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15 Jan 2014 01:45 - 01 Jan 2020 08:23 #1 by IsraeliRD
MBF Time Capsule 6 :: 2014 Predictions was created by IsraeliRD
Post here your predictions. Instructions are at the board's description.
Don't forget to edit your posts if you want to add more!

Unfortunately Sam has been busy, so I've been looking around for a new capsule, especially in my drawers because I knew I had some lying about, and indeed I found a few! So write up your predictions and I shall lock it all away until next year's.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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15 Jan 2014 01:55 - 17 Jan 2014 00:40 #2 by blueteak
Replied by blueteak on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
I predict I will forget I got to post first in the time capsule

I predict I will release at least two more apps, either on iOS or on Computer.
(More predictions to come)

Check out my website: alvios.com/ !
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15 Jan 2014 02:40 #3 by main_gi
Replied by main_gi on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
I predict that someone will accidentally put a time capsule into a time capsule.
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15 Jan 2014 02:57 #4 by Sammyp
Replied by Sammyp on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
i predict that PQ will come out on [DATA EXPUNGED]
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15 Jan 2014 03:50 - 10 Feb 2014 13:48 #5 by RandomityGuy
Replied by RandomityGuy on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions

1.I predict that I want to win every MP Match
2.I predict that I create MP levels from MBG/MBP DC levels
3.I predict that Multiplayer doesn't lag


1.I predict that I can create moving platforms
2.I predict that I don't keep Missions folder too full
3.I predict that I want to beat someone at challenges
4.I predict that I create a level thread
5.I predict that I could beat any level

Other stuff

1.I predict that I would be one of the testers of WA:POTZ editor
2.I predict that I could play WAPQ full on my birthday(on 17th jan)
3.I predict that I create a first hub on "Worlds biggest wimp" fan made game.
4.I predict that I will be +1'ed a grade.
5.I predict that I portforward to 28000 because I can't.
6.I predict that I can solve a Rubik's cube less than 2 mins.

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15 Jan 2014 04:14 - 15 Jan 2014 04:15 #6 by Jeff
Replied by Jeff on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
- I will not start coding mbp again.
- i am done coding marble blast.
- i will become a master at c#
- i will barely touch torquescript ever again.

I am a programmer. Most here know me for being one of the major contributors to Marble Blast Platinum and PlatinumQuest.
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15 Jan 2014 11:02 - 22 Jan 2014 21:29 #7 by ProMarbler
Replied by ProMarbler on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
I will master procrastinate and wait until the last day to make [all my] predictions. ... Not.

~ I will beat MBP's BCF. I know I can!
~ I will pick up interest in Minecraft and build something amazingly creative or wonderful.
~ I will play on the LBs and have at least half of my offline times beat.
~ I will reacquire at least half of my Ultimate and Platinum/Gold times.
~ I will scorn Proboards's V5. Buttons > drop-downs.
~ I will eat a tasty blueberry pie, and sincerely enjoy it.
~ I will be good in something!
~ I will have a hobby of some shape or form.
~ I will be helpful to the MB community!
~ I will know how to really program.
~ I will learn how to do even cooler things with computers,
~ I will pass and get decent grades in my classes.
~ I will enjoy all my classes for the next two semesters.
~ I will be faster at assorted things.
~ I will enjoy school.
~ I will be happy throughout the year!
~ I will be more optimistic than I was when I was writing this post.
~ I will enjoy being a member of the forums for more than three years!
~ I will keep on living.
~ I will try and host a Minecraft server for at least a few weeks this year.
~ I will love my cats. <3
~ I will still love blueberries.
~ I will appreciate music more.
~ I will be a year older! Woo!
~ I will come to like these forums.
~ An angry horde of bots will overrun the forums at some point in time.
~ The DedalusTech forums will still be running.
~ Marble Blast Fubar will NOT release; at least not before summer is over. this year.
~ PlatinumQuest will NOT release.
~ Aayrl will release at least two beta builds.
~ MBP 1.50 will still have that crash-on-disconnection-or-logout bug. I will be flustered.
~ PQ will finally release its second trailer video.
~ PQ will release more revealing information.
~ I will meet new people.
~ I will procrastinate less.
~ I will still enjoy and be good at math.
~ I will still like science.
~ I will not cause a heated argument on some forums.
~ I will be more creative.
~ This computer will still be running and active. Nobody will have it to get rid of or replace it.
~ I will make several embarrassing typos.
~ The forums will have many new and wonderful features.
~ Something new and fascinating will be discovered on Mars.
~ I will remember long-term things more easily than before.
~ I will improve my vocabulary.
~ I will make a post and it will somehow be messed up. Stupid ninjas.
~ I will make things more organized.
~ I will be more confident.
~ I will cut my hair.
~ I will play MarbleBlast Platinum more than before.
~ Something new, exciting, and totally unprecedented will happen! It will be amazing!
~ I will have most of my predictions come true.
~ I will realize I have started most of my predictions the same and come back at a later time to edit it.
~ I will have over 500 posts!
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15 Jan 2014 11:19 - 30 Jan 2014 23:57 #8 by NaCl586
Replied by NaCl586 on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
My prediction this year:

