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01 Jan 2020 08:37 #1 by IsraeliRD
MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions was created by IsraeliRD
Post here your predictions. Instructions are at the board's description.
Don't forget to edit your posts if you want to add more!

I decided to start a new company, and already am marketing my first product, with HiGuy being my marketing manager! It's in a capsule as well. It was pretty good, and it's empty now so we're going to take all your predictions into it and bury it. I wonder how much microbial growth we'll find by next year...

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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01 Jan 2020 09:11 - 01 Jan 2020 19:31 #2 by Doomblah
Replied by Doomblah on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
Marble Blast Goals:
- PlatinumQuest World Record Rampage will come out this year, and I'll have a run or two featured in it.
- I'll reach 120 million rating, 125m stretch goal.
- I'll be top 100 on every level on the leaderboards.
- I'll be top 20 on every level in PQ.
- I'll achieve sub 100m total time in PQ.
- I'll improve my time on a couple levels I refuse to play anymore.

I doubt many of these will happen as my real life situation is gonna make me very busy this year.

Real Life Goals:
- Start going to college.
- Do well in college. (passing grades or better)
- Finally get my drivers license.
- Get a new computer.
- Something something, be happier or something.
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01 Jan 2020 09:20 - 01 Jan 2020 09:45 #3 by Eclipsia
Replied by Eclipsia on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
Let's get the show on the road:

Marble Blast Predictions:
- I'll get a coloured username.
- I'll squeeze into the top 50 in general ranking.
- I'll pass 70 million rating in general.
- My AT/S count will exceed 50 in PQ.
- I'll get a WR in a non-custom level.
- Me or someone else will grab the Despair wr.
- 3-4 WRR's will come out.
- PQ will have a popularity boost at some stage.
- PQ will reach update 2.4.0
- Mazik becomes a god and reaches the top 10 in general ranking.
- I will improve the Tube Terror WR down to a 10.5xx.
- Exceed 500 hours in playtime on the lb's.
- Get some of my friends to start playing PQ.
- Some sort of cheating scandal will occur again.

IRL Predictions:
- Achieve merit endorsement in NCEA Level 2 (2nd year doing NCEA), Merit endorsement involves getting 50 merits out of the total of 110-140 you can obtain throughout the year.
- I get some sort of award during the school year.
- Possibly put myself forward for more school groups.
- Make myself as positive as possible.
- Motivate my friends to be more positive and more open about themselves, allowing them to show their personalities like I have done so in the past year.

MISC Predictions:
- Nintendo announces a new classic edition console.
- Actually grow a small audience on Youtube, with osu and mb content most likely.
- My donation amount will exceed $50 on the MB website ;) I'll try as hard as I can for this lol.
- Geometry Dash 2.2 comes out.
- Get 5kpp on osu! standard and 1.5kpp on osu!mania.
- Pass Image Material, Solace of Oblivion, Fallen 9* (osu).

That's all of them I think, I'll put in brackets (added) to the predictions I add after the 01/01/2020.
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01 Jan 2020 09:26 - 02 Jan 2020 14:49 #4 by Mike
Replied by Mike on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
New decade, new possibilities! I'm going to be even more ambitious/random than the last years.


- I get sub-1 hour in MBG RTA.
- PQ RTA becomes a thing. Hopefully MBPU too.
- Nobody celebrates 10,000 day (Feb 17th).
- Only one custom level gets released in the month of May.
- CLA completion goes to at least 52%.
- I release at least three custom levels.
- I gain less than 1 000 000 rating on the LBs (so I'll have less than 68,574,637)
- High Maintenance wins Level of the Year 2019.


