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01 Jan 2021 09:04 - 01 Jan 2021 09:05 #1 by IsraeliRD
MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions was created by IsraeliRD
Post here your predictions. Instructions are at the board's description.
Don't forget to edit your posts if you want to add more!

I found a new box to bury our predictions for the year, and to make sure we know what it is when they dig the bodies next to it, I wrote exactly what it is.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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01 Jan 2021 10:00 - 03 Jan 2021 12:55 #2 by Eclipsia
Replied by Eclipsia on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Right, here we go again

Marble Blast Predictions:
- Reach Top 20 in the global ranking
- Reach 110 Million rating
- At least complete 85% of all Challenge Times (100% on gold and ultimate, maybe on awesome as well)
- At some point hold 3 wrs on the lbs
- This is the year we will get an WR improvement on Despair
- 2 WRR's will come out
- I will upload more than 5 compilations
- The PQ popularity boost will occur
- I will organize and run a large community event
- Reach sub 300 hours on customs
- This is the year of a new cheater
- Exceed 1250 hours on the leaderboards

IRL Predictions:
- Achieve merit endorsement in NCEA Level 3 (3nd year doing NCEA), Merit endorsement involves getting 50 merits out of the total of 90-130 you can obtain throughout the year.
- Be confident in my body and with what I wear daily.
- Become somewhat of a motivational speaker for LGBTQ teenagers, I really want to support others that have gone through what I have.
- Have a stable relationship with someone, sometime throughout the year.
- Obtain a restricted driver's license
- Be in a comfortable living situation with people that make me happy (currently living with my mum who's transphobic, so you know how that's going)
- Start up a group/club at school.
- Continue to motivate my friends with positivity and to be happy with themselves, their own unique personalities need to be shown in the world!

MISC Predictions:
- My donation count towards the MB website ticks over $100, gotta be able to keep the servers running.
- Get a 400pp play in osu!standard.
- Finally fucking pass Solace Of Oblivion.
- Beat an extreme demon in Geometry Dash.
- Start speedrunning some other games such as Wii Party and Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing.
- Start to practice drawing, doodling here and there to improve.
- At some point stop playing Hypixel Skyblock (daily game that I play).

There's quite a few for this year, can't wait to see what this year brings!
Last edit: 03 Jan 2021 12:55 by Eclipsia. Reason: lowered 3 of my predictions (packs 60-69 came out, so total custom time goal needed to be raised to account for it)

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01 Jan 2021 10:10 - 04 Jan 2021 18:20 #3 by SerjG2005
Replied by SerjG2005 on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
MB Stuff:
-Get at least one WR (especially PQ)
-Get at least 50-60 Awesome Times/Scores
-Packs 60-69 gets released
-Achieve 100 million in the leaderboards
-Exciting stuff about Despair
-PQ WRR gets released, as well as one more WRR (from Matan at least)
-Make a level
-Donate to the team

Other stuff:
-Become more responsible with life
-Get good at coding
-Upgrade my computer
-Of course, no more COVID, more freedom
-Talk more with people
-Start collecting retro tech (i.e. computers, game consoles etc.)
-Doomguy in Smash, no Waluigi
-Will get to play Max Payne 3 to finish the Max Payne trilogy
-Will also get to play Just Cause 3 after the 75 hours of the second game. Not sure if I’ll play the 4th (I have it on epic since it was free so maybe, but I heard it sucks)
-Will finish reading the first three Harry Potter books
Last edit: 04 Jan 2021 18:20 by SerjG2005.

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01 Jan 2021 11:12 #4 by StrawberryCake
Replied by StrawberryCake on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Here goes:

-I will achieve 100 million rating, hopefully also be the first Romanian to get 100 mil (Robert has like, 94 mil iirc);
-I will improve my level building skills and make a level that will blow everyone's socks off;
-Packs 60-69 AND 70-79 get released this year;
-Get every single or majority of the ATs in PQ;
-Maybe gain some big girl pants and come out as trans to people irl;
-I will finally be able to get to places that I have never been to before;
-I will talk to more and more people and maybe manage to get someone thats near and dear enough to me that I start dating them;
-COVID-19 goes away, hopefully;

Very optimistic about all of these, but we will see.

ball roll to gem and to blue/white pad thingy yes

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01 Jan 2021 11:33 - 01 Jan 2021 11:34 #5 by Yoshicraft224
Replied by Yoshicraft224 on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
It is no longer 2009 + 10. Did it go as badly as everyone likes to incessantly say about 2020? Did I miss New Year's again? Sorry for that reminder. Hope post-high school stuff is going well for you. I have no idea what to expect. Anyway...