A. Marble Blast
1. Make at least 5 levels
2. Make at least 10 more videos about MB
3. Make MBL 11 and MBL 12 next year
4. Be more active on the forums
5. MBP 1.50 will be out
6. PQ, Fubar, and Elite still not be released
7. Elite is dead
8. No new mods started this year
9. MB2D become more famous

B. Zelda Classic
1. Complete my remake (Realm of Courage DX) or make a significant progress on it
2. Realm of Courage has 400 downloads and 4.5 stars
3. More understand about ZQuest editor
4. Make more friends from purezc.net

C. Sport Stacking
1. Get a 6.5 cycle or lower, 2.3 3-6-3 or lower, and 1.8 3-3-3 or lower.
2. Go to my first ever tournament
3. Get the gen 3 timer
4. Get more speed stacks set
5. Get any pro series
6. Get popular anywhere because of stacking
7. Stacks more everyday
8. Make a new friend from stacking

D. Internet sites targets
1. Youtube:
Subsribers : 100
Videos : 200
Total Video Views : 100,000
Most views on a video : 35,000
Vids with views over 1k : 10
Subsribers : 100
Videos : 100
Total Video Views : 10,000
Most views on a video : 5,000
Vids with views over 1k : 5
2. Twitter
Tweets : 10,000
Followers : 400
Following : lower than 250
3. Instagram
Posts : lower than 100
Followers : 200
Following : lower than 100

E. Other Gaming and Computer Stuff:
1. Have 8 Wii U Games and 15 3DS Games (currently have 4 Wii U and 9 3DS games)
2. My PS2 is fixed
3. Get to play kingdom hearts on PS2
4. 50 3DS Streetpass Tags
5. Get DKC Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, and Yoshi's New Island
6. Complete 10 Puzzle Swap Panels (Streetpass Mii Plaza)
8. Find another good game to speedrun (besides NSMB 2)
9. Get a new video editing program
10. Get a new camcorder
11. Get a new hard disk (any)
12. Get a TV Screen capture
13. Get a samsung or iphone (any but still good)

F. School:
1. Graduate to 11th grade
2. Physics and Chemistry scores are above 90 (A)
3. Get 4th rank or better on my class (X Science 1)
4. Get into my Schools' Science Club on Chemistry this year or next year
5. Never get below 75 on Physics and Chemistry
6. No final scores below 80
7. Scouts is removed
8. Win any competition on either Physics or Chemistry
9. Understand 11th and 12th grade Chemistry very good.
10. Better english, worse bahasa indonesia
11. Being written in school magazine or make an article to it

H. Personal and Friendship:
1. Most important thing ever, HAVE A GIRLFRIEND
2. Be in the same class next year with the girl that I like so much
3. Better attitude and behavior
4. Keep in touch with Mason Langenderfer again
5. Have more friends in my class
6. Become more social
7. Be more handsome
8. My face is clear

I. Touhou Stuff
1. Complete Normal on any touhou without using continue
2. Complete touhou 6 on Lunatic
3. Become pro on this game
4. Know much more about touhou anime
5. Have all bullet hell type touhou games
6. Made a complete gameplay of touhou 6 and 7 on youtube
7. Complete touhou 10 and 11 in 1cc
8. Complete any extra stages

I'm just an ordinary marble blaster who like to create new and unusual things.