- I get at least one IL world record and a top 5 full-game score on speedrun.com. (not MB)
- DKMan BLJs here to visit me.
- I'll finish watching every episode of American Dad!.
- Shinigami gets verified but doesn't initially become the hardest Demon.
- CYCLOHEXANONE and Cool Name are still not finished.
- I'll start playing a sport.
- No one will need foundation repair.
- I'll be happier instead of sadder.
- The This
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01 Jan 2020 09:31 - 01 Jan 2020 17:33 #5 by Mazik
Replied by Mazik on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
I'd rather not include any predictions for anything in my actual life, as idk how I'll do with those, but I will be saying what I do want to achieve by the end of the year in terms of Marble Blast, so lets get rolling:

1. Achieve 110 Million rating overall (I feel I'll get 100 Million a little quicker than I expect, so I'll set the bar reasonably high for myself)
2. Get at least 90 ATs in PQ
3. Make my Satisfying Runs series reach episode 10 (That will be when I have 88 ATs most likely, most with times I'm satisfied with)
4. Obtain 30 subs on Youtube
5. Participate in the Egg WRR and still be the dominant record holder by the time the deadline passes with over 20+ egg WRs
6. Work on my secret MBG project (no idea when that will be done, but I think people will like it a lot)
7. Have a total of 6 actual level records under my belt
8. Make at least 1 level (I have an idea that might work)

Yeah that's all I got, let's hope I can do these :)
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01 Jan 2020 09:41 - 01 Jan 2020 10:05 #6 by Yoshicraft224
Replied by Yoshicraft224 on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
What's up, idiot? Stupid 2021-residing cretin. Did you remember to set your nickname on the PQ Discord to "2020 crashed! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻"? Well now you have. Have fun reading these you negative adjective.

Let's Start with Real Life This Time... Actually there aren't any other categories so here's everything
-I'll have my driver's permit... License maybe? Still not 100% sure on those laws.
-On the topic of that, I'll have a newfound hatred for my 10th grade Driver's Ed teacher.
-Upi vsm dyo;; frvpfr yjod/
-You'll have specifically remembered one of these predictions. Probably this one. But this one doesn't count.
-You'll have gotten obsessed with something for a while like Kemono Friends and Banjo-Kazooie this year.
-Speaking of Borneo-Kazeemanuar here, an HD remake and/or new Banjo game (and Kazooie of course... Or perhaps not?) will have been announced... Please?
-Bonus points if it's available on both Nintendo and Microsoft's hardware.
-I'm predicting a new Mario Kart game again. An actual one. One that's not like Mario Kart Tour. Also Mario baseball PLEASE
-Bringing back Minecraft Steve and... Maybe Waluigi again as well for Smash. Master Chief seems maybe possible as well but idk. Doomguy maybe?
-Predicting another Child's Play/Off Kilter moment again as well. What stupid shit did you find while playing with your balls this time?
-Something you make will actually impress people. I was originally gonna orient this to specifically MB levels but maybe something else too? Music maybe?
-TF2 will receive another update and/or an official VR release
-On the topic of updates, Minecraft's caves will remain mostly if not entirely untouched. The cave update will become something Mojang purposely doesn't do.
-Another chapter for deltarune maybe?
-Undertale will show up in another absolutely ridiculous place like Sans in Smash. May or may not count Toby Fox music depending on what it's like.
-Another huge indie title like Undertale, DDLC, or Untitled Juice Jame
-I wasn't gonna say anything about this, but other people were doing similar things, so... Things will advance further with my girlfriend. As to what that might mean I just hope it's legal lmao

I feel like there's more I could add here but this is already huge and also I can't think of anything specific off the top of my head right now. Answering 2019's predictions was a blast so hopefully this was fun too.

Creator of the WR paths for Child's Play's NE and Off Kilter. #OhBoyFreeAM!
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01 Jan 2020 10:57 #7 by Three
Replied by Three on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
Marble Blast / Marble It Up!

  • At least one staff member leaves the community or gets demodded.

  • Someone will get unbanned.

  • Custom Packs 60-69 releases.

  • PQ stops updating for real this time, save for seasonal updates and level packs.

  • I won't make any PQ levels, but I'll make 2-3 MIU workshop levels.

