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01 Jan 2020 08:37 #1 by IsraeliRD
2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong? was created by IsraeliRD
What a wild year we've had! From Nockess surprise ban due to cheating to hPerks leaving (opening the path for Kurt 2020 mod campaign) and so much more, we can now check the previous year's predictions. Discuss HERE only 2019's predictions, be it your own or others and whether they were right or wrong.

Your previous predictions can be found here.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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01 Jan 2020 08:49 #2 by Mike
Replied by Mike on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
- Majority of our most significant members become inactive, leaving the entire MB community in an anarchic-like state, adding more stress on whatever is left of it further and further until it falls apart. Certain users will take drastic members in order to stop this inevitable fate, but in the end, their actions are ignored and scoffed upon by those that carry an unconceivably high ego (who's aliases shall not be named during this point of time). The toxicity of their behaviours goes through the roof, creating an imbalance between the amount of good member and bad members of this community. Not only does this drive the current members of our community away, but it causes the newer ones to leave as well, which, in turn, advertises the community as some sort of a bloodthirsty virus that has no known cure. Thus, the user count slowly, yet surly, decays until it becomes so small it can't even be considered as a functioning community anymore. Eventually, it breaks apart into smaller "sub-communities" that frequently battle each other to see which of them is morally better than the rest and users that chose not to join forces with this oligarchies end up joining other gaming communities, bringing their plague-like demeanor with them (most likely MiU, as that game, without a shadow of a doubt, is casting a shadow on MB and is the closest thing there is to it) and this precious society we once called the "MB community" comes to an end.

> Not yet.

- I get a really fucking cool hat.

> Fuck yeah I did.
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01 Jan 2020 08:57 - 14 Jan 2020 19:22 #3 by Eclipsia
Replied by Eclipsia on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Well lets do this thing shall we:
Green Highlight = Correct
Orange Highlight = Semi Correct
Red Highlight = Wrong
I may also add some comments as well in bold text.
Here we go:

Marble Blast Predictions:
- I'll get into the Top 75 in general ranking. Got to 56th in general ranking, currently in 57th.
- My AT scores/times count will reach over 15. My Awesome score/time count is currently at 30, double what I thought I'd achieve.
- I'll actually try to get better at mp.
- Get in the Top 3 of any pq level. I believe I got a top 5 time but not a top 3 time.
- MBG WRR5 will be released in the last 2 months of the year. Submissions started mid-december.
- PQ WRR will get released.
- PQ gets played by a streamer with over 10k viewers.
- PQ will reach update 2.4.5 We're at 2.3.32.

IRL Predictions:
- I'll get a merit endorsement on my first year of NCEA (getting 50 merit credits out of the 120-140 available).I will get my endorsement if I get enough passing credits from exams, which I find out the results on Jan 14th. EDIT: I got my merit endorsement.
- Actually be in the top classes of all my subjects which will mean that I have the subject name with 101 at the end of all the subject codes on my timetable when I get it.
- Have a healthier lifestyle.
- Have no major injuries or accidents.
- Be able to actually live with my mother for most of the week (atm I have to live with my nana in my current living situation for most of the week).
- Hopefully be a lot happier in general than how I was in 2018. 2019 has been the best year of the 2010's for me, I got out of my depression and got to make some good friends this year irl and within the mb community :)

MISC Predictions:
- Deltarune gets fully released on Steam.
- Someone in the community gets a PQ tattoo (god I'm just waiting for it to happen).
- My YT Channel hits 300 subs with MB content uploaded to it, (channel link if interested: www.youtube.com/channel/UCuB1vNOeds4B-eo5lidF_BQ ) My sub count I believe has gone down since I made this prediction lol.
- The osu! world cup will include New Zealand as one of the teams. YES WE FUCKING DID, but only to round of 32, BUT WE STILL GOT PAST GROUP STAGE WOOHOO.
- Surely the N64 Classic Edition will be announced. :(
- My donation amount on the MB website exceeds $20.
- Pass Solace Of Oblivion on osu!

- Get 3kpp on osu! standard and 1.65kpp on osu!ctb. Past 3k in standard, didnt pass 1.65k on ctb though.

Green = 6
Orange = 2
Red = 12

Welp I suck at predictions lol, let's see what happens over the following year shall we ;)
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01 Jan 2020 08:59 #4 by Doomblah
Replied by Doomblah on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
> I will have beaten all 138 Awesome Times in Platinum Quest. Hopefully.

