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Marble Blast Opal went through many problems during its production. Staff kept quitting whilst they also produced several other mods. Marble Blast Opal was eventually released when its main developers wanted to work on Marble Blast Emerald 2 rather than Opal, and they no longer cared for this mod. Many of its features were removed as they were not fully functional.

Marble Blast Opal contains a number of new features and powerups, such as marble resizing and a trail particle powerups. Additional abilities to change in-game preferences of gravity and marble recoil were introduced, thus changing the way the levels are played. Collectibles such as ‘Cash’ items are spread throughout some of the levels.

Reception to Marble Blast Opal was poor due to its many bugs, hard levels, missing interiors for some levels, and lack of ability to launch the game for non-ignition users. Players who did manage to play commended Marble Blast Opal for its scenery, textures, sounds and features.

This mod is pretty difficult, so it is recommended for more advanced players only.

Known bugs and problems:
Non-ignition users will not be able to launch this mod normally. You can get around it by copying ignitionGui.gui.dso, ignitionStatusGui.gui.dso, presentsGui.gui.dso, productionGui.gui.dso and titleGui.gui.dso into the marbleclientui directory. If you do not have ignitionGui.gui.dso, please contact one of the staff members of this website.

You cannot bind the button ‘E’ as it’s used to pop up level descriptions.

Tutorial Level 3 cannot be qualified by beating Tutorial Level 2. You have to enable test-cheats ($TC=1; in this mod, or alternatively use the cheats button). Please be aware at this point your times will not be recorded.


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