivearcadeversionofmbgintothepcversion,talkedwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaytoomuchaboutpokemon,askedifanyonehereknowsagood(free)screencapicoulduse(whichigotaruderesponceoutof :pinch: ),wasmostlyannoying,andnowjumbledthispartupfornoappearantreason(butitdoesn'tmatteranyways).

But then I saw the childish maniac that I became, never visited this site for a really loooooooooong time, and now I'm here trying to make an apology for what I did previously.

So here I am, hello, sorry about everything, and have a good rest of your morning.


"Act your age, not your IQ"

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11 Jul 2016 11:11 #2 by Weather
Replied by Weather on topic A Proper Greetings.
Welcome back.

So are you gonna stick around?

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