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Marble Blast Plus Marble Blast Plus HOT
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Started back on January 2009, Marble Blast Plus was a little known mod that did excite those who did know about its existence, mainly thanks to YouTube videos. It modified some of the basic content, probably more than other dead mods, going as far as even adding collectable items (think of an Easter Egg of sorts). Most of the time it didn't have any progress, rearing back into production during certain points, but eventually collapsed in 2012. 

Thanks to Martin5656565 (leader) giving permission to Alexis (co-leader), we are now proud to present to you this incomplete mod for download.

We gave this mod a run and we like it. The music and sound effects are pretty good, the scenery is nice and the gameplay is solid, although slightly difficult. The biggest thumbs up is almost 50 playable levels, which is far more content than most other mods that died.

Known bugs and problems:
The level 'Underwater' will cause a lower gravity effect for all other levels due to the effects being kept post-game. Quit the game and start it again.
Some levels will be listed as 'Not Qualified'. Press the invisible bottom right corner to unlock the next level (much like MBG).


Size38.96 MB
Created2015-07-04 18:31:37
Created byHiGuy
Changed2015-07-12 22:53:06
Changed byHiGuy