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15 Jan 2014 01:37 - 15 Jan 2014 01:45 #1 by IsraeliRD
IsraeliRD created the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
After over a year of waiting, we can now check the previous year's predictions. Discuss HERE only 2013's predictions, be it your own or others and whether they were right or wrong.

Your last year's predictions can be found here.

The old forum for the capsules is:

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
Last Edit: 15 Jan 2014 01:45 by IsraeliRD. Reason: I'll forget I edited this post, so when I see in a year's time or more, I'll be like "lol he should've put something funny in here." So to avoid this from happening... PQ WHERe.
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15 Jan 2014 03:00 #2 by Buzzmusic
Buzzmusic replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
"I'll create at least 30 more levels"
Actually, no. Just 25 I think.

"I'll get at least 10 more ultimate times on official MBP levels"
Yes, I got all MBP ultimate times.

"The forum community will slowly get bigger"
Mmmmm nah.

"PQ will finally come out (probably near the end of the year)"

"MBF will not come out"

"I'll finally be old enough to post on the forum without my dad's supervision!!!"

"I'll get a colored username. MAYBE."

"April Fools Day on the forum will be just as good as ever"
If I remember correctly, yes.

"I'll get older"
Not at all. What was I thinking?

"I'll finally finish that album I've been working on"
Sadly no. However, Neon Planet got nearly done and The Laughter of a Tambourine is almost at its first demo.

"My brother and I will finish Skyward Sword and get Ocarina of Time"
...and finish Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Majora's Mask and get Oracle of Seasons, the original NES Zelda, and Wind Waker HD. I really can't believe how much Zelda happened in 2013. :P

"My brother will learn pretty much every song from that game in his ocarina"
Haha no. That would be quite an accomplishment. He probably could, but that would take a lot of free time.

"The next school semester will be harder"
Eh, I wouldn't say so. It's been pretty easy.

"MLP season 3 will end up being the most entertaining season in the show"
Not in my opinion. Too many lackluster episodes full of out-of-character moments and boredom. Fun to watch as sound and light shows, but not as fun to watch story-wise (with some major exceptions like Sleepless in Ponyville).

All posts from my account that were made before July 29 2013 are from the point of view of my dad unless it states otherwise.
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15 Jan 2014 11:12 - 15 Jan 2014 11:18 #3 by NaCl586
NaCl586 replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Ok, here what I wrote last year, everything that I color red are fail to be happen and everything that I color green are happened, and everything that I color yellow have something that I don't really know what is the answer. And everything in italic are my comments:

Going to write briefly first before modify this post again.
I modified it once.

A. Marble Blast :
1. I will become active in the forums
Not really. Zelda Classic and Touhou take most of my gaming times now.
2. I will not infect Jeff's DB again (If I infect it again, I will quit MB)
Already uninstalled DB on my computer :)
3. I will back to MBElite and give it 7-8 levels
MBElite I believe is dead
4. Jeff won't quit MBElite because of PQ
He quits
5. PQ and Fubar still won't be released
1.50 did released though
6. Elite won't be released this year
It is dead
7. I will have colored username
Not really
8. The forums will gain more members
9. They will be MBP WRR 2 or any kind of rampage and I will contribute on at least one run
There is the WRR2 but I failed to contribute inside.
10. My levels and skyboxes will be original

B. Youtube and Twitter targets
1. NaCl586
Views : 90,000
Subscribers : 75
60 subs
Total Videos : 200
153 vids
Most Video Views : 25,000
Videos with Views over 1k : 25

2. NainCycle586
Views : 10,000
Subscribers : 35
50 subs
Total Videos : 100
43 videos
Most Video Views : 1,500
Videos with Views over 1k : 5
No videos

3. NaCl586 (twitter)
Tweets : 5,000
4,036 tweets
Followers : 250
Following : 300
173 following

C. Sport Stacking
1. I will get my first 6 on cycle
6.96 :)
2. I will get my first 1 on 3-3-3
1.93 :)
3. I will have few more speed stacks set
JW RETAILS :) Got 4 more sets
4. I will make a book about sport stacking in Indonesian
Don't have time to continue it
5. They will be more Indonesian stacker
6. I will join ISSC and meet Mr Aji (Indonesian fastest and most popular stacker)
No (btw i'm faster than him now)
7. I will go to my first stacking competition
8. I will go to my first sanctioned competition
9. Speed Stacks opened a store in Indonesia
10. I will have oovoo with some US stackers