  • MIU will get a big boost in popularity after the Mayhem/Multiplayer update releases on PC and Switch.

  • At least two more old community members will join the MIU Discord and become active in it.

  • Something really big will happen for Marble Blast and/or Marble It Up as a whole.

Other Stuff

  • I'll get all A's in my classes this spring and fall.

  • Something will go wrong with my new computer and I'll have to replace a part.

  • I'll meet up in person with at least one long-distance friend.

  • I'll be happy with who I end up voting for in the election.

  • Minecraft is still going to be popular, but it will start to become more niche (like it was between 2014 and 2017) again.

  • I'll put at least 200 hours into the new Animal Crossing game.

  • I'll play at least five new puzzle games. None of them will be better than The Witness.

  • I'll finally stop playing Fortnite

Follow me on twitter at @threefolder
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01 Jan 2020 11:18 #8 by Mike
Replied by Mike on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
The following is Nockess:

Marble Blast/Community
- Not unbanned, but still active.
- 5 more levels released.
- 2 more mods announced, none actually completed.
- 1.5K on YouTube. It's a stretch, but what are predictions if you're not ambitious?
- Xedron is still alone at the top of the leaderboards, despite being online very infrequently.
- I don't meet anyone new in the community.
- Some big scandal will happen. Not as big as the ban, but drama's always interesting.
- No public updates to Fubar.
- Someone who's currently a big name in the community is gone by the end of the year.
- A world record rampage, other than Gold, either gets released or announced (that's not currently in the community spreadsheet).
- Marble Blast Custom Levels (2.0) series hits 10 videos.
- Packs 60-69 don't get released, but are in a releaseable state.
- Someone who hasn't won a tournament before wins a tournament.
- The top three on the leaderboards are still Xedron, Battlecube, and Xelna. Bonus point if in that order.

Personal Life/Miscellaneous
- I earn my first degree black belt.
- I'll start doing vocal covers of songs or something of the sort.
- I won't come out as anything this year.
- Sounders don't win any trophies this year but still has a really good season.
- Mariners don't make the playoffs. Seahawks do though.
- I get my hair dyed a new color.
- I maintain a somewhat impressive streak on Duolingo (but don't keep it by the end of the year) because my parents make me.
- I pass all of my exams and my classes.
- Still going well with my girlfriend by the end of the year. Very generic thing to say, but nothing wrong with some optimism.
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01 Jan 2020 12:13 #9 by StrawberryCake
Replied by StrawberryCake on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
-I will meet up with a community member
-I will manage to get a WR and hold it for more than a week
-I will finally get a new and better laptop that will replace my old 2014 laptop
-I will release the world's longest LE level
-Packs 60-69 will be released
-I will pass the National Evaluation exam at the end of the school year and enter a good high school
-I will stop being lazy and actually do something productive
-I will travel overseas to new countries that i have never visited before

ball roll to gem and to blue/white pad thingy yes
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01 Jan 2020 12:40 #10 by Go'way
Replied by Go'way on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
things i'll do

-release more levels made entirely in Blender
-(probably) make a short tutorial on how to make blender levels
-just use blender more i really like it
-make some nice MP maps
-finally finish disc rot 2
-make more chibi robo videos
-meet Nonchlans maybe hopefully heheheheheheheh

marble blast things

-i'll get better at MP
-maybe colored name but doubtful
-more marbles yes
-too many marbles
-you won't be able to stop me from making literally every marble a person can think of
-free jojo


-the day of reckoning will come
-maybe i'll make some cool animations or something it looks fun

ok bye lol

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01 Jan 2020 15:37 #11 by CylinderKnot
Replied by CylinderKnot on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
Marble Blast predictions:
- I get back into Gem Hunt.
- Packs 60-69 will exist.
- I will pass 95 million rating.

Non-MB predictions:
- I will clear 40 lines in Tetris in under 35 seconds.
- I will make substantial progress toward becoming a Tetris grand master this time.
- I pick up a new game to play.