Hell yea I did. I even went a step further and got every challenge time on the leaderboards.
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01 Jan 2020 09:01 #5 by Mazik
Replied by Mazik on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
I had no predictions
The following user(s) said Thank You: IsraeliRD, Xedron
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01 Jan 2020 09:14 - 01 Jan 2020 09:17 #6 by Yoshicraft224
Replied by Yoshicraft224 on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast:
-The capsule will open on 1-1 again... 1-1-2020, I should probably specify, Matan
heck yeah, brother
-I'll find at least one other new WR path (Child's Play and Off Kilter already happened ya big dummy)
SAD! ...I did take Child's Play back and improve it a fuckton though so that's nice ig. But no.
-More stupid drama will happen because you're too much of a High IQ™ intellectual
I don't think so... Unless the MIU autism thing was this year which I think it might've been... Yeah I think so
-People might actually play CaH again
-At least one new CGL (Not counting 11 even though it's not released yet) will be made
-The chans shit might actually start being a thing again
No not really
-CK will be even more of a big weeb
Maybe? I don't remember what he was like a year ago but I'm pretty sure this one's a yes, whether he's actually told us or not.
Stuff People Might Actually Still Care About:
-A new Mario Kart for the Switch will be announced... May or may not be Mario Kart Tour (Please Nintendo)
Nope. Not at all. Fuck. and Mario Kart Tour was good for like 2 weeks and then it sucked. Why couldn't it have been a normal fucking game instead of being on mobile? It would've been SO COOL
-More people are gonna fucking die (SAD!)
I mean yeah of course, but important people? ...Uh... Hm.... Tony Stark?
-Waluigi, Banjo, and/or Minecraft Steve will be announced for Smash
-I'll be older
Thought this would be a safe call...
-I'll have watched more anime
k̨̨͜͝e̴̡͡m͠҉͢҉̕o̶̧̕̕͜n҉̸̴̧͠ǫ̴̡͝͝ ̶̧͜͝f̡̢ŗ͟i̶̢͠҉e̛̛͏n͘҉̴͞d̸͠ś̵̛͟
-I WON'T own Nekopara... Help
I swear I really don't....
-I might make an actual song instead of just remaking existing ones
No. But that's fine with me.
-I'll actually start doing shit with RPG Maker (Hope reading this doesn't give you a panic attack if you haven't)
-Still won't have played Hammerwatch at all
You bet your ass I haven't.

Creator of the WR paths for Child's Play's NE and Off Kilter. #OhBoyFreeAM!
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01 Jan 2020 09:15 #7 by Xedron
Replied by Xedron on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
"-MBG WRR will be released in April, and PQ WRR will be released on July 6th to celebrate the 2nd anniversary."

Both incorrect by at least a years worth of time, PQ WRR seems to be at a complete halt but MBG WRR is coming along nicely, probably released around Feb/March.

"-Fubar and 50-59 will still not be released, or have any development at all."

Fubar not so much (besides Nockess' rampage), 50-59 finally got released by a miracle.

"-If a 2019 multiplayer tournament is created I might be interested in hosting it."

Nope, Monty made sure that I don't embarrass myself.

"-A big tragedy motivated by political reasons will still not be enough to convince people to calm down, but cause the opposite."

Does impeachment count? I give half credit.

"-I can finish this year with 4.0 GPA proving me has big brain."

There is no better speedrunning sub than under a 4.0 GPA...I did finish last school year with all A's but this year is harder.

"-Somebody is going to be promoted to a staff member."

Nope, but has been in discussion a few times.

"-I will begin to try making youtube videos for other content, mostly for fun."

Not for fun when your two big hour-long compilations get blocked worldwide. Mostly waiting for rampages.

"-I will both get a job and get a driver's license."

Yes and yes.

"-I will start to write songs."

Written yes released no. Half credit.

"-I will probably return to soccer just for fun and not on a select level."

Yup. Fun times.

"-Extremely Educated guesses for things that will become racist/sexist in 2019: Cars, Refrigerators, a children's book everyone loves, Siri, and Elon Musk"

Cars: "The racism of technology - and why driverless cars could be the most dangerous example yet" - The Guardian
Nothing for refrigerators...thankfully...
Children's books: "Dr. Seuss Books Can Be Racist, But Students Keep Reading Them" - NPR
Siri: "Sexist AI: Siri and Alexa reinforce gender stereotypes" - Vox
Elon Musk: "Workers at Tesla’s solar factory in New York describe a racist workplace" - Quartz

Don't take this seriously lol, I did this completely for fun and I know this isn't the consensus of people at large.