D. Others
1. Mason will come to Indonesia for the first time :D
I think I hope too much
2. I will go to US for a competition and huge trade with Mason
I think I hope too much
3. I will have doubles with Mason
I think I hope too much
4. I will cook some Indonesian dishes for Mason
I think I hope too much
5. I will still keep in touch with Mason even without MSN (if msn is really gone in march)
Yes, from Facebook and Instagram
6. My friends at school and msn will become more awesome
They are awesome :)

E. Gaming
1. I will get a wii or wii u
Got a Wii U
2. I will get zelda skyward sword and nsmb wii
No, but tried them once
3. I will get nintendo gamecube games
Only the iso
4. I will do my first online match in mario kart 7 and mario tennis open and win both
Only do MK7 and win :)
5. I will have more 3ds friends and games
Still don't make any friends but I got 9 games now.
6. I will speedrun any of my games
NSMB 2 :)

F. Personal
1. I will get a girlfriend from my class
2. I will win a science competition
Finally, but only qualified from the qualification round
3. My class (9C) won't be noisy anymore
It is still
4. I will get HD monitors
5. I will get HD camera or new hard drive
6. I will have my house done
7. I will make new friends
8. My science score will be better or even get 9
Yes, got a 97 on physics and chemistry
9. I won't meet social science anymore
10. I will get faster internet speed
Almost the same speed (150 up, 20 down)
11. I will get a new mobile phone
12. My English will be better
A bit
13. I will get 1st rank at school (my best is 2nd)
Still 2nd in 9th grade

Will edit if necessary
Edited it once.

I'm just an ordinary marble blaster who like to create new and unusual things.

Creator of Marble Blast GLC and Marble Blast GLC 2
Check out and download my custom levels here .
Check out my original musics in this thread and in my soundcloud here .
Last Edit: 15 Jan 2014 11:18 by NaCl586.
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15 Jan 2014 18:49 #4 by Xelna
Xelna replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast :

- I will record some levels.
Hum, yes.

- I will reach 160,000,000 rating on the MBP Leaderboards, then relax and take a deep breath.
161,170,000 something in fact. And it can't go much higher than this. I'd say 166,000,000 in the Current version would be the max. But in the upcoming 1.50 release, no more GG marble so substract 45,000,000 rating, but more Custom levels so add.... idk how much rating, because idk how many levels there will be and how much they'll be worth. Also the 25,000,000 rating bonus from the Dragon's Destiny achievement will be removed.... Maybe the 1,250,000 Bonus from the 120 Easter Eggs achievement too? No idea.

So take 161,170,00 - 70,000,000 = 91,170,000 then add whatever rating the new Custom levels will offer (top end rating). So yeah we need 8,830,000 from them. Considering I have 24,700,000 right now with 145 Custom levels, add maybe 45 Custom levels? which is roughly the 1/3 of 145 that would add 8,000,000 rating to the 91,170,000 but it depends on the level and the rating they'll give.

Bottom line, getting 100,000,000 General Rankings in MBP 1.50 needs to be an achievement in the achievement section :P

- I will still be 1st in General rankings on the MBP Leaderboards by the end of 2013.

- There will be multiplayer and I'm going to lose to Matan due to the lag.
Yes for Multiplayer, if BETA counts, no to losing to Matan because I haven't played 1.50 yet.

Personal life :

- I will be alive by the end of 2013.
Yes. Even though university is slowly killing me.
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15 Jan 2014 20:15 #5 by Marson
Marson replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Here goes. I'll be color coding it like Gerson too because I think that's a great idea.

Marble Blast & Forums:

-I will join the forums in 23 days.
-MBElite will release at the end of the year, certainly not up to its full potential.
-MBElite's announced "big feature" will not be included in the final build due to Jeff's absense from the game.
-I will release two trailers for MBElite, one being only a week or two before the release date.