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01 Jan 2020 15:57 #12 by Nature Freak
Replied by Nature Freak on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
In no particular order:

– I will have 35 world records in MBG WRR #5, and will not improve my current time on King of the Mountain (3.590).
– MBG WRR #5 will come out, and both Dushine and Imperial will comment on at least one of the videos.
– I will actually get caught up on Star Wars.
Doctor Who will actually be good this year.
– My family will purchase cable TV for one month just to watch the Olympics, and that will take up a lot of my summer.
– I still won't reach 90 million rating.
– I will play every level of PQ at least once this year because I always seem to forget how good it is.
– Turning 20 will make me feel weird and keep me up at night at least once this week.
– Keep my 4.0 GPA hopefully?
– Actually be satisfied with my piano skills.
– There will be at least two small things about the Marble Blast server that consistently annoy me, but I won't comment on either of them.
– There will be no new staff members.
– I will knit a scarf.
– I will keep gaining weight every time I go to college, and losing it whenever I come home, unless I decrease my meal plan, in which case I will feel very hungry at least once a day.
– Despite this, my friends will continue to envious that I don't appear to ever gain weight.
– I will obnoxiously bump the MBG New World Records Topic at some point (after WRR #5) with a long list of my top three times. Kalle will get annoyed.
– I will reach some point of relative satisfaction with my MBG times, finally being happy enough with how I've done to play the game less (this will require improving a lot of MBG intermediates, plus Skyscraper and Siege).
– I will make at least one new consistent friend at college this year (bonus points if he's male).
[More predictions to come soon]
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01 Jan 2020 17:56 #13 by [email protected]
With 2019 out of the way, it's time to predict stuff (and/or set goals)after my absence last time. I might add or change something later, but we'll see.

Marble Blast
  • At last I complete every single Leaderboard level within its best possible time (Golds, Ultimates or maybe even more Awesomes once Packs 60-69 are released).
  • My WR count will be maintained in the 50s throughout the year (improve to 60-70 WRs as a stretch goal).
  • By the end of the year I will have at least 3 MBG WRs.
  • My rating will have been improved to 100 million (125 mil as a stretch goal).
  • I will have pushed myself to #10 in general rating (at least #10 on everything being a stretch goal).
  • I will have helped organizing events and tournaments by hosting a server as a substitute/backup to Tsuf for people in Europe.
  • I will have publically released a couple levels as an amateur creator (I think hah).
  • I hope to at least get past semifinals in a tournament (maybe even win one).
  • Hopefully Dushine will show signs of life and at least join the Discord server.
  • Potential rivalry with someone other than DK?

Other stuff
  • I will have met up with people from the community at least once.
  • My desktop CPU will no longer be an Intel, but a Ryzen instead. Not needed, but time will tell when it is.
  • Streaming seems fun, so maybe I consider doing it sometimes.
  • This year I'll actually consider trying out some more games
  • Face reveal happens (?) this year, though I don't think it's really necessary. May not count that.
  • Voice reveal will happen though.
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01 Jan 2020 20:27 - 20 Jan 2020 03:12 #14 by Xedron
Replied by Xedron on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
Marble Blast:
-MBG WRR 5 released in February/March, allows for some great rewind compilations to take place.
-PQ WRR will begin official development.
-Somebody will find a way to beat Despair's WR.
-I will release a level pack at one point.
-MBG's total speedrunning time will be pushed down to 36 minutes.
-Mike will quit and come back more times than I do this year.

-Chiefs vs. 49ers for Super Bowl, Chiefs win. (Edit: +0.5 for getting the super bowl prediction right, this probably won't be up by the time the game takes place so I'll just give half right now)
-Bucks vs. Clippers for NBA Finals, Bucks win 4-2
-Cowboys finish with a 10-6 record, but honestly I'm expecting anything at this point.
-Have at least a 1500 blitz rating in Chess (Chess is technically a sport so lol)

-I will try to do some speedrunning outside of Marble Blast
-At least 5 people will road rage at me
-I won't buy a new phone.
-Fortnite will still be popular, but will be replaced by another (probably worse) game in popularity.
-Become able to do 80 pushups non-stop.