Predictions for 2021:
Marble Blast

-The time capsule will open on 1-1-2022.
-You'll have remembered to rename yourself to "2021 crashed!" or maybe "2009 + 10 crashed!"
-The community will be mainly using a different Discord server to the one that's being used right now.
-Will you have remembered anything specific this time? Did you even remember to expect the MB time capsule this time?
-You'll release a custom level (at least) once. It won't be awful.
-';wcboxp vsars
-Minecraft 1.18 will be announced. Will it contain moveable tile entities? Will it contain the Aether or something similar? Will it contain anything else from popular mods? The smithing table has some real potential for Tinker's Construct-like shit. That would be epic.
-Speaking of which, at least one other 1.14 work station will have new functionality in 1.17+
-New Banjo-Kazooie game? Or at least a Banjo-Redooie?
-New Mario Kart game?
-New Mario baseball game?
-Crash, Waluigi, and/or Doomguy will make it into Smash.
-You'll have stopped following Minecraft so closely, but definitely won't entirely neglect it.
-You'll have watched at least one other anime.
-AP Computer Science and Video Game Programming and Design will be remembered fondly.
-Some digital remnant of COVID-19 will still remain in schools. Like all-digital days replacing snow/sick days or just a choice to be all digital whenever.
-big mikus gets rickrolled. This one's not for the public eye. [winky face that doesn't become an emoji] It will be sad.
-Still might do some stuff with high school friends even after it's over. Thanks, internet!
-You'll have been paranoid about missing the new year again.

Creator of the WR paths for Child's Play's NE and Off Kilter. #OhBoyFreeAM!
Last edit: 01 Jan 2021 11:34 by Yoshicraft224. Reason: fuck you auto emoji thing

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01 Jan 2021 13:06 - 09 Jan 2021 18:45 #6 by Mazik
Replied by Mazik on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Well, now that I can see my speedrunning skills in a more realistic light, I think I can give myself some fair goals to work on this year. Unlike last year I won't be a pussy and actually include IRL goals I'd like to achieve as well.

Ball Shit
1. Get 120 Million rating.
- Hopefully no major distractions for this one that could halt progress.

2. Get into the Top 10 General Leaderboards.
- With the rating goal I set for myself this is doable as well, but 60-69 could change that.

3. Release 1 Satisfying Runs video this year
- With the PQ Rampage coming soon I decided that I would not upload anymore of those videos until the rampage is released, which ties in with my next goal...

4. Get all ATs in PQ before the rampage comes out
- The original purpose of the Satisfying Runs (Formally AT Compilation) series was to basically show my progress in getting the ATs. Although what this ended up doing was halting my progress a good bit. I wanted each new compilation to be in line with how many ATs I had. As I got better and better, I never felt satisfied with uploading a simple AT run, and thus, they took longer to make, which was why I only made two Satisfying Runs videos in 2020, along with other factors. Going forward, I will stay true to the original purpose by ordering the levels in the compilations in the order I got the ATs (as I have already), but I will no longer be limiting myself with only 10 or so PQ levels that I will keep improving until I release a video on them. What this also means is that I have to order my ATs wisely when playing PQ, but not like I already had to do that to make the video at least a little more entertaining, so... yeah

5. Get at least 1 more Hunt WR
- Bonus points for if it doesn't take as long as Triple Trail or Gravity Tower

6. Have at least 5 WR runs in the PQ Rampage
- Gunna go with the conservative prediction here. I have no control over whether people take my records or not, and its more likely they will the more records I own, and/or when the PQ rampage draws ever so closer.

7. Get 1 more MBG record
- What that record will be, we'll have to see ;)

8. Make a Custom Level Compilation
- I've been meaning to do so ever since I got Ender's Level WR. It's just a matter of when I feel I have enough levels I'm happy with to justify making one.

9. Make an MBG Web Port Compilation
- Vani would be proud of me :)

10. Despair will NOT get beaten
- No matter how many of yall say Despair will get beaten it realistically won't. Gunna give myself a free point here in 2021.