-PQ will release in some way (not necessarily the full version, maybe a demo/beta)
-Xelna and/or Dushine will continue to demolish both MBG and MBP and upload videos of their incredible skillz.
Pretty much, yup.
-Multiplayer will accumulate a crapload of bugs right before Jeff and HiGuy plan to release.
When does it not?
-I will release at least three custom levels.
Does zero count?
-I will make a thread for my graphics.
Nope, never got around to it.
-I will be so active on the forums that I will probably get a colored name by the end of the year.
Wow... not even close...
-I will (or at least I want to) constantly beat Andrew in hangman.
Nah, I stopped playing hangman after a while.
-I will continue to not keep track of the forums' statistics.
-I will not get anymore WRs in MBG, but I will get atl east 5 in MBP.
Actually, got one in MBG, and a decent amount (10?) in MBP.
-My LBs ranking will fall out of the top ten (it might have already, I haven't checked) and I will reearn that spot.
Yup. Lost it, re-earned it, and lost it again.
-I will only post four or less videos on my MB channel, not including MBElite trailers.
Yeah, only two.
-I will meet mm10o4 in real life for the second time. (He was an old member of the forums)
No :( But I did meet Jeff, that makes up for that :D

YouTube Statistics:

istackr channel:
Subscribers: 1,350+
Video Views: 500,000+
Videos: 70+

Most Viewed video will have 150,000+ views

Subscribers: 1,288
Video Views: 460,599
Videos: 62
Most viewed video: 155,486 views

Nihahhat channel:
Subscribers: 65+
Video Views: 14,000+
Videos: 27+
Most viewed video will have 3,000+ views

Subscribers: 68
Video views: 13,855 :(
Videos: 23
Most video video: 2,808 views

Sport Stacking and Speedcubing Records:

3-3-3: 1.4x
3-6-3: 1.8x
Cycle: 5.2x
9-cycle: 4.4x
Opposite Handed Cycle: 5.xx

Nope, didn't stack much this year.
-I will get a world record
Yeah, relay
-I will get a 5.7x in tournament
Got close but nope
-I will go to 6 tournaments
Yes! Six exactly!
-I will get another set of Torre Copos
-Gerson will get a 6.xx
-Someone at the world championships will yell "THAILAND! THAILAND!"
Well, duh, that's a given.

2x2x2: 4.xx
3x3x3: 1x.xx
4x4x4: 2:xx.xx
5x5x5: 4:xx.xx
Pyraminx: Under 10 seconds
Megaminx: 3:xx.xx
Magic: 1.5x
-I will buy a 6x6 and 7x7, and go to at least two tournaments

2x2x2: 1.xx
3x3x3: 11.67
4x4x4: 1:02.xx
5x5x5: 2:17.xx
Pyraminx: 2.7x
Megaminx: 2:15.xx
Magic: It was remove as an event so I didn't practice
Bough 6x6, 7x7, Square-1, and more. Went to four tournaments.

Personal Life:

-I will (officially) get a girlfriend.
Yes... and then no.
-I will go to Florida, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, and Michigan.
Florida and Michigan yes, the rest nope.
-I will get and complete Super Mario 64.
Got it, didn't complete it.
-I will become friends with the new kids at school next year.
There's only one new kid, and he's a jerk. No.
-I will go somewhere away from home just to take pictures.
Yeah, went to the meadow a few times and the zoo.
-I will make a gallery of my own on the Paint.NET forums.
Haven't visited those forums in a year.
-I will make a movie in the spring.
-I will buy a tablet laptop near the end of the year.
Heck yes!! Acer Aspire V5 Touch, with an i7 and other cool specs. Love it :)
-I will lose a friend after a fight, and then become friends with him again later.
This happens like every day so yeah
-I will most likely not make any new music (can you actually call the stuff I make music?) tracks.
-I will restart piano lessons.
I did teach myself a few songs, though I didn't go back to lessons.
-My favorite food will still be cherries.
-Bohemian Rhapsody will still be my favorite song.
Still love this song, though I really don't have a single favorite song anymore.

-Jeff will fall in love with someone or something.
Yes, he fell in love with PQ swag
-Jeff will eat some muffins.
I have confirmed this, thank goodness.
-Jeff will get a haircut.
He better have, or else.
-Gerson and Randomguy14 will continue to be cool.
This is the most true prediction on here.
-I will be jealous of Gerson's awesome food.
Every... day...
-Asian food will continue to be delicious.
Yes, though my parents really need to find a better place than QQ kitchen.
-Apple will release something pointless.
-People will think that this section of my predictions is really pointless.
I sure hope so.
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15 Jan 2014 23:09 #6 by Joey
Joey replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
May as well follow the color-coding trend for ease of reading.

...But given my plans for 2013 and what I'm ready to do with it, I believe in most (if not all) of these to succeed. Goals! (somewhat)
Ha, no.