Creator of the Marble Blast GLC series
Check out and download my custom levels here .
Check out my original musics in this thread and in my soundcloud here .
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15 Jan 2014 19:36 #9 by Sammyp
Replied by Sammyp on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions

Krishiv wrote:
3.I predict that I create a first hub on "Worlds biggest wimp" fan made game..

it's a bit too late for that, kirsh

(don't bother asking, it isnt MB-related)
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15 Jan 2014 23:20 #10 by Battlecube314
Replied by Battlecube314 on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
Marble Blast Goals:
1. Beat all the ultimate times (I have 115/120)
2. Start a YouTube channel
3. Successfully trap launch on a level other than Skyscraper
4. Create a video beating the UT on Battlecube Finale or Mastering the Marble
5. Build new levels in torque constructor
6. Beat any time from either MBG WRR#3 or MBP WRR#2

Predictions about mods:
1. 1.50 full version will release
2. PQ will release
3. Fubar will be close to releasing
4. More random mods will die in production, releases of incomplete demos.
5. 1.50 will have at least 60 multiplayer maps.

1. Improve scores on mathematics competitions
2. Get straight A's in second semester
3. Finish reading Art of Problem Solving Volume 2, solve 85-90% of the math problems.
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16 Jan 2014 17:21 #11 by Buzzmusic
Replied by Buzzmusic on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
Marble Blast:

I'll make at least 20 more levels
There will be at least 2 new members who become very active
There will be at least 3 new mods
MBFubar will be released
PQ will NOT be released


I'll get accepted into Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
I'll become friends with multiple people at that school
I'll almost finish or completely finish the album I'm working on
I'll get at least 2 more Zelda games
I'll get at least 50 more YouTube followers
I'll play at least 2 video games I haven't played before that aren't Zelda games or games on my neighbor's NES
For me, 2014 in general will be better than 2013

All posts from my account that were made before July 29 2013 are from the point of view of my dad unless it states otherwise.
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16 Jan 2014 21:07 #12 by RDs.The-dts-guy
Replied by RDs.The-dts-guy on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
Reserved till I figure my this years predictions. Actually considering i have ones i put every year.

Marble Land




1.No Gf :f

Some guy that does DTS shapes and levels.

AWESOME time HINT : When making PQ level place your custom interiors and textures in platinum/data/interiors_pq/custom
makes life easier for you and everyone else :)
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17 Jan 2014 22:38 #13 by davidjl123
Replied by davidjl123 on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
I predict that MBP 1.50 / PQ will be released.
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18 Jan 2014 05:35 - 02 Feb 2014 04:27 #14 by Sporlo
Replied by Sporlo on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
I wish I could spend more time on this but I'm afraid I'll run out of time :(
  • Failsafe prediction that is automatically true if I evaluate my prediction accuracy next year: I will see the next Time Capsule!
  • I will continue to play MBP 1.50 through at least the summer. Perhaps not much, but at least more than "not at all."
  • I will ignore the MBF beta until it is released in full and then I will finally successfully install it and play it and enjoy it and thank Aayrl.
  • I will work at least 2 separate jobs before the end of 2014.
  • I will go back to school in the fall. Most likely the more northerly one...
  • I will finish what I started almost 2 years ago... I ain't gonna bother to predict what will be the result...
  • Apple will turn the Apple TV into a gaming console.
  • Apple will continue to lose my favor over the course of the year (although hopefully their plans for the Apple TV aren't too horrible).
  • Probably the most unlikely: I will, or will come close to, doing something that hopefully I will remember what next year. :silly:
  • I will have moved out of the place I'm in right now
  • I will have used the forums pretty sparingly over the course of 2014.
Meh. I could go on but I'm already being cryptic, so I might as well leave it at that and we'll see how the above went in... 2015!!!!

See y'all next year folks. Happy Marbling!
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19 Jan 2014 16:43 #15 by RC
Marble Blast Related

-1.50 (full version) will be released.
-Fubar will not come out (nor will it in 2015).
-Some kind of PQ demo/trial will come out.
-I will get 315 or more on Sprawl.
-I will get 215 or more on Gems in the Road.
-One new mod (non platinum team) will be released.
-I will make one or more levels for 1.50 (assuming it comes out by then).

Personal Goals

-Will get into 2 or more AP classes.
-We will finally sell our Challenger and buy a Porsche 914-6.
-Will move out of my town.
-Will make my varsity soccer (football) team.
-Overall have a better, less depressing year.
-Will sell my music.
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19 Jan 2014 21:24 #16 by Enigma
Replied by Enigma on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
I predict MBFubar and PQ will not be released.

