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01 Jan 2016 18:57 #1 by IsraeliRD
2014 Predictions :: Right or Wrong? was created by IsraeliRD
After two years of waiting, we can now check the previous year's predictions. Discuss HERE only 2014's predictions, be it your own or others and whether they were right or wrong.

Your previous predictions can be found here.

The old forum for the capsules is here.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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01 Jan 2016 22:32 #2 by Battlecube314
Replied by Battlecube314 on topic 2014 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast Predictions '14:
1. Beat all the Ultimate Times (did this in '14, both MBP and MBU levels)
2. Start a YouTube Channel (happened in '15)
3. Traplaunch on a level other than Skyscraper - I can traplaunch on 17 different levels on the LB's now, so obviously.
4. Both Battlecube Finale and Mastering the Marble UT's are demolished in my Big 5 Levels videos
5. Didn't design any new levels =( Hope to start building levels in '16
6. I beat a few times from MBP WRR 2, Let's Roll 2.19 and Magnet Training 4.61 (WRR had 2.20 and 4.74 I believe)

Mod predictions '14:
1. 1.50 did release, now is at 1.71
2. No, will not happen until '17
3. Beta came at year-end '15
4. MBS, MBUQ, etc.
5. Including custom levels, MBP has over 60 maps

Other predictions '14:
1. Scores went up in '14, but declined in '15 =(
2. Still have straight A's through 3 years of high school
3. Stopped reading AoPS for the most part
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01 Jan 2016 23:55 #3 by Lambencee(Aaron_Y)
Replied by Lambencee(Aaron_Y) on topic 2014 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

- I will not start coding mbp again.
- i am done coding marble blast.
- i will become a master at c#
- i will barely touch torquescript ever again.

- Jeff

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02 Jan 2016 02:53 #4 by Marson
Replied by Marson on topic 2014 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
I actually did mine a while ago, haha. Got impatient and found them on an old Google Doc.

Since the formatting doesn't want to transfer, you can view my predictions and their corrections here:

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03 Jan 2016 18:14 - 03 Jan 2016 18:16 #5 by RDs.The-dts-guy
Replied by RDs.The-dts-guy on topic 2014 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

Reserved till I figure my this years predictions. Actually considering i have ones i put every year.

Marble Land




1.No Gf :f

THIS I met someone had relationship for almost a year till got sortof cheated on and broke up. Well that was a wild ride but this was finally true!

Hey look I didn't finished my list welp thats gonna be easy OR NOT.
Gonna add some oldies that go every year in capsule.

Marble Blast World:

1. I will construct more often and even maybe make few levels for comunity.

3. MBF will be released.

4. PQ wont be released.

6. I will still be as active as i am now in forums.

7. I will make at least 10 marbles for community and PR.
If i would release all unreleased ones this would be true :P

8. One known forums member will leave community.
frankly not just one...

9. One of the forums members gonna see my face.

Other games and computing stuff:

1. I will leave and come back to MC few times.
2 times indeed

4. I will make something awesome in MC.
This was related to the huge railway track i wanted to do many years ago, i got close but not close enough to true junction type thing. :/

5. I will finally learn to code something and maybe even make a game for android.
Yes on first no on second

6. I Will make few short movies in blender.

7. Make something awesome in MC
Did a seamless item sorter which seemed pretty cool

9. GTA 5 wont be released..
Hey 3 years later it is and it's awesome

11. I will be blendering more often.
Kinda yes

Real Life:

1. I will buy new laptop.
\if raspberry Pi counts as one then yes lol

2. I still wont have a girlfriend.
THIS I met someone had relationship for almost a year till got sortof cheated on and broke up. Well that was a wild ride but this is finally true!

3. My phone will screw up.
I don't get how it still isn't completely messed up after 5 years lol

6. I will finally found my hobby
I can see direction but not quite the real thing

8. Nothing special will happen in this year.
I Hitchiked to England last year so that counts

9. I will met or have video chat with one of community members.
Did something even better ;)

10. I will be happier this year.
In general yes, age gives it's toll of ignorance which makes life better indeed.

11. Something awesome will happen.
Hitched across europe

Some guy that does DTS shapes and levels.