"-The Cowboys go 11-5 with a new offensive coordinator."

This is what was SUPPOSED to happen but they ended up being one of the most disappointing teams in the league and going 8-8.

"-Sports teams in the Dallas area overall are going to be much improved from last year/2017"

The Mavericks are definitely the most improved team in Dallas with the rise of Luka. The Rangers continue to be stuck in "just below .500" purgatory, the Cowboys took a step backwards with many disappointing losses en route to 8-8 again, the Stars have still remained powerful in the NHL, and FC Dallas got beaten by the Sounders for the 16,000th time in the playoffs. Overall same old same old except for the Mavs.

"-This year will be much more productive overall than the last."

Yup, for better or for worse, reaching age 17 calls for a lot of transitions, however 2019 was definitely a huge blast. Onto next year.

"cna you salt spalt the slevel salt of 6 year salt who ca salt the lsat" - nobody, 2017
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01 Jan 2020 09:28 #8 by StrawberryCake
Replied by StrawberryCake on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Here goes

-I will make more IRL friends
-Nah, im still as much of a loser as i was

-I will quit my bad habits

-I will become more active in the server
-Quite actually the opposite happend, i became more inactive

-I will probably make something that has never been done before
-I did, if you consider kaizo PQ levels something never done before

-I will get my first WR
-Correct aswell, but i ended up losing it

-I will make the hardest PQ custom level ever

-I will fully recover from my depression

-I will finally find a soulmate
-Nah, im still single lol

-I will become better at osu!
-I did end up getting better at it, but ended falling out of it.

ball roll to gem and to blue/white pad thingy yes
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01 Jan 2020 09:33 #9 by Jean
Replied by Jean on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast

1. Hold 5 World Records at some point.
Think I had 12 at some point during the year, I don't remember but holy crap
2. Become known for something.
Destroying Colored Tile Maze i guess?
3. Become consistent.
nope not at all :D
4. Make a level.
actually made 2
5. Reach Week 4 in the 2019 Winter Single Player Tournament.
Surpisingly got till Week 6
6. The prize money for this year's Festival of Champions will be $175
I don't know why i ever decided to do this, but somehow got close, again why tf did i put this

1. Red Bull will FINALLY challenge for championships.
There's always next year... right?
2. Vettel will be beaten by Leclerc.
in the end it was by 24 points
3. McLaren will have the worst car.
why did i think this idk i look like a complete idiot saying this
4. Ocon replaces Stroll.
well 2019 Ocon was booted to get in Stroll, and for 2020 Ocon's going off to Renault
5. Williams challenges for consistent points thanks to Russell and Kubica
We only knew how bad the car was during testing but still holy crap i was dumb

1. Finish my ECDL exams.
nope, still got one left, fairly disappointed in this tbh
2. Pass every exam.
somehow i did yay me for being smart
3. Pull off an All-Nighter.
Actually stayed up till 6:30am once, counting it as one
4. No longer take History classes.
nope my ass is still in those
5. My friends won't get detention.
one kid ruined it for me

tbh im just cringing hard at everything i regret doing this

i don't get why people hate Fault Line
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01 Jan 2020 09:35 #10 by HiGuy
Replied by HiGuy on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
> Sneaking in under the radar yet again! Who's a fan of leaving everything to the last possible minute? Have I even eaten lunch yet?
Actually I'm eating what one could call lunch right now!

> Once again we forget to bury this until the day after (freebie).

> Less MB more real life happening this year. That's probably not a bad thing.
I think PQ got about 100 commits from me including a bunch of weird ideas about Catalina before just dropping it

> PQ... let's say... 2.4.20. That's about as many bug fixes as I'm expecting.
2.3.32 is almost 2.4.20. Wait did I make a 420 joke

> macOS 10.15 comes along and craps all over MB. Breaks WinE too. (PQ 3.0 WHERe... If you remember what this means then please laugh with me)
Yes. Yes. (Haha no)

> Open another 50 issues but don't really care or close them.
Six. And I closed nine.

> Jeff relapses and tries to work on PQ... twice. Probably after life crises where he realizes how little his job pays.
Cannot remember if this happened. Nothing significant at least.

> Whirli's new thing happens. Yes.
Nope! Actually he stopped it shortly after and started like 3 new things in its place. Looking forward to them though!

