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04 Apr 2012 21:00 #1 by Ticket2Ride
4/4/2012 - Marble Blastationizationism was created by Ticket2Ride
Okaaaay, okaaaaay, I know I've been neglecting my blog updates for a while.

Anyway, I'm also working for a mod, MBWorld and making around 0.7 levels per day. So no updates on my levels thread yet because all my newer ones are gonna be given to MBWorld.

I don't know how to program at all, but I've a had a few .dts ideas:


Ghost Powerup
You can go through interiors but not .dts shapes. (using a colmesh could be handy to prevent falling off the floor...

Immunity Powerup
For a limited number of time, you're safe from the effects of hazards and oob triggers.

Time Stopper
For a while, the rotation of powerups and gems, movement of moving platforms and the movement of hazards and their effects are all slowed down. But the clock and marble movement won't be affected


Collectible like a powerup, but hazardous. Upon contact, you lose one part of marble control. (could be jumping, forward movement, camera movement, leftward movement, powerup use, etc.) Wears off in a while, respawns.

Earthquake pole
Upon contact, the whole level, interiors and .dts shapes alike, will all shake for a while. (magnitude level is random)

Moving .dts shapes that trigger you oob upon contact.

Floor Sufaces:

You move slow as hell and you can't jump. Super traction

Electric Field:
You move fast as hell and you can't jump. Super traction.

Awkward Force
You move in the opposite direction of the keys that you're pressing.

Kinda like the Random Force, except that you move in one fixed direction depending on the direction of the chevron

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