Marble Blast:

I will contribute to the community in some way...
Ha, no.

I'll start playing Marble Blast again
Ha, no.

PQ will probably be released
Ha, no.

MBF will not be released
At least I have one thing to put on my predictions every year.

MBE may release, but it may not reach its full potential (as Jeff said)
I did use "may", but I still insinuated that it would release. Therefore: ha, no.

Music stuff!

I'll get remotely known amongst the internets
Ha, no.

I will reach 1,000 subscribers on Youtube (that's a long shot haha)
Ha, no.

I will enter and hopefully win a music contest/competition
Ha, no.

The Elite Class will be released
Ha, no. That got canceled.

I will have an official logo
Ha, no. This logo is only temporary.

I will succesfully have a blog and begin a "Weekly Updates" program featuring video blogs
Ha, no.

I will begin doing live streams
Ha, no.


I will not get a girlfriend

I will get a new freaking desktop! (That will be up-to-date)
And... correct.

I love you, but your attitude is like that of a shrew. Your options? Take a pill or be my kill. Might I suggest that you wear a vest. Perish in class or be banished to the land of bluegrass, where dreams don't exist as you'll be eternally pissed.
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16 Jan 2014 14:11 - 16 Jan 2014 14:29 #7 by RDs.The-dts-guy
RDs.The-dts-guy replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Last year i made a little challenge of writing predictions as short as possible.
Well here it goes, man just trying to remember what i meant by some of these symbols is hard lol. ={D

Marble Land
1. Finally remake lvl asked
Nope, only 1/4th complete

2. More marbles
Well haven't released most of them but yeah i reviewed 1 and made new designs so yep!

3. 2lvls for E (2 levels for elite)
Nope not even one

4. Activity linear
Yep still checking forums every day.

5. 1 M vid/tut 1 marbleblast video/tutorial
I haven't one video uncompiled but wasn't put on YT so nope :c

6. 1 o 1st on LB’s lvl (being in first place in least 1 Leaderboards level)
Nah but I can try this year!

7. no gr p (No group project i think...)
Nope because i Have done one witch wasnt released until i finish my part
8. 1 Sk B (blender) (1 3D skybox made in blender for marbleblast)
Actually ill call it as yes because i did simple .dts skybox recently.

1. 1-3 M’B G (fg) (I know fg ''for good'' G means gone and MB could mean MarbleBlast but how is this related to forums, no idea...)
Nope the game is still here.

2. 2 An M (B.) I think this ment 2 Members leaving forums and 1 comes back)
Sooo I have no idea but I think its nope. Marblefire left but no idea who else and I don't think anybody rejoined. so Nope

3. Meet a Mem (Meet one forums member)
Nope but I'm hoping for this year...

4. Awesome Thing (Fubar...? I really have no idea what i men't by this)

5. Activty D A B (Activity decrease a bit)
I think it has increased slightly than decreased.

6. Mp (Multiplayer released)
Yep if beta counts!

1. Eventually F H R S (Eventually finish huge railroad system)
Nope but I'm doing new survival map on which ill do that for real this time :)

2. L a C B (Leave and come back to minecraft)
Yep i think even couple of times.

3. FTB more (play Feed The Beast modpack more)
Not really.

4. Mod (Make a MC mod myself)

Real Life
1.No Gf =( (No girlfriend)
Hah of course no :f

2.Coding thingy (do game for android)
Never learned coding so nopee

3.Physics (both) (Make my own physics engine and learn irl physics more)
Nope and Nope

4.RC (Get RC nitro car)
Never got enough money to purchase it so nope.

5.GeoC (geochaching)
Found 3 more cashes this year so Yep i did some geochaching

6.CompLess (Sit at computer less)
Not really...

7.Friends (get some new friends)

8.Rememeber 99% of what I wrote (self explanatory)
Lol no but it is really close.

9.Do bike trip (Do bike trip to somewhere in europe)
I actually planned to do it 2 years later so nope

Number of Yep's:18
Number of Nope's:5
Number of unresolved predictions:2

I'm bad at predicting it seems.... :P

Some guy that does DTS shapes and levels.