11. Have at least 17 records by the end of the year
- Again, gunna be conservative with this one, no idea what could happen

12. Make 1 level
- Let's test my luck this year

13. Get 40 subs on Youtube
- inb4 I get cucked from this throughout the whole year

14. 2 WRRs will release this year
- MBG Web Port and PQ, easy points

15. MIU Mayhem will finally release onto Steam and Switch

IRL Shit
1. Learn to use Blender
- I do have plans to use Blender outside of marble blast, so this one is going into the IRL category rather than the Ball one

2. Get a Job
- Time to start making bank B)

3. Rona will finally settle down... right?
- Bit pessimistic on this one sadly, but at least I still have a bit of hope left

4. (Minecraft) Dream stagnates in growth
- I'll always love his content, but I'll be shocked if he's still growing rapidly by the end of 2021

5. Have the Motivation to watch Anime again
- Every year I could feel the amount of anime I've been consuming see a decrease, lets change that this year.

I could probably add 1 more thing to the IRL category, but nah, this is already long as is. Here's to hoping most of these come to fruition :D
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01 Jan 2021 14:06 #7 by CylinderKnot
Replied by CylinderKnot on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Marble Blast predictions:
- Packs 60-69 get released.
- I pass 115 million rating.
- I release at least 10 new levels.

Non-MB predictions:
- I secure an internship to fulfill part of my degree requirements.
- Mask mandates will be lifted in most places thanks to the coronavirus vaccine.
- I finally finish another Minecraft project. (currently at 1 finished project in more than 9 years, having dropped 40+ projects)
- I achieve X rank (highest rank) in's ranked 1v1 mode.


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01 Jan 2021 14:11 #8 by Vanilagy
Replied by Vanilagy on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
As many of you know, I'm extremely new to this community and I'm not even an active speedrunner, so I guess my list will be shorter. I'll still give it a shot!

MB stuff:
- Release the MBG Web Port rampage - This one's quite obvious. The port has been played by way more people that I could've ever imagined and as a result, this rampage is meant to celebrate the grinding effort people have put into the game.
- Maybe expand Web Port features - Not promising anything, but I've been toying around with the idea of adding a full multiplayer system to it, creating a more complete Marble Blast experience. If it happens, it'll likely remind a lot of people of the old Marble Blast Online days.
- Maybe get a colored name - Well, not like I suck at the game, right? Just gotta see if I have the stamina to PT cancer stuff like TTOTTS.
- Release [REDACTED] - You'll see.

IRL stuff:
- Get back into fitness and proper nutrition - In 2019 and early 2020, I was quite ambitious about this, but COVID-19 has put a complete halt on it. Once the gyms open up again, I'm ready to start fresh.
- Have new experiences with my girlfriend - Maybe this is too private for such a public message, but I'm really hoping we'll have a stable relationship going forward and will do new and exciting things, such as travelling together.
- Expand my programming knowledge - While I'm quite the expert regarding web stuff by now, I want to leave my comfort zone and try new projects that will force me to learn something novel.
- Be a better person - I would say I'm a good person already, but I've done some things in 2020 that I wasn't proud of. I want to make sure I learned my lesson and will not repeat the same mistakes again.

That's it for now. I wanna thank everyone for making my first three months in this community very enjoyable! :petgroovy:
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01 Jan 2021 15:07 - 01 Jan 2021 15:08 #9 by Ralph
Replied by Ralph on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Alright, here's my predictions for 2021:

-Matan plays another one of my levels in his videos
-I edit PQ World Record Rampage (bro, what?)
-my YouTube channel gets kicking and I get my old number of subscribers back (125)
-PSG doesn't win the Champions League (they got a new trainer, so it's probably not for this year)
-I get a girlfriend (lol, not happening)
-I hit 70M on LBs
-I release at least 20 PQ levels
-Threefolder releases 2 or 3 new levels
-Matan releases a new level
-France gets 3 more coronavirus lockdowns
-hPerks comes back
-I lose some weight and actually go to the gym whenever it opens
-I do some work on myself, my confidence, my self-esteem...
-I get my social life kicking again (lol, not gonna happen too)
-I get more PSG merch, including the white Hechter jersey
-Less SJWs annoying people

I think that's pretty much it for now. I may add some stuff, but I'm pretty satisfied with this. Let's see if 2021 is, as I expect, as shit as 2020...

You forget a thousand things everyday. Make sure Marble Blast isn't one of 'em.