> Three new MB mods happen and die pretty quickly. I won't remember which.
Rewind (actually released!), Extreme Sky, Chaos, "Marble Blast 2019*"... I think STOP II had some stuff in there. Had to look up all but the first one. I'm counting this as correct.

> This actually is cannon.cs for once. Matan, I bet you didn't see that coming.
Inception noise

> Still don't look at MiU much
Haven't played it in over a year

> MiU gets probably 3 or 4 big updates and is slowing down
Multiplayer? Idk I don't follow it

> That thing I'm doing in Unity is still not done. Hahahaha we'll get there one day.
I had a Game AI class which used Unity and every time I had to do a homework I was reminded of how I didn't finish this Unity thing.

> I think of 1 really good game idea but never make it. Maybe 3 bad ones that I try
TDMP happened, it was pretty okay. Idk about others

> Avi invites me over so often that I rarely spend time at home.
I basically live in his house now

> Graduate in fall 2019! Let's do this!
Yes! Yes! Yes!

> GPA is like 3.9 yet somehow I'm still unsatisfied
3.91 baybeee ... I'm satisfied so this is only half right

> Security club gets a friendly call from the IRS about our money
LMAO we still haven't deposited it

> MBE is a shitshow yet somehow the CS dept allows it
Big yes

> Probably get better at pwning but still don't care enough to try hard
Pretty spot-on

> Summer internship somewhere else that's not minimally paid research
It's a low-paid (but more-paid) security thing

> Get a new computer because my old one had a failing ....... let's say ... graphics card
Soon (TM)

> Probably a hackintosh at this point
Having witnessed how hard this is, no

> My Switch gets banned (freebie)
Suprisingly not

> Hey look it's dark out... you said this last year
It's dark out now too! Last year it was 4pm now it's 4am. Ah, winter in New England.

> Same apartment as this year because my landlord somehow allows it.

PQ in a nutshell
function clientcmd12dothepq() {
    commandToClient(LocalClientConnection, '34onthedancefloor');
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01 Jan 2020 09:50 #11 by Mike
Replied by Mike on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
The following is Nockess:

Marble Blast/Community
I will be at the top of the leaderboards by the end of the year... if I'm still playing the game, that is.
Invalid due to ban. Honestly doubt I would've accomplished this even while cheating because Xedron is just so good. Massive respect.+0

THIS YEAR will be the year I win a tournament.
lul +0

Maybe more levels? Let's shoot for 5 at the least.
Yay! This actually happened! More to come this year! +1

At least two mods will be announced and they will all die or be released in an incomplete state.
NintendoGamer and FourForOrigami had their moments but that's... a bit of a stretch. +0.5

1000 subscribers on YouTube
Boo yeah. +1

I will be top 5 in every category on the leaderboards, and bonus half point if I'm top 3 in every category. (REALLY ambitious here.)
Invalid due to ban. Would've been cool to see where I could've been if I hadn't cheated at all. Maybe I'll make fake progress in the form of videos. +0

The community will grow a little bit due to either Marble It Up or a decently well-known streamer playing the game on camera.
The community always seems to gain new players (and lose some older ones as a tradeoff), but I was pushing towards some noticeable growth due to a single event and that didn't happen. Oh well, maybe next year? +0

I will meet up with someone from the community on two different occasions.
Flew down to visit Eguy over spring break and hung out with Jiquor at his house at least once. Would love to possibly branch out this year, especially having turned 18 last November. +1

Three more community memes will come to life and everyone will get bored of them and they will die like all of the other ones in the past.
It's pretty hard for me to verify this. Someone help me out? (Awaiting validation.)

50-59 still won't be released.
Hell yeah. I'll take the lost points for this any day. +0

Fubar also still won't be released.
Pretty much didn't happen. +1

I will make it through the whole year without changing my name online.
Stupid points! +1

Someone will step down from their staff position, and someone else will be granted a staff position.
No new staff as far as I know. I think Jeff stepped down this year? +0.5

Someone gets 140 million rating on the leaderboards without the help of more added levels.
Xedron's at 150 million, but I'm pretty certain 50-59 had to do with a lot of that. +0

Xelna doesn't return.
I'm happy I was proved wrong. +0

6/14 - Getting banned had a part in this, but not actually as big as it could've been. Aside from that, I'll take this low score just because having been proven wrong on many of these was a good thing.