AWESOME time HINT : When making PQ level place your custom interiors and textures in platinum/data/interiors_pq/custom
makes life easier for you and everyone else :)
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18 Jan 2014 05:29 #8 by Sporlo
Sporlo replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Yet another failsafe post in case I forget to come back to this.
I am brilliant!!!
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18 Jan 2014 12:00 - 18 Jan 2014 14:12 #9 by ProMarbler
ProMarbler replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

Hmm... will I make predictions this time? Lets find out!

To expand later, of course.

* In Marble Blast Platinum, I will finally get around to beating BCF. I've probably tried a thousand times already.
--- Haha, nope.

* Aaryl will continue to delay MBF until sometime after 2014.
--- Totally true.

* The PQ staff will release a video of PQ, then release it late-December, only for me to realize that this computer will not run it.
--- PQ? Where? If my computer runs MBP 1.50, PQ should be fine.

* The internet will go down.
--- Do finicky Broadcom drivers and/or corrupting TCP/IP stacks count?

* The Earth will remain intact.
--- *tap, tap* -- I'd say it has.

* My lame self will survive and not do anything horribly stupid.
--- Don't think I broke anything, I'm pretty sure I'm alive, and don't think I did anything too stupid.

* They will discover life on Mars, which stirs up commotion for a few months, but then settles down.
--- Life? Don't think so. But I really haven't checked the news much recently, since Yahoo changed their layout to be stupid and also break everything in the process. I suppose I could look at other sites.

* I will learn how to program something. <<
--- Basic BASH scripting, as well as 2-3 lines of various other programming languages. I did make myself several neat scripts. Some of my attempts weren't perfect. It sometimes took forever. I made this "MBShifter" command script which I never made public that takes my Library/MarbleBlast folders and archives it in a totally stupid (hierarchic) fashion that would probably break NTFS and FAT filesystems. It allows for me to choose between profiles (me/the girls), and versions (MBP, MBG, MBF, MBPb if I wanted to, etc.), as well as having some safeties and allowing it to launch the game from the command line, if you wanted, with paths listed in a editable resource file. It has a setup script/function which is totally not implemented or functional, and remains dead code. The file is several kilobytes in size, too! I can definitely improve it. Some of my other ones was one that boots MBP 1.50, with some additional things for possible debugging in the future. Basically, it writes info to my console.log and analysis it for a few things, then archives it. No extra launch parameters needed! Then I made something that basically translated the names of the webpages I saved from the forums so that it was NTFS-compatible for Matan. It also stripped the directories that I stored the pages in of those annoying .DS_Store dataspace files. I may have also grepped my entire custom level store and used some regular expressions for a few Hangman answers, that was about custom levels and authors and such. I tried to learn bash and stuff of the system shell when my HD's filesystem corrupted (due to what I believe was a few bad sectors), and I couldn't get past Single-user mode without the boot processes fatal-ing out. So I learned what I could by the power of Google and man pages. The few files that were on there we copied off from the terminal on the install CD, and we reformatted it. But it had perked my interest ever since.

* I will make a world on Minecraft that lasts more than a month. Then, it drops support for this system.
--- I don't believe I made a world that lasted that long on this computer, but on one of the laptops I'm fairly sure I have. And Minecraft did drop support for this system. Aren't I amazing? They moved to Java 6, while the JVM is only on Java 5. It sort of blows the point of a JVM.

* I will make more predictions next year. I wouldn't know for sure until the year after.
--- I already made new predictions! I've noticed that they tend to follow an "I will..." format, though. But then others probably just omitted that bit in theirs where it would appear. I know I made them this year, and I will know I made them next year.

* Everyone here will ditch their obsession with ponies. Unless they are actually girls.
--- Unfortunately, I don't think everyone has. Oh well, you can keep on wishing.

* Multiplayer will be released, then I'll get bored of it and do something else.
--- Multiplayer beta released! :o I haven't gotten bored of it yet, because we just got it! I'll definitely play it more once they get all the quirks out and the features in.

* I will not be using a new forum skin.
--- Not on the old Proboards! I am a bit using a new skin now, since the forum move. I kind of like it.

* Proboards will go down for a significant period of time.
--- There were definitely hiccups and that stupid ad server that was canceling the load requests. Stupid ads. Then we lost the domain and switched forums. The old forums was upgraded to v5 (why?!), which made it like all the other social media. Ugh. At least we won't be going back.

