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file Forums Complaints

20 Dec 2015 00:44 #61 by Lee
Replied by Lee on topic Forums Complaints
1. still not enough dank memes
2. marble blast revived 2 is great
3. lol jk
4. why am i wasting time on this
5. someone rickroll me
6. aaron y not yet admin
7. jeff not yet admin (he's still dev)
8. higuy canon where?!
9. i am still writing this
10. help
11. star wars sucks
12. lol jk, dont hurt me
13. hi
14. PQ
15 winterfest has too much snowballs
16. i have still not yet have fubar beta
17. can i be a fubar tester please this is my dream (no kiddin lol)
18. not enough lights
19. not enough jeff's face in the forums
20. i want jeff to sing rickroll

That's my forum complaints. I hope you guys can fix them, thank you for your time to read this! :)

lee is awesome
The following user(s) said Thank You: Lambencee(Aaron_Y), TheSphere

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  • Lambencee(Aaron_Y)
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20 Dec 2015 00:54 #62 by Lambencee(Aaron_Y)
Replied by Lambencee(Aaron_Y) on topic Forums Complaints
21. Make that Jeef and Whirli album happen. Higuy as producer plz.

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20 Dec 2015 00:57 #63 by [email protected]

Lee wrote:
5. someone rickroll me


I also have a list of problems that I would like to share
1. PQ WHERe is dead. Long live PQ?
2. I'm not mod.
3. Squeekers have infested so much it takes a David Attenborough (hello nf) narrative to find the normal members.
4. You should send a console.log.
5. People don't seem to realise the staff are not taking requests.
6. Staff are not taking requests. Let me have my super bad ideas dammit!
7. Bugs aren't being fixed.
8. Politics filter.
9. Politics filter.
10. Politics filter.
12. Too many dumb complaints
13. Too many lists.
14. Too many random word generators (you know who I'm talking about.)
15. Distinct lack of randomly generated memes.
16. Ctrl-P OP
17. This list ends on a prime number.

"funny quote" - funny person 2016 part 2 electric boogaloo

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  • Weather
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20 Dec 2015 02:08 - 20 Dec 2015 02:11 #64 by Weather
Replied by Weather on topic Forums Complaints
  • The welcome thread says user friending is a thing (last I checked, it wasn't.)
  • It also has a tutorial in it when there are loads of tutorial levels that even allow you to read tutorials while trying to play
  • The thread claims to be a quick introduction
  • According to the forum, someone replied to the Forum Rules thread
  • Not enough complaints about pinned threads in Rules & News
  • The homepage says Fubar (closed beta) is coming soon
  • Kurt of the Day and Message of the Day are more like weekly
  • Mr. :ohmy: face has a square mouth
  • There are no bold, italic, and mixed variants of the emoticons
  • I'm literally too lazy to go find all the snow globes or Santas because I don't want to spend more time than Winterfest lasts looking for them
  • Too many complaints, can't read them all
  • No one told me there was an Ultra Bold PowerUp
  • You guys need to be more creative with your complaints
  • Whirligig's favorite dinosaur is Screw It
  • If the TV has blue on it, it looks purple from an angle
  • No-one thanked me for the Rickroll I recently did
  • You probably got the idea to Rickroll in this thread from the one I recently did without giving credit to me for giving you the idea which would have blown yours anyway but I don't care
  • No-one admitted to clicking the Rickroll I did
  • PQ is stored on a damaged floppy disk which is why it never got released and the Platinum Team doesn't want anyone to know because floppy disks are ancient... and floppy
  • I was able to come up with three wrong things in two (non-forum terms) topics
  • I expanded the writing dialog and a scrollbar still appeared
  • At this rate, I will be able to think of infinite complaints before PQ gets released
  • I'm being sucked into writing typing PQ complaints which aren't very original... I blame Matan
  • This is an un-ordered list
  • My browser is telling me that un-ordered, unordered and un- is spelled wrong, same for scrollbar and Matan and... ugh
  • The adorable Firefox plush is out of stock
  • When typing from this line with the writing dialog at this size after scrolling to the top, the dialog scrolls down by a pixel
  • I always make clipboard backups of posts this big because I either don't trust this website like I don't trust the dedicated servers, or Rozi told me to make more custom levels
  • Structuring the above sentence was hard
  • I don't get enough positive feedback for my Inkscaping
  • There is actually good free software
  • We still have a VCR
  • Flick got his tongue off the pole
  • The English language is screwed up
  • No new Christmas songs
  • I proofread my posts
  • X-mas is short for Christmas
  • I know what a floppy disk is
  • I'm a teenage boy and don't like guns and violence - actually I'm very thankful for that
  • There is a 99% chance this post is not going to reach the Thank You record
  • I actually like this post so much I'll copy it to a .txt file - everyone who caused a complaint in this list; you should be ashamed
  • The things BBCode can do is not yet considered plain text
  • I'm thinking of so many complaints that I forgot some of the ones I was going to write down
  • I'm not done...oh no...
Some real complaints:
  • The Mark all topics read button is not in the Recent Topics page
  • The avatar anti-aliasing
Last edit: 20 Dec 2015 02:11 by Weather. Reason: There was an extra line

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  • Jkk39
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21 Dec 2015 19:08 - 21 Dec 2015 23:10 #65 by Jkk39
Replied by Jkk39 on topic Forums Complaints
• Mods are a joke.
Last edit: 21 Dec 2015 23:10 by Derpking. Reason: :(

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