Personal Life/Miscellaneous
I will earn my black belt in karate.
June 1st! +1

I will finish my Scouting career with over 80 merit badges (I'm at 60 now!)
Finished with 71. Not over 80, but half a point just because it's still realy impressive. :narcissism: 0.5

I will score more than twice this year in my soccer season this fall.
One time lol, was a really nice goal though. +0

I'll add a cymbal or two to my drum set. Maybe a tom as well or something.
I added a cowbell. Half a point? +0.5

I will not come out as a furry, MBC.
I just came out as non-trans and bi instead. Let's hope I'm done now lol +1

The Sounders will either win the MLS cup or finish the regular season at the top of the league.
This actually happened! And I was there at the cup final! Best day ever! +1

The Mariners will finish at the bottom of their division. (Also calling out 100+ losses.)
Their season actually started quite nicely. And then they finished at the bottom of their division. 94 losses, so I was close! +1

I will have gone the whole year without a girlfriend (although I won't turn down anyone who asks just for this reason).
And I proved myself wrong in the best way possible. Hell yeah. +0

Jeff will get laid though.
I'll let him answer this. 0.5

I still won't know how to code.
Yup. +1

I'll be decently competent at guitar.
I'm a lot better than I was at the start of the year, but not enough to satisfy. +0

I will still be a red-haired lesbian.
Had red for the whole year until three days ago when I went dark purple. I'll count it. +1

I will find some excuse to donate more to the forums.
Welp. +0

7.5/13 - More than half! Last's year comment applies; the stuff that did work out was fantastic.

Grand Total: 13.5/27
Exactly half. Not as good as last year but I still had a really really good year in general. Getting my black belt, watching the Sounders win MLS Cup, and getting a girlfriend were all awesome, and that was just out of the stuff I predicted. I'd also argue that getting banned ended up being for the better, and I'm not heartbroken with where I'm at right now.

On we go! New decade!
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01 Jan 2020 10:20 #12 by Three
Replied by Three on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast

At least one staff member resigns or leaves the community.

Not as far as I know? But they're in general all less active now. +0

At least one person will be banned from the community, and not for being underaged.

Oof +1

hPerks returns (if only temporarily) and will, in fact, read this.

He's around on webchat occasionally, but he didn't read this :( +0.25

Jeff tries to get me to work on another game with him.

I don't think this happened but I'm pretty sure he DMed me at least once about a marble game so +1

The Marble it Up! level building scene will see an influx of PlatinumQuest custom level creators.

Not really +0

PQ has its final bugfix patch this year. It will be patch 2.4.12.

Nope (definitely still more bugfixes to come) and nope (2.3.32) +0

Other Stuff

I'll get some sort of job.

Yep +1

My sister will teach me how to drive and I will get my license over the summer for real this time.

Hahahahahahahaha no +0

I won't get less than a B- in every class this spring and next fall.

Straight A's hell yeah +1

The US government shutdown ends before February, with no wall.

Pretty sure this happened +1

The three most popular candidates going into the 2020 US Democratic Primary are Warren, Sanders, and O'Rourke.

Two out of three ain't bad +0.75

Total: 6/11

Follow me on twitter at @threefolder
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01 Jan 2020 15:19 #13 by CylinderKnot
Replied by CylinderKnot on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Still don't have all Awesome Times/Scores in PQ: Correct
Doing better in both tournaments if a summer tournament exists: Partially correct
- Didn't participate in competitive tournament, casual tournament never happened
I will not have a WR on a time-based level: Technically incorrect
- Packs 50-59 came out, and I was the first person to finish a level, so it was technically a WR.
Packs 50-59 still won't be here: Incorrect
- It's here!

Survive first semester of college in the fall: Correct
Thoughts and emotions will get a lot better: Correct
Get much closer to being a Tetris grand master: Incorrect
- Almost no progress in Tetris: The Grand Master games was made.

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01 Jan 2020 15:24 - 01 Jan 2020 15:27 #14 by Nature Freak
Replied by Nature Freak on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

I will reach 700 posts on these forums (maybe 715 if I'm being very generous).

Yes, 726 by the end of 2019 surprisingly.

I will maintain about the same level of activity around here, barely playing online, not talking much in the server (which I rejoined today after six months away, hopefully I'll stay in there), and mostly just playing MBG sometimes.

I was surprisingly rather more active this year than I expected, and stayed in the server, but barely played online and just played MBG.

I will rant more in my ranting category (possible topics include college life, weather stations, fonts, Mario Kart and other games that I have been obsessed with at some point, etc.).

A tiny bit, but not as much as I would have liked to.

MBG World Record Rampage #5 will be released finally! If there is an audio commentary, I'm a bit nervous about participating, but I might do so if I can have some notes on what I want to say.