I'll add more when I feel less bored.

"cna you salt spalt the slevel salt of 6 year salt who ca salt the lsat" - nobody, 2017
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03 Jan 2020 04:32 #15 by Isoplere
Replied by Isoplere on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
Marble Blast:
- STOP II, Update 1.3 releases in January 2020.
- Matan livestreams STOP II again.
- There are less than 250 new posts this year.
- Two new modifications come out this year. +.5pt if only one.
- Another huge cheating scandal occurs again.
- The Despair World Record is beat, but not by more than one second.
- My current love interest will become a skilled player this year.

Real Life:
- I will become hired at BrickPlanet as part of the Communication Engagement team.
- Go camping at least twice.
- My second friend of the opposite gender as me will come to Seattle for the summer. (Crossed fingers, I really miss her!)
- Maintain an overall GPA of 3.5 or above upon graduation & transfer into a four year university.
- I become involved in the Copart auctioning business, doing successful things with it.
- I take my sports car on a track. Helmets, roll cages, everything. +5 if I beat my friend on the track.
- I purchase a new Sports Utility Vehicle to replace my current work/commuting car.
- I will feel confident to reconnect with one of my exes (not "the" crazy one), but an awesome one, "Adi".
- I marathon through the entirety of the YouTube channel "Mr. Nightmare"

- Rockstar Entertainment will shed light on GTA 6 release information. +1pt if a legitimate trailer comes out.
- An extremely huge scandal happens with ROBLOX Corporation.
- A DDoSer, "1002", will have legal trouble happen to them.
- Trump isn't reelected. +1pt if there is a female president!
- I start development of some sort of short film this year. +1 if it gets finished before 2021
- Snowfall will hit heavily early in the year in the city I reside in.
- The GM brand "Saturn" is brought back to life, or regains serious attention. +1pt if Pontiac as well
- I come out of my hiatus from Pokémon GO for one month during summer 2020.
- The "Gig Worker Law" like in California (for instance), also happens & takes affect in less than half of the U.S.A
- Super Mario Sunshine 2 releases this year. (Trying again...AGAIN.) +.5pt if a renovation happens instead.
- Someone I know dearly will perish in the fall. (Let's hope not.)

Good luck to me. Printed to keep track of it all, too.

Isoplere - Marble Blast Modder; getting better day by day, update by update.
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07 Jan 2020 04:49 #16 by gittles
Replied by gittles on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
This year is a big year for me IRL (grad school stuff), so I'm uncertain about my future level of commitment to Marble Blast. With that being said, here are my goals/predictions for 2020.

My Marble Blast Goals/Predictions

- I will reach 100 million and then 105 million overall rating.
- I will get at least 40 ATs in PQ.
- I will obtain a WR. (Egg records and records on levels with fewer than 10 completions don't count. In other words, it has to be announced.)
- I will post a video on YouTube.
- I will, for some reason, decide to get a good RTA MBG run.

Marble Blast Community Predictions

- Level packs 60-69 will be released.
- MBG WRR 5 and the Egg WRR will be released. No other WRRs will be released.
- Zero new mods will be released.
- Two new people will enter the top 10 in overall rating. (For reference, the current top 10 is Xedron, Battlecube314, Xelna, Regislian, Imperial, DKman00, MBOUltimate, Tue27, Doomblah, and hPerks.)
- The top 50 will have at least 75 million overall rating.
- New WRs will be achieved on Despair, BCF, and Manic Bounce.
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07 Jan 2020 15:07 #17 by Marson
Replied by Marson on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
First, some predictions/goals from 2019 that I didn't quite accomplish to the extent I wanted:

Wake up earlier and more consistently.
Have at least one meaningful conversation in Chinese with a foreign exchange student.
Jeff stops being a lazy little pinhead and comes to visit me.
Get a tattoo.