On Twitter : @RalphiBoy27
Now on Instagram : ralphfrommb

Ralph's Improved PQ Sound Pack :
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01 Jan 2021 15:50 #10 by Doomblah
Replied by Doomblah on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Hopefully 2021 is less shit than last year.

Marble Blast Predictions:
- The PlatinumQuest World Record Rampage will finally happen (please, dear god), and I will be in it.
- Packs 60-69 won't be released until October. When it does I will get all the Awesome Times and maintain my 100% CT completion.
- My rating will not significantly increase as I'll be grinding PQ once more.
- I'll be kicked out of the top 10
- I will achieve top 10 on every non hunt PQ level. Last year top 20, this year top 10.
- Xelna will shatter my Arrival to Marbleland World Record.
- Xelna will become 1st place on the Leaderboards.

Real Life Goals:
- Maintain my good grades in College
- Drivers Lisence?
- New Computer?

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01 Jan 2021 21:01 #11 by Joey
Replied by Joey on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Oh boy, here we go again.

I will pretend to be a stranger's child in order to get the child discount at an otherwise expensive museum.
Seven different people from seven different countries will attempt to buy cigarettes from me.
Of the twelve aliases I currently maintain, only five of them will last until the end of the year, one of which you will likely know about.
An unfortunate mistake will cost someone their life, and I will be affected by it in some capacity.
I will attempt to capture a raven, not a crow for God's sake.
Despite the coronavirus, I will somehow still end up in Antarctica. Stranded.
I will purchase a petaminx, disassemble it, then use the pieces to create a real-life Pacman game in my apartment complex.
The apartment complex I am living in will burn down in some capacity, though this time not because of me.
I'll witness four armed robberies, up from the two I saw last year.
I'll plan to purchase all the vegetables at a grocery store, then use them to roleplay a full Veggie Tales episode.
I will sneak into Russia via the Bering Strait, but will definitely leave before getting imprisoned.
Three of five attempts at a poker table will yield a profit, but two of those will be sheer luck.
I'll jump out of a plane again, only this time because the plane is crashing.
There will be no reason for me to visit Connecticut.
There will be a reason for me to visit Vermont.
I'll purchase a samurai sword in Japan, then be forced to use it in a life/death situation.
I will not witness two pandas mating, but I will witness two elephants humping. In the wild.

Jeff and I will not meet up this year.

I love you, but your attitude is like that of a shrew. Your options? Take a pill or be my kill. Might I suggest that you wear a vest. Perish in class or be banished to the land of bluegrass, where dreams don't exist as you'll be eternally pissed.
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02 Jan 2021 03:49 - 07 Jan 2021 07:12 #12 by DKman00
Replied by DKman00 on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Forgot to do one of these last year, kinda disappointing opening up last year's and not seeing anything for me. Let's change that.

Marble Blast Predictions/Goals
- Complete all challenge times on the leaderboards, I only have customs left
- Reach 150 million rating
- Reach top 5 in all categories of the game
- Maybe hit 100 world records?
- Stream this game more often
- Upload at least 5 videos (that aren't single level videos)
- Not procrastinate trivia until the last second
- Create a level maybe?

Real Life/Other Game Predictions/Goals
- Hit Diamond or higher in League of Legends
- Participate in a Clone Hero Tournament
- Get my driver's license
- Reach a conversational level of japanese
- Expand my taste of music
- Find a concert band to play trumpet in, i miss playing in a band
- Get a job
- Not fail/drop any of my college courses
- Work out regularly/gain weight and muscle
- Research studying abroad
- Generally do more stuff than just sitting around on my computer

I think that's it. Last year was a bit depressing in how little I did but hopefully I can change that for this year.

now with 500% more camping of short levels
Last edit: 07 Jan 2021 07:12 by DKman00. Reason: 140 mil to 150 because 60-69 lol

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02 Jan 2021 08:51 #13 by c0wmanglr
Replied by c0wmanglr on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Keeping it short for now but I might edit in more things as I think of them.