I also predict I won't edit this message.

A journey of ten thousand miles begins with a single... Er... Call to a travel agent.
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20 Jan 2014 18:52 #17 by Joey
Replied by Joey on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
The un-ending cycle known as life:

I will take at least three college courses this year.
I shall take the ACT and end up setting my expectations higher than I probably should, only to result in disappointment when in reality everything will likely go just fine.
I will get a job, hopefully, maybe.
I will get my permit, hopefully, maybe.

The un-escapable sector of life known as musical endeavors:

"Dawn of Orchestral Ends" will be released (a ten-track grandiose album).
With help from my father, I will start my music business.
I will release at least two demos of Synthetic Symphony 3.
I'll reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube (this year...this year...)
Depending on how well my income grows, I will plan on purchasing East West Complete Composer's Collection (a variety of top-of-the-line virtual instruments for professional orchestra recording and emulation)

Marble Blast and overall gaming:

I'll end up re-downloading MB and all mods/whatever else associated with it and play again
I'll download 1.5 at some point and play
I'll upgrade my computer to 16GB RAM, at the very least (8GB at the moment)
I'll record at least thirty more videos
My gaming channel will at least hit 100 subscribers.
I will play MC around 25% less than what I played last year, but 75% of what I play will be for recording.
I will likely download PQ when it releases this year.
Fubar will not be released.

More to come if necessary

I love you, but your attitude is like that of a shrew. Your options? Take a pill or be my kill. Might I suggest that you wear a vest. Perish in class or be banished to the land of bluegrass, where dreams don't exist as you'll be eternally pissed.
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22 Jan 2014 05:37 #18 by Gary
Replied by Gary on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
This year...

Marble Blast:
+Continue the mod making of HappyRoll

Code Studing/Software Learning:
+Continue C++ learning
+OOP learning
+learn to use the new T3D Engine

Life Learning
+Get good grade on the NMET(national university exam)
+Create an new homepage of RGT

Other Stuff
+Win TouHou Project 06 and 14 Extra stage
+learn how to use Linux(Debian)

HappyRoll Mod Leader
C++ Beginner
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25 Jan 2014 16:48 - 02 Feb 2014 18:24 #19 by Kwill
Replied by Kwill on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
- With MBP 1.50 released, all attention will turn to PQ. At the end of the year, although the mod has not been released, more trailers, screenshots, features, etc. have been presented, with a demo in the works.
- MBFubar will not be released, although one major update will be posted in the middle of the year.
- After multiplayer's release, at least 80% of new custom levels will be MP maps.
- I will build 4 levels over the year, 3 of which will be MP maps.
- I will beat Battlecube Finale finally and have Platinum Time on 90% of MBP levels, and Ultimate Time on 15%.
- I will have Ultimate tIme on 75% of MP levels for single-player.
- I will actively participate in MB-related tournaments, though I won't win any.
- The Hangman Game and PQ WHERe will fade in popularity, but won't disappear completely.
- Some other thread will be started that takes the forums by storm and reaches 20 pages by the end of the year.
- An old mod with an incomplete release will be revived.
- Very little forum drama; few fights or banhammers.
- I will learn a new marble-blast related skill.
- Another unforeseen MB announcement will happen.
- I will forget about the forums for a long space of time.
- A multiplayer World Record Rampage will be in the works.
- I will begin my freshman year of college at Northern Michigan University.
- My schedule will consist of Chemistry, Calculus, Anatomy, Psychology, and Intro to Sport Science.
- I will have a girlfriend in college; NOT in high school.
- I will grow a beard.
- My bench press will be over 200.
- I will resume martial arts.
- I will learn to ski, and get better at piano. Maybe even guitar!
- My career path will not change. (Physician Assistant)
- I will learn a new skill that is something I'm not interested in at all right now.
- The San Francisco 49ers will win the Superbowl.
- Something devastating will happen in my personal life.
- This will be the most turbulent and exciting year of my life thus far.