Nope, but the second part still holds.

I will learn at least two new card games this year, and will continue playing cards with my high school friends, hopefully more often than I do now.

Yes indeed, and it's a great time as always.

I will finish a lot of music transcription things (pretty much just manually transcribing my piano books to have digital copies of them in case I lose them). Hopefully I'll make some progress with that in the next 20 days.

I did absolutely nothing with this.

I will be very stressed at least twice this semester, having to do an overwhelming amount of math. I will cry at some point.

It was surprisingly manageable, but I still cried once or twice this year.

I will obnoxiously bump the MBG New World Records Topic at some point with a long list of my top three times. Kalle will get annoyed.

Not this year, but you just wait.

There will be at least one major conflict or event in the community this year involving people misbehaving.

I'd say rather more than a conflict.

There will be some sort of upset in MBG before the rampage comes out—a desynched time maybe, or some crazy traplaunch.

Does Fan Lift count?

Well that's it folks, 5/10 right I think. Have a lovely year everyone!
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01 Jan 2020 17:25 #15 by MBCollector672
Replied by MBCollector672 on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
i will actually complete a Significant Thing this year (in pq)
yeah so a few weeks after i wrote this i got addicted to super mario 64 and that never happened
I will make a decent level
my builder’s club subscription will stay outrageous
well this just got depressing
i WON’T be dead
this is in fact true i am still alive
i’ll meet someone from this community in real life (hopefully obee lol)
this happened and it was in fact obee
that meetup is no longer a good memory though for obvious reasons

i will complete my second year of being a furry without my parents having any idea
i’ll also actually design my fursona
how about i play mario 64 the entire year instead
ill get an n64 and a copy of perfect dark
i stopped being obsessed with pd like 5 seconds after writing this POGGERS
rosie will come out as a furry a second time
rosie got banned to avoid being outed as a furry
ill still be sad
it didnt happen and i am PISSED

dumb furry who plays ball rolling games, gun shooting games, and plumber jumping games
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02 Jan 2020 05:54 - 02 Jan 2020 05:57 #16 by Marson
Replied by Marson on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

Get buff & gain at least 10 pounds.

Blew this one out of the water. Was up 20 pounds within four months. Went to the gym three times a week barring holidays and some brief periods of time due to extenuating circumstances. Really happy with how I followed through with this one. I am starting to lose that weight though so it's back to the 3k calorie diet in 2020. Giving myself a bonus point as a pat on the back for a job well done. [+2]

Have a girlfriend for a brief period of time.

You already know how this one went. [+0]

Get better sleep, but the bags under my eyes prevail.

Yes. Been getting to bed earlier, still working on waking up at a reasonable time on weekends. Room for improvement in 2020. [+1]

Be more confident sometimes.

Sometimes yes, still needs improvement. [+1]

Have at least one meaningful conversation in Chinese with a foreign exchange student.

I did go to a few Chinese Conversation Club meetings, but that's cheating so no. [+0]

Make friends.

Yeah! Turns out there are some pretty friendly people in this world. Just need to reciprocate the friendliness. [+1]

Get money playing Smash.

Yes, not very much though. [+0.5]

Reach a level in competitive Smash where I'm extremely close to being a top contender but drop off due to finding another hobby.

I didn't really improve at all and I stopped competing pretty soon after I wrote that [+0.5]

Travel more than one hour for a Smash tournament.

I must have been thinking about Smash when I wrote my entry. Again, I don't play anymore. [+0]

Practically stop practicing cubing, but keep going to tournaments. This includes Nationals, and events in at least three other states.

The second half is true (Nationals, and many many other tournaments) but there was a period of time where I was practicing one handed pretty hard. [+0.5]

Host two tournaments: one in the summer, and one in the winter.

Yes! [+1]

Meet Jeff.

He's too busy buying Macs he doesn't need to come visit me. [+0]

Maintain my job at the library. I will not have found an internship in my field of study, nor will I have transferred schools.

Yes. [+1]

Release at least one project pertaining to Marble Blast.

I did some Marble Blast stuff behind closed doors but ultimately nothing was released (surprise surprise) [+0]

Get a roommate who doesn't drive me insane.

My new roommate is the greatest. [+1]

Try good food.

I did well in the food department. [+1]

Make good food.

Extremely true. Even got a bunch of cooking stuff for Christmas so you know this is going to continue into 2020. [+1]

Create some form of YouTube and Twitch content.

My YouTube channel NICE [+1]

Get a cool haircut.

