The Time Capsule 14 topics


The Time Capsule 14 topics

Welcome to the Marble Blast Forums Time Capsule! You have until 17th January 2021 to post a message inside the capsule before it is buried and dug up again next year. Common topics include what you're doing right now, pictures, videos, memes, and predictions for the year ahead.

Time Capsule's History:
Created 31st October 2007 and buried 14th November 2007 (Sporlo's Birthday)
Unburied 14th November 2008 and reburied 10th December 2008
Unburied 10th December 2009 and reburied 1st January 2010
Unburied 1st January 2011 and reburied 21st January 2011
Unburied 1st January 2012 and reburied 22nd January 2012
Unburied 1st January 2013 and reburied 21st January 2013.
Buried during 2014-2015 because Matan was too lazy to unbury it.
Unburied 1st January 2016 and reburied 22nd January 2016.
Unburied 1st January 2017 and reburied 22nd January 2017.
Unburied 1st January 2018 and buried 21st January 2018.
Unburied 1st January 2019 and buried 21th January 2019.
Unburied 1st January 2020 and buried 19th January 2020.
Unburied 1st January 2021 and to be reburied 17th January 2020.

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