Bring it on 2014!
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29 Jan 2014 17:36 - 01 Feb 2014 05:54 #20 by eNetro
Replied by eNetro on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
My Predictions for 2014
Marble Blast related Predictions:
I will release 6 Marble Blast Levels compilations
I will release a major compilation around the summer timeframe
I will release at least 1 No Jumping compilation
I will release at least 1 Ultra Blast compilation
iMacmatician’s major compilation for this year will be ‘Marble Blast Levels: Compilation 30’
The World Record Rampage for this year will be a 4th rampage of Marble Blast Gold

Plants vs. Zombies Predictions:
I will have 450,000 coins by the end of this year.
I will reach level 90 in Pyramid of Doom
I will reach level 60 in Dead Man’s Booty
I will reach level 60 in Big Bad Butte
The Far Future world will be released in the summer, bringing new plants and zombies.

Apple Predictions
Apple will majorly revamped the Apple TV in March
Apple will announce OS X 10.10 (predicted name, Yosemite) and iOS 8 in June
Apple will majorly update the iPod lineup
Apple will announce the iPhone 6 in September (offed in 4.5-inch and 5-inch); the iPhone 5C will be free with contract, and the iPhone 5S will start at $99 with contract
Apple will majorly overhaul the MacBook Air with a Retina Display.
Apple will finally add quad-core to the 13-inch (retina) MacBook Pro.
Apple will update the iPad Air and iPad mini (with Retina display) with A8 chips and add the iPad Pro to the lineup in October.
Apple will unveil the iWatch in October.

Awesome Hint:

Since the Awesome Time/Score is secret, you will have to beat it in order to find out what it is. Just practice every day, and be ready to keep pressing the 'Restart' button...A LOT!
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01 Feb 2014 00:09 #21 by drocsid
Replied by drocsid on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
I predict that I will get a better computer by the end of may.
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01 Feb 2014 00:12 #22 by Andrew
Replied by Andrew on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
Well I'd better get some predictions down before the capsule is buried! :O

- The full version of MBP 1.50 will be released, and the Platinum Team's focus will return to PQ
- PQ will still be unreleased, but another trailer will come out
- MBFubar will not be released
- I will get into the top 40 on the leaderboards and win a few multiplayer matches
- The new forums will gain more popularity as most of its bugs are repaired
- I will post less and less as the year goes on
- Apple will release the iPhone 6 and come out with a smartwatch sometime during the year
- I will discover some new game and will become obsessed with it for a while
- I will get my Master's degree and will have found a job somewhere
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01 Feb 2014 02:38 - 01 Feb 2014 03:29 #23 by Marson
Replied by Marson on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
Long one this time; I don't want to disappoint myself in a year.

I actually had this written up a few weeks ago, but when I finished it, my browser crashed and I had to start over. >_> I think I did a better job this time around, though.

Marble Blast:

1. I will only release one custom level this year. It will come out in March.
2. MBP 1.50 will reach a completed stage.
3. The Platinum Team will encounter difficulties with merging past leaderboards rankings with current ones.
4. Over summer, I will submit a sub-45 minute run of MBG to SDA. It will still be in the verification process at the end of the year.
5. I will only get one MBG WR.
6. Another World Record Rampage will not happen. Instead, there will be an SDA update for MBG.
7. I will gradually become better at Multiplayer, and Sprawl will still be lame.
8. By the end of the year, Buzzmusic will have released a custom level that is beyond crazy and creative.
9. Something Elite will happen.
10. I will only release three MB videos on my YouTube channel
11. The top two best levels ever (IMO) will still be Camp 2 and No Jumping II.
12. We will get no news regarding Happy Roll.
13. I will, once again, not keep track of the forum's statistics.
14. MBFubar will almost come out, but then it won't come out because of stuff.
15. PQ will have swag.

Other Gaming:

1. My favorite console game will still be SMSunshine, which I will have 100%'d.
2. I will also complete Super Mario 3D World , Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Pokémon Y.
3. I will buy Mario Kart 8 the day it comes out in a nearby store.
4. I will also get Wind Waker HD, Tropical Freeze, Smash Bros 4, M&L: Dream Team, and A Link to the Past.
5. I will NOT complete Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, or NSMBU.
6. My Nintendo 64 will generally get less attention.
7. I will not begin speedrunning a non-Marble game.
8. Several online matches in Mario Kart 7 between Gerson and I will occur. I will lose 90% of the races.
9. I will be tinkering with the idea of an any% Spectraball run.
10. My Wii U Gamepad will get a better battery.
11. (Hopefully) My parents will stop playing that dumb Lego game on the Wii U.
12. I will have a new HD monitor.