AWESOME time HINT : When making PQ level place your custom interiors and textures in platinum/data/interiors_pq/custom
makes life easier for you and everyone else :)
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04 Jan 2016 11:12 #6 by RandomityGuy
Replied by RandomityGuy on topic 2014 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
My previous predictions


1.I predict that I want to win every MP Match
IDK I was very inactive during 2015.Also I didn't win every MP Match. Maybe
2.I predict that I create MP levels from MBG/MBP DC levels
I didn't create any. False
3.I predict that Multiplayer doesn't lag
It lags so much.False

1.I predict that I can create moving platforms
I can make them. True
2.I predict that I don't keep Missions folder too full
I haven't been playing missions. Maybe
3.I predict that I want to beat someone at challenges
IDK. Don't remember much. Maybe
4.I predict that I create a level thread
Nah. I'm a terrible level maker. False
5.I predict that I could beat any level
Nah. I'm terrible at Mblasting.
Other stuff

1.I predict that I would be one of the testers of WA:POTZ editor
No I'm not.False
2.I predict that I could play WAPQ full on my birthday(on 17th jan)
No I'm didnt.False
3.I predict that I create a first hub on "Worlds biggest wimp" fan made game.
Done. True
4.I predict that I will be +1'ed a grade.
Obvious thing. True
5.I predict that I portforward to 28000 because I can't.
Done. True
6.I predict that I can solve a Rubik's cube less than 2 mins.

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13 Jan 2016 00:01 #7 by Aayrl
Replied by Aayrl on topic 2014 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

Aayrl wrote:
I will rarely play Marble Blast, if at all.

For the most part, pretty accurate.

Aayrl wrote:
MBFubar will be released this summer for the sake of finally releasing it.

And by "this summer" I of course meant 2016.

Aayrl wrote:
We will maintain this 'new site' for the continuation of Marble Blast's career.

So far, so good.

Aayrl wrote:
I will find a third job and limit my online time.

Nope, just found a single job which pays more than the two jobs combined. It's about the same time commitment though.

Aayrl wrote:
I will become a part of something ... ground breaking? (Check back in one year for details..)

I own several patents now, I've been published in medical journals, I'm immortalized in my university, I have a steady job and have already made ripples in the medical industry. I guess that counts.

Aayrl wrote:
Earn a handful of web design certifications and perhaps some preliminary networking ones, too.

Yep. I can document circles around you and I have a paper to prove it.

This was fun. I'll make sure I remind IsraeliRD to unbury the Time Capsule next year instead of these two year gaps.

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21 Jan 2016 01:23 - 21 Jan 2016 01:24 #8 by ProMarbler
Replied by ProMarbler on topic 2014 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
I will master procrastinate and wait until the last day to make [all my] predictions. ... Not.
-- Not a prediction, but... true enough. :)