Extensions of goals that I did accomplish in 2019:

Reach 165 lbs.
Cook more good food.
Host a bigger and better tournament.
Make more friends.
Be more confident sometimes.
Lower my Rice Purity score.

And the new goals:

Go to China. Travel by myself whilst in China. Perform well in Chinese classes while abroad.
Learn how to deadlift properly.
Become a delegate and committee member of the World Cube Association.
Host a cup stacking tournament.
Get all three state records back and win a competition.
Make a longer YouTube video with strong storytelling and editing.
Learn how to make pour over coffee.
Learn something on an instrument or music software.
Do something with singing (make an a capella recording, etc.)
Get 1st in 3x3x3 one handed.
Get a big BLD success/podium.
Be 20.
Make a serious attempt at learning a 3rd language (probably Japanese, Cantonese, or Vietnamese.)
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09 Jan 2020 03:18 #18 by Kalle29
Replied by Kalle29 on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
Marble blast
- more WRR work

Real life
- get my bachelor's degree

༼ ͡◕ ͜ ʖ ͡◕༽ You have been visited by the Nivea™ Donger of moisture. Soft skin and good fortune will come to you, but only if you post "thank you Mr. Skeltal" in this thread ༼ ͡◕ ͜ ʖ ͡◕༽
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13 Jan 2020 09:08 #19 by HiGuy
Replied by HiGuy on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
Today on "ran out of things to do at 4am" you have decided to finally write your time capsule entry. Good job.

MB Specific (mostly):
- Forget to bury the time capsule until the day after
- PQ updates are still as sporadic as ever, probably 1 or 2 large ones but nothing else
- Packs 60-69 get started and then somehow delayed to 2021
- You'll finally do something with at least one of those partially working Torque engines on your Desktop
- Community is mostly the same people (cross-ref the threads for good measure) except we'll finally ban at least a few people
- At least one large staff decision happens and people get salty
- Three new mods, one releases. And updates for older mods don't count so stop trying to eke out a success
- I keep joking about PQ: Director's Cut but never actually start working on it
- Wine 64-on-32 still isn't public because that concept is damn impossible and Mac PQ numbers are dropping
- One of Whirli's marble games goes somewhere, and one of his non-marble games goes somewhere as well

Other games:
- That game idea with Stephen probably fails. But let's make this positive! So, assume it doesn't fail
- Still watching 2-4 NL Isaac episodes a week (your taste is okay but you should branch out a bit)
- Find some new game to play most of the time instead of just watching LPs
- Actually make significant progress in least one Unity game

- Get a job! (Not a command, this is a prediction)
- Moving to Florida
- Delay looking at apts for so long you get something crappy
- Spend as much time in Troy before that as possible though
- New laptop as a result of money from said job
- Still don't talk to my brother much
- Switch does *not* get banned this year. Hopefully
- Code lots of random stuff in my free time because I have free time again
- You have free time again
- Bask in the free time
- Sleep schedule is not as bad anymore (currently you sleep 7am -> 4pm so I hope it improves)
- And maybe go to the beach you vampire
- HTV happens and is only sorta a mess, estimating I make 2 chals
- Security club keeps doing it's dance of survival but you don't pay much attention anymore cause your friends graduated
- Still talk to those friends though... over fucken Slack (hissss)
- We still don't win CSAW
- Overall feeling less depressed than last year due to reduced stress and more free time / money

PQ in a nutshell
function clientcmd12dothepq() {
    commandToClient(LocalClientConnection, '34onthedancefloor');
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13 Jan 2020 21:23 - 13 Jan 2020 21:23 #20 by Xelna
Replied by Xelna on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions

- Will get 1:22 in Zelda: A Link to the Past Any% NMG
- Will get 1 IL WR in MBG

Real Life

- 2 trips. Will go to SGDQ 2020 + somewhere else.
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17 Jan 2020 10:47 #21 by IsraeliRD
Replied by IsraeliRD on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
2019 has gone pretty well and is satisfying, so let's see what the next one comes up with...

