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Category: Incomplete Modification Releases
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folder_blue.png Incomplete Modification Releases Files: 0

In here you can download incomplete modifications to Marble Blast Gold. These are regarded as incomplete as they were released without fulfilling their final goals. They usually contain fewer levels than expected, have numerous bugs may crash unexpectedly.

Nonetheless you may find a few gems in here, so do take a look in the mod descriptions we provided for you in the relevant pages; who knows, maybe you’ll find here something you like a lot more than the completed mods.

folder_blue.png Marble Blast Elite Files: 1

Marble Blast Elite is a major mod to Marble Blast which only has a demo release with 26 levels. It contains some exciting new features, including moving crates, marble resizing powerups, neat skybox scenery and some interesting new friction floors. These join familiar features of checkpoints, teleporters and easter eggs.

Reception to Marble Blast Elite’s demo has been average. Many liked the scenery and textures, as well as the new gameplay elements. Since then the mod underwent through many changes to its structure, including changing many levels and the way it was going to be presented, but no word had been heard since.

folder_blue.png Marble Blast Future Files: 1

Marble Blast Future is incomplete as it does not have as many features or levels as originally planned. This can be seen through the remanent of Marble Blast Gold’s sounds, text and interface. Marble Blast Future was well received in the community and is a recommended download.

folder_blue.png Marble Blast Opal Files: 1

Marble Blast Opal went through many problems during its production, but despite those it contains a number of new features and powerups, such as marble resizing and a trail particle powerups.

Reception to Marble Blast Opal was poor due to its many bugs and lack of ability to launch the game for non-ignition users. Players who did manage to play commended Marble Blast Opal for its scenery, textures, sounds and features. This mod is pretty difficult, so it is recommended for more advanced players only.
Please look at the long description for known bugs and errors.

folder_blue.png Marble Blast Plus Files: 1

Started back on January 2009, Marble Blast Plus was a little known mod that did excite those who did know about its existence, mainly thanks to YouTube videos. It modified some of the basic content, probably more than other dead mods, going as far as even adding collectable items (think of an Easter Egg of sorts). Most of the time it didn't have any progress, rearing back into production during certain points, but eventually collapsed in 2012.

folder_blue.png Marble Blast Reloaded Files: 1

Marble Blast Reloaded started out as a very different and interesting mod which quickly grabbed the community’s attention, but quickly swept into death. It had little staff and they had no time for it. Eventually it released as a level pack, but due to community pressure it was updated to become an incomplete mod for Marble Blast Gold.

Please read full description for known bugs and errors.

folder_blue.png Marble Blast Space Files: 1

There is little known about Marble Blast Space as it never received public attention. It contains 14 playable levels (one of them is in custom), new graphics and skyboxes. Although it does have some of its user interface changed, it’s still largely based on Marble Blast Gold.

There is nothing known about the reception to Marble Blast Space, so we took it to a test run. Although there is nothing special about this mod, we really liked the gravity level’s skies. If you wish to download, you’ll beat it under 10 minutes… but it does look good!

folder_blue.png Project Dragon Files: 1

Started by Whirligig in 2011, Project Dragon was a mod that attempted to bring a more story-like feel to Marble Blast, with a basic plot that its levels followed. Unlike other mods, Project Dragon contained a hub world from which the player can play any of the levels to which they have access. The hub is broken up into two "worlds" (with future worlds planned but never completed), with different themes. Each world has a few levels which you can play by entering teleport pads.