* Marble Blast will be remade and available on the market once again.
--- Haha, not really. The rights are still stowed away in some obscure location. Matan pointed out that we could distribute MarbleBlast as long as the people managing all that stuff don't complain, so that could be making it available. I'm sure MB uploads have gone up 500%. :P

* I will still have two cats.
--- Mrrow! Yes! I love my cats. They were both trying desperately to get me up this morning, nuzzling me and meowing at me excessively. All because they were hungry for breakfast. Once they were fed, they went back to their normal selves. Mrrow! <3

* We will get a foot of snow sometime after October this year. Aaryl will make another surprisingly-accurate weather forecast, and we will all stare in amazement.
--- I don't think Aayrl made any prediction this year. But we a whole bunch of snow mid-December in 2013, I would have to say in was definitely at least a foot, at least taking away the melt period between the two major snowfalls.

* I will not organize this post.
--- Ehh, I've organized it slightly, it's not just a long jumble of words (is it?). I've formatted it during this review, though.

* I will play MB at least 4 times this year. I will get bored each time.
--- Probably true. Interest is currently peaking up again, though. I think I lost interest fairly quick for each occasion that I did play.

* I will eat cake. No duh.
--- Totally true.

* Staff will not change further, unless there is further inactivity. Some staff will be slightly less active.
--- Not sure what the old staff listings were, but I can say that some have stepped down from inactivity, and there are definitely some who are ever less active.

* Aaryl will not release that MBF beta build, even though it looks ready for testing.
--- Actually, Aayrl did! However, I'm sure he's withholding something. Did I spell his name wrong? I've probably done it or nearly done it over a dozen times.

* Matan will eat a cheeseburger.
--- I'm sure he has. Haven't you? Correct me if I'm wrong. :P

* I will become a year older. Unless I meet up with some guy in a police box.
--- I am a year older! Not quite 16! Feels old. I do believe I may have accidentally wiped out the dinosaurs, though.

* Intelligent aliens will still not be found.
--- Of course not. If they did, the government would surely be covering it up. The universe is just too big.

* I will take a long break now. I will sleep.
--- I'm quite sure I did sleep.

* I will make a useless edit in my post.
--- If my posts were useless, any edits would be useless, too. I'm sure I'm made useless edits numerous times.

* Um, a few old members go, and is replaced by several new ones?
--- Totally true. Old members always tend to go away. There have definitely been some new members, too. A whole year's worth. Some older members have come back to visit, though. More will come as the website and MBP approaches completion. That doesn't mean the completion is quite final, though. :)

* I will actually open and play MBG, not the MBP version. (if at all)
--- I think I may have! Probably near the beginning of the year, I've got a vague feeling about playing it then. Not sure how long I played it though, probably just did it for a bit of nostalgia.

* My favorite color will still be blue.
--- Totally true.

* Some long-gone member will make a comeback for at least a month.
--- Memory fails me. Could someone list a few? I'm sure that there were.

* Less of half of my predictions will be true, but I will still get at least 4, not including this one.
--- Haha, I made most of prediction so likely. I certainly did get at least 4.

* I will somehow get 150 posts.
--- What was it? 110? 75? I somehow got over 300 whopping posts in total in that one year. I have 328 posts on the old forums, and almost 300 here. Stupid bananas, they probably corrupted everything. I hope that gets fixed. I've probably made about 14-15 posts here so far (actually, probably a bit more than that), so I have 340-350 posts. I think the Pro Marbler requirement was lowered, so I will be Pro! Awesome! I once checked and I have way over 1000 posts, including spam and the such. Probably about 20-25 posts are locked away or deleted.

* I will get nicer.
--- Why, you're welcome! I'm much more optimistic, too!

* About everybody here will still think I am weird.
--- I totally am. Don't get me wrong.

* I will play a new game.
--- Some in-browser flash games? MBP 1.50? I suppose that this was true.

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19 Jan 2014 21:44 #10 by Aayrl
Aayrl replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast Predictions

-Marble Blast Fubar will release in 2013.


-Matan will harass me daily until the latter is true.

Yup. He still sends me daily 'MBF WHERe?' messages on Facebook.

-PlatinumQuest will feature a beta testing phase / demo release

Yeah, No.

-I will continue to contribute to the Marble Blast Memes thread featuring still images of Matan's videos.

Do we still have one of those?

-Andrew will revolutionize the forums.

Absolutely, with his brilliant new signature image.

-The Marble Blast Development Kit will be re-organized, and several extremely useful pieces of code will be uploaded and shared.