Marble Blast Predictions/Goals:
- Custom packs 60-69 will be released shortly into the year
- I'll achieve 100% Awesomes in all non-bonus PQ levels (and maybe bonus too)
- I'll hit 80-90 million general rating

- Get a job
- Do better in my classes
- Hopefully play this game less in general lol

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03 Jan 2021 02:45 - 06 Jan 2021 11:19 #14 by gittles
Replied by gittles on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Marble Blast Predictions

- Packs 60-69 will be released. (This doesn't really count as a prediction because it's going to happen imminently.)
- I will reach 140 million rating. (This depends heavily on how much rating is in packs 60-69.)
- I will be at least 8th place in rating at the end of the year.
- At least one person currently behind me in rating will be ahead of me in rating by the end of the year.
- I will achieve a world record. (I'm not counting eggs. I'm also not counting world records on levels in packs 60-69 for the first week after packs 60-69 are released.)
- The PQ rampage will be released.
- Someone will set a new world record on Despair, either the egg or the level.
- I will do at least one RTA run of either MBG or PQ.
- I will NOT be 100% awesome in PQ by the end of the year.

Real Life Predictions
- I will be a coauthor on at least two papers. (I hate measuring my success/progress this way, but at least this is an objective goal.)
- I will give at least one conference talk.
- I will bike 100 miles in a day. (I've done this several times before but I really need to get back in shape.)
- I will regularly wake up before 11 AM.
- In-person classes and meetings will resume at my university.
Last edit: 06 Jan 2021 11:19 by gittles.

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03 Jan 2021 12:49 - 04 Jan 2021 10:55 #15 by petalflurry
Replied by petalflurry on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Alright, here we go!


MB Predictions

* I’ll get 85 million general rating
* I’ll get another top-5 time on a non-custom level (currently only top 5 time is Battlements MBU)
* I’ll get a WR on any LBs level (MarBot has to announce it for this to count)

* I’ll push my PQ Any% time below 1:45
* I’ll route PQ 11%, and stream it at least once
* I’ll route PQ Any% Jumpless, and stream it at least once
* I’ll route PQ Any% Powerupless/Min Powerups (haven’t worked out if 0 powerups is possible), and stream it at least once
* I’ll start running MBU Any%

* The MBGW WRR, PQ WRR and MBP WRR #4 will all come out (+1 if it’s in that order!)
* I’ll finish remaking ttotTs in Super Mario Maker 2

* Hot takes:
* A sidemod WRR will start development after MBP #4 (+1 if it’s Stop II; +2 more if someone beats my Can’t Jump time)
* I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this, but I predict Packs 70-79 will come out


Other Game Predictions

* I’ll get to Prestige VII in The Hypixel Pit, buy Fishing Club V, and finally quit this hellsite of a game
* I’ll finally beat singleplayer Minecraft without either Creative or the keepInventory gamerule
* I’ll actually learn how to play Smash Ultimate properly (aka using grabs and shields and knowing how to use my main, Lucina)
* I’ll push my N64 Rainbow Road time in Mario Kart 8DX down once more
* I’ll finish Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky around May after forgetting about it until then


IRL Predictions

* I’ll start being more social and start going out more
* The ‘dolphin guy’ finally gets kicked out of me and my friends’ discord server, and leaks shirtless photos of us and Snapchat girl filter photos of me as revenge
* \[This one’s a secret. If I do it, I’ll tell you all what it was at the end of the year!]
* I do well in Software Design and Maths at school

"cheater hakcer i want your flair gikemve me it" - MASON35, 2020
Last edit: 04 Jan 2021 10:55 by petalflurry. Reason: Added WRR predictions

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04 Jan 2021 05:56 - 04 Jan 2021 06:08 #16 by Isoplere
Replied by Isoplere on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Marble Blast
1. MBGWeb has its first rampage released on time.
2. I get more than ten world records on MBGWeb. +0.5 if more than five.
3. I never make a MAJOR update to Stop the Marble again after U1.4.
4. I re-make Marble Blast STOP as a mini-mod before 2022.
5. This web site breaks heavily at least once this year.
6. Any Marble Blast game is played by a YouTube Celebrity. +10 if they play Stop the Marble.
7. An incomplete modification is remastered and completed by the same person or somebody else. Example of this: Project Dragon or Marble Blast Space.
8. A staff member leaves to pursue their future in real life.
9. I fully quit instead of popping up here from time to time before 12/31/2021, 11:59p.m.
10. Cyberfox’s marbles are added to PQ Multiplayer. (Please? They’re so cool…might even return fully if I hear they're added!)

