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Project Dragon Project Dragon HOT
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Started by Whirligig in 2011, Project Dragon was a mod that attempted to bring a more story-like feel to Marble Blast, with a basic plot that its levels followed. Unlike other mods, Project Dragon contained a hub world from which the player can play any of the levels to which they have access. The hub is broken up into two "worlds" (with future worlds planned but never completed), with different themes. Each world has a few levels which you can play by entering teleport pads.

Although there are still gems to collect, the main goal of every level is to collect a chunk of "Marbelium" at the end. The player is given a finite number of lives in which to complete the game, although collecting enough gems will award the player with another life. There is now a health system; touching mines or other hazards will drain your health. If you run out of health, you lose a life. If you lose your last life (after life 0), you are shown a "Game Over" screen; however, this does not reset any of your progress.

Known bugs/limitations:
The hub world does not have a bounds trigger. If you fall off the hub, you must exit to the main menu and restart it.
Collision with other marbles is buggy and broken at times.
Game crashes will wipe all progress before the last quit.
The Tall Towers Gem Challenge crashes when loaded.


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