Subscribers: 1,400+
Videos: 66+
Video Views: 560,000+
Most Viewed Video: 180,000+ views

Subscribers: 75+
Videos: 25+
Video Views: 15,000+
Most Viewed Video: 4,000+ views


1. My global averages will be under the following times/limits:
Warning: Spoiler!

2. The following cubes will be my mains:
Warning: Spoiler!

3. MoYu will release a 5x5.
4. I will get top 100 in the world for Single and Average in Rubik’s Cube: With Feet.
5. Dayan will come out with its seventh 3x3 cube.
6. Gerson will get a sub-10 average on clock.
7. I will create my own custom puzzle, probably a cuboid.
8. The tournament that I am hosting this March will be a success. I will have also done a summer version of it.
9. Shengshou will release an updated version of one of their older products, though no new puzzles will be made by them, except for the 11x11, which will come out later in the year.
10. Andy Smith will win the 2014 National Championships.
11. John Brechon will win my tournament.
12. The 3x3 single WR will go under 5 seconds.
13. Kevin Costello III will break the 4x4 single WR.
14. My 3x3 official average will be sub-12.
15. I will go to over five tournaments, including the US National Championships in Jersey City!


1. Generally, my stacking activity will decrease.
2. I will only go to two tournaments: Connersville and Nationals.
3. I will not get any new cups.
4. My relay team will break the world record.
5. I will break one personal record at the National Championships.
6. My mom will let me use my demo money to pay for my cubing tournament fees.
7. Gerson will get a sub-6.5 cycle.
8. Josh Hainsel will win the World Championships in Korea.
9. The FOTW will reach sub-4.7.


1. Something monumental will happen regarding my relationships with girls. And no, I’m not talking about getting a girlfriend.
2. Bill will change his nickname.
3. I will get taller, older, and heavier.
4. I will successfully overcome my inability to wake up when I need to.
5. Jeff’s PQ swag will slowly decrease over time, and spike in mid-October.
6. Adam Sari will become a better person.
7. I will regain my relationships with older friends.
8. I will be enlightened sometime soon…
9. Gerson’s coolness will steadily increase. And he will get on Skype. (please?)
10. I will have straight A’s, with the exception of one B, by the end of the year.
11. I will be absent from school on a day that doesn’t give me a crap-ton of homework (this weekend is going to suck)
12. I will try some more ethnic foods.
13. My love for Asian foods will remain strong, and (hopefully) my parents will find a better place than QQ kitchen.
14. I will do well in the MathCounts competition tomorrow. (woo!)
15. I will qualify for the Regional Power of the Pen tournament.
16. I will get yelled at for missing choir, even if my excuses are valid.
17. STEM class will be hilariously easy.
18. The first semester of my freshman year will be smooth and not too difficult, especially because I will be taking Mandarin instead of Spanish.
19. I will qualify for the State Geography Bee championships.
20. Jeff will be my most-talked-to person on Skype, with Liam coming in a close second.
21. There will be three Aarons in my Skype list.
22. Steven will have lots of swag.
23. Jeff will still be my mommy, and I will see him again in the Spring.
24. I will make Honors English.
25. I will form a goal by the end of August.
26. Marble2 will have some delicious cupcakes.
27. This section is very long, because I love it.
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02 Feb 2014 01:21 #24 by Aayrl
Replied by Aayrl on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
Marble Blast
  • I will rarely play Marble Blast, if at all.
  • MBFubar will be released this summer for the sake of finally releasing it.
  • We will maintain this 'new site' for the continuation of Marble Blast's career.

Real Life
  • I will find a third job and limit my online time.
  • I will become a part of something ... ground breaking? (Check back in one year for details..)
  • Earn a handful of web design certifications and perhaps some preliminary networking ones, too.

Did not have time to post too many, so here's a few to keep me entertained next year. Until then, folks!

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03 Feb 2014 01:14 #25 by Xelna
Replied by Xelna on topic MBF Time Capsule 7 :: 2014 Predictions
- I will fall in 3rd place on the MBP 1.50 Leaderboards because I won't play it.
- I will be 3rd place in the world in The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past with a time in the 1:25:40's (hours:minutes:seconds) and hold the Canadian record.
- Matan won't beat my 19.48 on Great Divide.
- Dive's 12.26 WR from December 30th 2008 won't be beaten.
- The WR in A Link to the Past (Any%, No OoB, No S+Q) will be in the 1:23:50's using the SRL timing.
- I'm going to lose 5 WRs in MBG.
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