I suppose with the new site we re-organized the MBDK...

-There will still be a serious lack of decent Custom Levels.

Wrong. There are tons of excellent Custom Levels that have released in the past few months alone. Quite impressive, really.

-Forum Active user pool will remain mostly the same - I am not counting the 600 crawlerbots as 'members'.

With the new site, we gained quite a few members.

-The MarbleBlast forums will change, dramatically...

You can say that again.

-The MarbleBlast forums will change, dramatically...

Deja Vu.

Non-Marble Blast Predictions

-Jeff will become 'friends' with (gasps) a female (wink wink).

I have no doubts this happened.

-Matan will visit the States.

I do not think this occurred.

-I will party with Andrew Sears.

If by 'party' I meant 'Skype', then yes.

-Moshe will win the Ultimate Ninja Warrior contest.

Pretty sure the guy that won the contest on TV was a Moshe clone.

Real Life Predictions

-I will still play Everquest.

Damn straight.

-I'll attend a gaming convention and run into a forum member.

If I had money, I would've.

-My car will still be running smoothly by the end of 2013 (please, let this one be true).

Never better! It even got a tire upgrade and we fixed the leaky oil pan!

-I will once again travel to some exotic location in the world (exotic counts as any location outside of the United States that is not Canada, eh.)

DisneyWorld counts, it's a separate country.

-Facebook will change some feature and anger tons of users.

Yeah, anyone try using the Facebook Mobile app recently? Need I mention the Facebook Messenger app itself uses a whopping 600MB of storage?

-The American Government will fail to do anything about its debt problem, and we will try to excuse ourselves by starting a war somewhere else. (We have a good track record of doing that in the past 50 years).

No surprise here. We do like pissing off countries by flying our jets in their restricted air space though.

-I will have at least two full-time jobs and two part-time jobs this summer (2013).

You have no idea.

-I will bowl a game scoring at least 250.

269. Suck it.

-My Girlfriend and I will move into an apartment together.


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22 Jan 2014 05:27 #11 by Gary
Gary replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast:

+ Happy Roll will release a demo ( i will try my best to do it..believe me :P )
emmmm. not . but we are still work hard in this project.
+ My skills will improve

Code Studing/Software Learning:

+ Study C# and pascal
i have not study c#. but i am studying C++ now. i finished read the book "C++ Primer Plus"
+ release my first app on windows 8.
well... nope...but there are a lot of win32 programs.
+ Finished to learn Blender
a little..

Life Learning

+ practice to improve my Oral English
yap. but still not very well
+ learn more western cultures ..( in order to reduce misunderstanding )
a little..
+ get good grades on my chemistry subject
em.... yap

HappyRoll Mod Leader
C++ Beginner
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22 Jan 2014 18:03 - 22 Jan 2014 18:04 #12 by Andrew
Andrew replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Let's see here...

Marble Blast & Forums:

PQ will be close to release, but not quite ready yet. There will be a new trailer and a demo released at some point.
Fubar will STILL be unreleased.
Of course this came true :P
Elite will die (sorry Nihahhat).
Multiplayer will be completed and released, and will become very popular.
MBP 1.50 Beta HERe
A new mod will start that will be highly anticipated and popular.
Mods were started, but none were received well.
There will be a new CGL.
Less than 200 custom levels will be created.
Despite the contributions of Buzzmusic, BlastedMarble, and others, we still fell short of 200.
Matan will still have more posts than Pablo.
Yes, of course.
There will be between 2,900 and 3,000 members.
We will gain three new active members, and two currently active members will leave.
Probably true...
The forum staff will not have any changes.
The forums will have 9,000 topics and 166,000 posts total.
Too lazy to check, but certainly plausible.
Jeff will finally buy a dictionary and start spelling words correctly. :P
Everyone will lose the game.
If you're reading this, then yes :P