- I will go overseas to at least two countries.
- I will continue with the same workplace, though I will move away (a bit) from lab and into a different position

- Currently on a diet, lost 10kgs in 2 months. Let's get down to 80kgs, Matan!

- Nada on Hocus Pocus TAS
- But let's try and have TPI speedrun happening!
- Will not play Borderlands 1, but might do BL2 or TPS or even Tales from the Borderlands
- I'll purchase, play and beat Borderlands 3
- I'll play mods for C&C Generals: Zero Hour and have fun

- Will continue to make levels and challenge times for Marble It Up

- No girlfriend this year, but give yourself +2 if wrong because that will be awesome.
- Will go out with friends from work and commit to see people a bit more

- PQ keeps crashing, and HiGuy will complain about it.
- HiGuy will continue to update PQ but less than last year. Frightfest/Wintefest not included.
- I will still want to make a level to the community, but won't make one.
- MBG WRR #5 AND and Easter Egg WRR releases!

- HiGuy has to eat lunch first so vc/ss later
- HiGuy has something else but he'll find time for me a bit after that
- Also HiGuy will eat during our convos
- I will as well

- I will continue making videos (and upload them)
- At least three previous streams I did will be uploaded to YouTube
- Some Multiplayer matches I recorded will also be uploaded
- 20k subs? 20k subs!

- Tsuf keeps being Tsuf
- Oh god the screaming it's in my ear I'm deaf

- I will get a surprise-reminder about the Time Capsule, and immediately tell HiGuy who will groan and be unhappy because who has the time for this?


- This still isn't cannon.cs

- And again Matan, since always, it's:
write whatever you want here
and now you can do [.quote] again. You need a reminder every year!

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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18 Jan 2020 20:31 - 19 Jan 2020 04:02 #22 by Steven
Replied by Steven on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
Sports predictions:
  • The San Francisco 49ers will defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers will defeat the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2020 NBA Finals.
  • The Vegas Golden Knights will capture their first Stanley Cup over the Boston Bruins.
  • The Atlanta Braves will win the World Series over the New York Yankees.
  • Liverpool will win the Premier League.

Personal predictions:
  • I will get back into Mario games at some point.
  • I will be re-re-employed.
  • I will eat a Philly cheesesteak for the first time.
  • A severe weather event will occur at or near my house.
  • I will visit Seattle.
  • I will go to eastern Oregon for the first time.

Marble Blast predictions:
  • Marble Blast Fubar will be available again (I hope).
  • Level Packs 60-69 will be released.
  • I will try and fail to get a colored username.

Election 2020 predictions:
  • Both parties will retain control of their respective sides of Congress (Democrats will keep the House of Representatives, Republicans will keep the Senate)
  • Trump will get voted out of office, but will not be removed before the election

If there's a bug, YO! I'll report it!
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20 Jan 2020 06:35 #23 by FerryAnanda
Replied by FerryAnanda on topic MBF Time Capsule 11 :: 2020 Predictions
This is a prediction for myself for this year.
this is what I will do

marble blast:
- try to get a world record (hopefully).
- try at least to overall score is 100.
- and try to get 30 million for overall rating

other games:
- Become a rainbow six Siege pro player (yes hopefully).
when it becomes a pro ... just pro (so that I don't become a burden :v)

real life:
- try to get 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel (and maybe I'll make more content besides marble blast).
- find a girlfriend (hopefully realized).
- try to get a scholarship at one of the best universities in bali

and become better than I was before.

and one more:
- buy a better PC for me

maybe that's just a prediction for myself now.
or maybe I will make even more?
I don't know.
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