I did get haircuts, but they were lacking in coolness. [+0]

Lower my Rice Purity score.

Yes. [+1]

Get really sick.

Freebie. [+1]

Drive somewhere, the trip being a personal record for longest distance traveled by myself.

Drove to my friend's house in Kentucky by myself and it was a ton of fun. I even made a vlog about it! [+1]

Wait too long to decide what I want to do over summer and thus get stuck doing something boring.

My summer wasn't especially eventful but I enjoyed it nonetheless. [+0.5]

Learn R.

This really should be a higher priority on the curriculum. [+0]

Be 19.

Phenomenal guesswork. [+1]

Get some sort of recognition for compiling data.

At least a couple people appreciated the leaderboard I put together. [+1]

Consider getting a tattoo but procrastinate instead.

Less about procrastination and more about resistance from my mom. Might get one in 2020 though. [+0.5]

17.5/27 = 65%, that's a passing grade B)
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Life Predictions:
- Five people, at least, in the White House will resign, be fired, or both. Obviously so. +1
- I will take my girlfriend on a trip to Las Vegas. We're tentatively planning November 2020. +0
- I will turn 21 and not be offered alcohol when that happens. (Please, no. I don't EVER want it.) Two points for both. Still NEVER plan to do any of that stuff. +2
- One of my friends will move to California. Yes, but we're no longer in touch. +.5
- My ex from 2016 will never find me. It appears so, but now I feel ready to get back in touch. +1

MarbleBlast/Marble It Up Predictions:
- STOP II 1.1 will release between Late January and Early Feburary. (Jan 20-Feb 10) +1
- Marble it Up will get a re-make of an MBG level. +1
- Drama in MarbleBlast Discord Servers will minimize, hitting an all-time low. (Please? Drama sucks.) I will say that it has decreased. That's what folks told me, but it's probably not at an "all time low" though. +.5
- I will only post less than ten times on MarbleBlast Forums. (This also counts the MBStop II sub-forum) Twelve. +0
- I will have my first mini-mod posted on here. No. +0
- My girlfriend, will both play, and become good at Marble Blast this year. Not good, but is playing. +.5

Misc Predicitions:
- Pokemon GO will surpass 3 million daily in revenue. (They're currently at 2.3m an average, daily as of right now) +1
- Added to that, Pokemon GO will get at least 50 more shiny variants of Pokemon added to the game. +1
- I'll decor my vehicle with Team Valor on the hood and on the rear. I've actually quit the game. +0
- I'll finish my first year of college with a 3.2gpa or higher. 3.8gpa! +1
- I'll become better at coding html and php. Taking classes for this. +1
- I'll learn how to make flashes, even if flash is dying slowly. +1
- I'll fully attain every unlockable thing in Mario Party 4 for the GameCube. Still working on it. Might never happen. +0
- Super Mario Sunshine 2 this year. (Trying again.) FRICK +0

Total: 12.5 / 20
Grade: D (62.5%)

Isoplere - Marble Blast Modder; getting better day by day, update by update.
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- This is the toughest of all. As of this writing we have Cronos visiting us so either the company shuts down (because we are shutting down anyway) or is bought. So do I have a new job somewhere else, or do I keep this one under new company (if we get bought). For me, I'd like to stay. But I'll go with new job somewhere else... gut feeling.

Cronos bought us, and I got to keep my job. +0

- I will go overseas (super freebie), to at least TWO countries (extreme freebie rustles)...

Canada, USA, Singapore, Australia... and Hong Kong for the trasnfer. +1

- ... and Aayrl gets married this year (super duper ultra freebie) ...


- ... and if I stay at the current workplace I will FUCKING MAKE IT (and if the place falls down I won't make it), but as this has to be a prediction I predict I won't make it based on the new job somewhere else.

I did make it to the wedding since I stayed at current workplace. Best +0 ever.

- The diet keeps happening, and I will meet my 80kg goal.

AHAHAHAHA it broke down hard, and holy shit I gained a ton of weight. +0

- BL2+TPS will be finished in at least one walkthrough. Dunno if Borderlands 1 but who knows.

I ended up doing Borderlands 1 instead, BL2/TPS didn't. +0.5

- I will play another new game and finish it (maybe more?).

Does Marble It Up: Mayhem, count? +1

- I currently have a gf (holy shit the one year I didn't make the prediction I actually end up with one). Will I keep? I dunno, as currently things are slightly rocky on my end (for her everything is well though... she doesn't know...). I'll go with yes.