I will have 7,500 posts.
Still short of 7500, but hopefully this year I will.
I will start making MB videos again.
Nope, sorry guys
I will rediscover my interest in making levels and start contributing to PQ again.
Lol no.
I will continue working towards my Master's degree and get a tutoring job on campus.
I will finally get a girlfriend.
Nope, still single :(
I will get a job over the summer that pays me good money.
Unfortunately no
This year the Patriots will finally get that elusive 4th championship.
Apple will release its rumored iTV.
wtf kind of prediction was this...lol
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25 Jan 2014 15:12 #13 by Kwill
Kwill replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast Mod Releases:[/u]
- PQ will be released toward the end of the year, and will be awesome. Not yet.
- PQ will bring back some activity (more frequents levels, etc.), but the forum will not surpass its golden age. See above.
- MBFubar will have an incomplete release due to the pressure to get it done. Nope.
- MBElite will be released, but won't be a major mod like MBP. It will be more like MBA. Yeah, I'd say that's true.
- Happy Roll will meet an incomplete release (about 30% done) I'm not sure what the status on this mod is right now actually.
- Multiplayer will be released, but will have lots of bugs and inconsistencies that will be continued to be fixed in patches through the rest of the year. Dongers up!
- The MBP patch will release as planned and be successful. I suppose beta releases count. (Back when the MBP patch and MP weren't the same thing.)
- A project to expand features in multiplayer (somewhat like PR) will be started, but will still be in the early stages at the end of the year. Nope, but there is that MB Powered Up mod in the works somewhere.

Marble Blast Forums:[/u]
- Activity level will be very low, almost non-existant, until PQ or Multiplayer is released. Then, the activity will flourish for a short time and then go to a moderate level. I would say this is true, we got a lot of people back with even the beta.
- One new council/jr. council member. Is Jeff a council member now?
- About 8,800 topics and 158,500 posts. (Currently 8,578 and 156,977) 1283 and 31,300. I didn't factor in the big forum dump.
- 2 noob mods will be started, last a month, and die, releasing nothing. I remember there being one a while back, but I can't remember the name.
- 2 new major rules regarding behavior. Don't think so, and if there were, they are no longer in effect.
- 2 old members (not counting me) will come back, and two current members will leave, one on unfriendly terms. I'm sure more than 2 have come back for multiplayer. I know marblefire deleted his account, and if anyone else left, they left quietly.
- An old MB villain will make an appearance in some way. Not that I know of, it's been pretty peaceful.
- The Hangman Game will decline as the Funny Pictures thread flourishes. I don't think the Hangman game has slowed down much, but the Funny Pictures thread gained a lot of speed.
- Matan will eventually lock PQ Where because it's becoming too spammy. Not even close.
- No word on MBO ever coming back. Correct.
- No LotM/Y, but there will be some other kind of level competition. I don't believe so.
- I will have 8 released levels (2 currently) ehhh
- There will be some major news (good or bad) that will be completely inconceivable to the forum and takes us by surprise. New website.

Well, I got about half of them right. Here's to 2014!
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29 Jan 2014 17:20 #14 by iceNetro
iceNetro replied the topic: 2013 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Hello, I'm eNetro314.
My Marble Blast Predictions
I will beat 5 Gold times in MBG regular levels, bringing me 98/100.
No, I’m at 94/100.

I will release my Gravity Swap: MBP Volume 1 at the beginning of March with the "Beginner Levels" video

I will release Marble Blast Levels 7-15 throughout 2013
No. I released MBL: CX as the last MBL video

I will release 4 No Jumping videos throughout 2013
No. I’m busy doing Marble Blast Levels videos :P

I will release 2 Ultra Blast videos throughout 2013
No. Same thing as above.

I will release something 'exotic' for the summer.

I will do some videos of other MB mods

My Apple Predictions
Apple will release a Retina Air, updated the Retina Pro, and do away with the 'classic' Pro in June
Retina Air = No; Retina Pro = updated October instead; ‘classic’ pro = yes (in general)

Apple will completely revamp the Mac Pro line in June
Yes, as a sneak peak

Apple will release the iPad mini with Retina display, and redesigned iPad (full-size) in March

Apple will announce the iPhone 5S in September.

Apple will discontinue the iPod classic in September.

Apple will not majorly update the iPod shuffle and iPod nano.

Apple will revamped the iPod touch to have an A6 CPU.

Apple will announce the iWatch and TV.

Apple will dramatically improve the dreaded Podcasts app with version 2.0 in the first half of 2013.
No, in October

Apple will release OS X Lynx at the end of July and iOS 7 in September.
No/Yes. OS X Mavericks in October and iOS 7 in September

Apple will not release any app of their own.
I don’t think so.

Awesome Hint:

Since the Awesome Time/Score is secret, you will have to beat it in order to find out what it is. Just practice every day, and be ready to keep pressing the 'Restart' button...A LOT!
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