Real Life
1. I transfer to a four year university and graduate from my current institution with honors.
2. I capture 200,000 Pokémon on Pokémon GO. (365 times 500 = 182,500 which would be more than enough if I were to do it this way). Currently 103k...
3. I finally see one of my best friends I’ve not seen in seven years. We spend the entire summer together.
4. Only a few things are cancelled due to COVID-19 for me.
5. I purchase a C6 or C7 Chevrolet Corvette.
6. (Yes, it has re-opened again and as always I am going to try.) — I become widely known/famous on BrickPlanet. +5 if I become a staff member.
7. I win something REALLY humongous this year.
8. I’m still together with Tawny.
9. I finally change my legal name via petition of my state's Superior Court.
10. I actually learn how to code Java properly from the time my post is created to 12/31/2021 at 11:59pm.

1. BrickPlanet has returned once again, and it has never lasted for more than a year. This time, it will last for a year. Not only do I get a point if this happens, but if this happens, I will literally document my whole year there and post it online.
2. The coronavirus vaccine is distributed to the majority of the world before June 1st, 2022.
3. The Renault Trezor is actually produced instead of solely being a concept car.
4. Donald Trump is convicted and thrown in prison for more than ten years.
5. I’m still going to keep hoping for Super Mario Sunshine II, even if I doubt it will happen. SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE II WHERe?
6. YouTube mysteriously recommends one of my videos to everyone (a.k.a “Welcome back to another episode of What’s in my Recommended!”). +10 if it's one of my If the Video Ends series videos.
7. But wait - Waluigi finally gets his own official Nintendo game? ...PLEASE? +5 if it has to do with cooking
8. General Motors brings back a homage to the Saturn Sky and/or Pontiac Solstice. +2 points if a V8 engine (or greater) is the engine of that car model.
9. The App Store tells Niantic to change how Pokémon Eggs work because they are similar to “loot boxes” which are gaining widespread criticism and legal action around the United States.
10. And now, for my dark prediction: COVID-19 mutates into something not even more deadly, but what’s even worse: this mutation hinders vaccine progress.

Also, to Vanilagy,

Take it easy - best of luck with your girl friend! Hope you found somebody to put together the rampage too

To everyone who made predictions or are making predictions:
Predict something about me and I'll love you forever

Isoplere - Marble Blast Modder; getting better day by day, update by update.
Last edit: 04 Jan 2021 06:08 by Isoplere. Reason: fix stuff

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04 Jan 2021 18:41 #17 by Marson
Replied by Marson on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Continuation of goals not reached in 2020:

Wake up earlier and more consistently.
Get a tattoo.
Finally regain access to a suitable gym and become an absolute unit. Lifting numbers still not great but better than before.
Make more friends.
Be more confident sometimes.
Make a longer YouTube video with strong storytelling and editing.
Learn something on an instrument or music software.
Do something with singing (make an a capella recording, etc.)
Vaccine rollout is pathetically slow, preventing from accomplishing things like hosting another tournament.

New goals/predictions:

I don't learn my lesson and make my predictions more ambitious than last year's (freebie)
Cook something very labor intensive like Beef Wellington.
Get a higher paying job.
Get a summer internship.
Release something related to Marble Blast.
Make some cool animations/cinematics in Blender.
Most likely playing video games less and less.
Level 40 in Pokemon Go lol
Leave the country.
4.0 at least one semester, probably Spring?
Copying one of Matan's predictions from last year: no girlfriend, but give yourself +2 if this is wrong because that would be awesome.
I apply for an Area Studies Fellowship but I don't win.
Start using a dating app.
Be 21.
New breakfast food that isn't overnight oats.
Still in the same apartment.

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07 Jan 2021 18:13 #18 by Nature Freak
Replied by Nature Freak on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Marble Blast predictions
– I'll finally actually break 100 million general rating.
– PQ WRR will be out around October 2021 and I will have at least 4 records. There will be more people in PQ #1 than there were in MBG #5.
– I'll... maybe... make a level...? I have a couple ideas anyway, we'll see if it actually goes anywhere.
– I'll make at least five more blog posts on the forums.
– HiGuy will fix no more than two of the bugs that I find and will add no more than one of the new features I request.
– Maybe level 42 in Multiplayer if I'm lucky.
– There will never be MBG shaders in PQ.