She broke up with me in July, and frankly I'm happy because I was going to as well. A happy +0, all things considered.

- I will buy a new car! Just kidding I just bought one yesterday. I'll predict I will get the floor-model instead as an upgrade because it is the color I want.

Got the color I wanted, not floor model because it had issues. +0

- Marble It Up! gets its second DLC, and then updated to Multiplayer.

Got it's second DLC, did get Multiplayer in Mayhem and had two betas... +1?

- Hocus Pocus TAS will still not resume, and neither will TPI.

Freebie +1

- PQ keeps crashing because it can.

God damn the Frightfest tournament crashes +1

- PQ updates still keep happening but again less as time moves on.

Pretty much +1

- "I might make a new level for this community, but probably won't happen."

I still want to... +1

- Fubar is RIP! (but I might get source from Aayrl and HiGuy and I will launch it again.)

Yes and no. +1

- MBG WRR #5 releases! We might even start the Easter Egg/Nest Egg WRR.

ARGH so close. We did start the EE WRR though. +0.5

- The Unity thing I'm doing is still not done but there is progress.

Pretty much that, +1

- HiGuy needs to eat lunch so we can't vc yet but we will after lunch.

Happened lmao +1

- I make more YouTube videos, and upload custom levels that I recorded.

Yay! +1

- REPLAY OF THE D--no. Actually, let's go with yes.

Nope, but I have an idea... +0

- Tsuf keeps screaming, but I get at least one recording of him that I want to get (him going to sleep and "חורק" to himself).

Got a sound recording though shit quality and video is impossible so +0.5

- Tsuf will continue his unending earth-shattering screams as he pisses my parents and I.


- Tsuf will keep being awesome and will have a video of himself on YouTube.

Yes and no, but todo. +0.5

- Tsuf continus to lose weight on his diet. Goal is sub-100 grams.

We didn't check but he is doing much better. +1

- I'll buy a new computer... or at least start gathering parts. Black Friday here I come!


- I won't forget about the Time Capsule and will have new art! 2020 here we come!!!!.

YES +1

- (It will be HiGuy who draws it... If not, I'll ask Todd I guess...?).

Technicality victory is best kind of victory... +1

- "Nothing new on the SDA front. It will probably continue to linger, though."

Yup +1

- This still isn't cannon.cs

Still isn't +1

- And again Matan, it's:
write whatever you want here
and now you can do [.quote] again. You need a reminder every year!

FUCK right as I was copypasting to myself I did that mistake again +1

Oh boy 30 points to score Matan. Can you get at least 21 so you can look good?

22/30 = 73.33% I look sexy good!

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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Replied by Steven on topic 2019 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
  • My family will move to California (didn't happen)
  • The Seattle Mariners will have a 100+-loss season (they only had 94 losses)
  • The New Orleans Saints Los Angeles Rams will win Super Bowl LIII (the Rams lost to the Patriots 3-13, making it the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history)
  • I will complete Marble Blast Stop II 1.1 (made good on that)
  • I will finally get a new job (I did it, but left after it didn't work out for me. Nonetheless, I'll give myself credit for a correct prediction here)
  • The Oakland Raiders will play their 2019 season in San Antonio, Texas (they stayed in Oakland for their last season before heading to Vegas)
  • The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics will meet in the NBA Finals (the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors in 6 games)
  • I will visit Las Vegas, Nevada (I never even left the Pacific Northwest)
  • A Canadian team will win the Stanley Cup (most likely the Winnipeg Jets or the Toronto Maple Leafs) (no Canadian teams even made it past the first round; in the Finals, the St. Louis Blues defeated the Boston Bruins in 7 games. The Toronto Raptors, as mentioned above, did win the NBA title, though)
  • The Philadelphia Phillies will win the World Series (the Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros in 7 games. The Phillies didn't even make the playoffs)
  • Marble Blast Fubar will be available again (still waiting)
  • Washington and Idaho will be the next states for American Truck Simulator (I was right about Washington, but wrong about Idaho; Utah followed Washington. Idaho will be the next state, however)
  • The Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) will be added to Euro Truck Simulator 2 (it was actually Romania, Bulgaria, and European Turkey (the last of which is also known as Thrace), though Iberia will be next)
  • A new Dance Dance Revolution mix will be released (DDR A20 was released)

3.5/14 (exactly 25% of predictions right). Wow, was I surprised by many things in the final year of the 2010s...

If there's a bug, YO! I'll report it!
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