Real life predictions
– I'll continue living at home for as long as I can, ideally saving money by not being on college campus.
– I will encounter just one baby grand piano this year.
– Discord will still make up roughly 92% (±40%) of my social life.
– I will still be vaguely unsatisfied with my college career but be too lazy to change anything about it.
– I will become less anxious about grades due to losing the 4.0 last semester (this is unlikely).
– "Dumb" will still be one of my favorite words and a certain friend will not convince me that the word "stupid" is superior.
– There will be a single day this winter below −25°C and nothing else. I will be sort of furious about how mild the winter was. Late 2021 will be colder than late 2020.
– I will put a weather station on top of a roof, or at least somewhere where I will finally be satisfied with the level of wind exposure.
– I will leave the house only once a week on average in 2021.
– By this time next year things will be much more normal than they are now and I'll play cards with high school friends again.
– I will learn the rest of Bach's Partita #1 on piano finally, although I'll procrastinate with a lot of Bartók along the way.
– My interests will continue to fluctuate rapidly. I'll go through a stretch of at least three weeks where I don't play Marble Blast at all, but instead play Wii Sports Resort or do something entirely different like read a new book series.
– I will find at least one new interest this year. Bonus points if I become more comfortable with Terminal.
– I will not go to bed past 03:00 this year. I did last year and it was a bad choice.
– Still no relationship because I'm still too scared.

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13 Jan 2021 14:57 - 13 Jan 2021 15:00 #19 by SpriteMarble
Replied by SpriteMarble on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
Welp, Here goes my one...

----Packs 70-79 will get relased at 2021 Summer (As Mbu custom levels) -İ will get much better -Bug fixes -Acc updating (Accually if you wanna update your acc, well you need to delete the data of the game) -No CoronaVirus (Covid-19) -And the comminuty will get much better -Schools are gonna open again...
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14 Jan 2021 03:24 #20 by eNetro
Replied by eNetro on topic MBF Time Capsule 12 - 2021 Predictions
I didn’t put my predictions for last year, but I’ve achieved at lot in my Marble Blast experience last year! This includes beating all the Nest Eggs in PlatinumQuest, all but one Gold Times in Level Packs 10-19, all but three Ultimate Times in Marble Blast Ultra, and the biggest was all the Ultimate Times/Easter Eggs in Level Packs 40-49. Since 2020 marked a monumental year for my MB experience, let’s see if my predictions will come true this year!

Marble Blast Predictions:
• I will improve my rating to 8.5 million points in Marble Blast Gold.
• I will achieve 90% of all the Ultimate Times in Marble Blast Platinum.
• I will collect at least 97/98 Easter Eggs in Marble Blast Platinum.
• I do hope that Hypercube will not be included in Marble Blast Ultra.
• I will finally beat all but one Ultimate Times in Marble Blast Ultra if Hypercube is still included.
• I will beat at least one Awesome Time/Score in PlatinumQuest.
• I will finally beat the last Gold Time (Trap Door Master Edition’s) in Level Packs 10-19.
• I will finally beat the last two levels in Level Packs 20-29 (Fast Trak/Arrival to Marbleland).
• I will beat at least all but two levels in Level Packs 60-69.
• I will achieve at least 80% of all the Ultimate Times/Scores in Level Packs 60-69.
• I will finally collect the last Nest Egg in Level Packs 60-69 (Mysteriocean).
• I will improve my overall rating from 82 million points to 84 million points and will maintain above rank 40.
• The following World Record Rampages will be released this year: PlatinumQuest, Nest Eggs in PlatinumQuest, and Marble Blast Gold Web Port.
• I will release at least 10 more compilations for my “Marble Blast Levels” series and I may continue with my “Egg Findings” series.

Apple Predictions:
• iPad mini 6, next generation iPad Pro will be released in March
• Redesigned iMac with M1X will be released in March
• iPhone SE “Plus” and next generation AirPods Pro will be released in April
• iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, tvOS 15, and macOS 12 will be announced in June, followed by a public release in September.
• Redesigned M1X MacBook Pros will debut in June.
• iPhone “12S” lineup and Apple Watch Series 7 with new design will debut in September.
• iPad 9 will debut in September featuring the same A12 SoC but have the same thinner design as iPad Air 3 from 2019.
• M2 Macs will be released in November, including MacBook Air, base MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.

Personal Predictions:
• I will meet at least one new friend.
• I will face another difficult moment that will change my life for the better.
• I will achieve something remarkable that I thought I’ve never achieved before.
• I will continue with my favorite hobbies and further improve my skills.

Awesome Hint:

Since the Awesome Time/Score is secret, you will have to beat it in order to find out what it is. Just practice every day, and be ready to keep pressing the 'Restart' button...A LOT!

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