~ I will beat MBP's BCF. I know I can!
-- BEAT IT, with platinum time, too!
~ I will pick up interest in Minecraft and build something amazingly creative or wonderful.
-- Played *occasionally*, lost some interest in it though. Nothing amazing made. :P
~ I will play on the LBs and have at least half of my offline times beat.
-- Not really. Can't say much about times. Maybe?
~ I will reacquire at least half of my Ultimate and Platinum/Gold times.
-- Maybe?
~ I will scorn Proboards's V5. Buttons > drop-downs.
-- Totally forgot it. Still hate it, though. :P
~ I will eat a tasty blueberry pie, and sincerely enjoy it.
-- YES! Some of it dripped on my shoe.
~ I will be good in something!
-- I am better at computers! Also better at many things in general. :)
-- Oh, any maybe staying up late. Whelp.
~ I will have a hobby of some shape or form.
-- Computers and Linux-y stuff, mostly.
~ I will be helpful to the MB community!
-- CLA WHERE? -- Oh, and moderator! :o
~ I will know how to really program.
-- Am better than before! Know more in terms of knowledge; maybe not so much in terms of _doing_ it.
~ I will learn how to do even cooler things with computers,
-- Arch Linux. 'Nuff said.
~ I will pass and get decent grades in my classes.
-- Passed and did well, both years! Stressed out like crazy though.
~ I will enjoy all my classes for the next two semesters.
-- Haahhahahahah. Well... it wasn't awful. :)
~ I will be faster at assorted things.
-- Barely. Why am I so slow? :'C
~ I will enjoy school.
-- Yes! No! Yes! I don't regret being at school, I'll say.
~ I will be happy throughout the year!
-- Ehh, stressed is more like it. Could use more optimism...
~ I will be more optimistic than I was when I was writing this post.
-- I didn't read this before the last one! I swear! -- It varies.
~ I will enjoy being a member of the forums for more than three years!
-- It's been good. Active? Less so.
~ I will keep on living.
-- 100% am alive. Living the real life? Debatable.
~ I will try and host a Minecraft server for at least a few weeks this year.
-- Maybe?? I can't remember. Certainly not /last/ year... does LAN count?
~ I will love my cats. <3
-- Yus. <3 I need to love them more.
~ I will still love blueberries.
-- Yes!
~ I will appreciate music more.
-- Maybe?
~ I will be a year older! Woo!
-- Two years, in fact. :)
~ I will come to like these forums.
-- Yes! For the most part. Much better than Proboards. :)
~ An angry horde of bots will overrun the forums at some point in time.
-- I think this may have happened. At least, in terms of guests.
~ The DedalusTech forums will still be running.
-- HAHA no.
~ Marble Blast Fubar will NOT release; at least not before summer is over. this year.
-- Held true all the way to 2016. :)
~ PlatinumQuest will NOT release.
-- It's been slowly leaking out into MBP.
~ Aayrl will release at least two beta builds.
-- Not sure. Maybe?? At least /now/ he has. :)
~ MBP 1.50 will still have that crash-on-disconnection-or-logout bug. I will be flustered.
-- I haven't the foggiest clue. I presume so. I don't even remember this...
~ PQ will finally release its second trailer video.
-- Does Co-Op count? I don't think one ever came out. :P
~ PQ will release more revealing information.
-- Like, I think they have a release date even! Yes.
~ I will meet new people.
-- Yes. :)
~ I will procrastinate less.
-- Not really. :) (Guess what I'm doing right now?)
~ I will still enjoy and be good at math.
-- Yes, and yes!
~ I will still like science.
-- Yep.
~ I will not cause a heated argument on some forums.
-- I think I may have... last year. With MBSuper. Whelp. We can improve!
~ I will be more creative.
-- Meh, I don't think so.
~ This computer will still be running and active. Nobody will have it to get rid of or replace it.
-- RIP EMAC :'C -- replaced with iMac. Feelings are more meh that expected. I mostly use the Linux now. :)
~ I will make several embarrassing typos.
-- I'm pretty sure I did a Freudian slip in Skype chat at some point, and probably elsewhere, too...
~ The forums will have many new and wonderful features.
-- Profiles and LBs and scores and plugins and better PMs and uploader? Launcher, stuff, more stuff, yes!
~ Something new and fascinating will be discovered on Mars.
-- WATER WOW it's so salty.
~ I will remember long-term things more easily than before.
-- I didn't remember my predictions, for once. :) But aside from that... maybe? It hasn't changed much.
~ I will improve my vocabulary.
-- Yes, indeed! I think.
~ I will make a post and it will somehow be messed up. Stupid ninjas.
-- Quite possibly so. Likely.
~ I will make things more organized.
-- My filesystem? Maybe...
~ I will be more confident.
-- ... I think in some ways, I really have.
~ I will cut my hair.
-- Not sure... I think very early on I did trim it down a little bit. :) It's much better now!
~ I will play MarbleBlast Platinum more than before.
-- HAHA nope.
~ Something new, exciting, and totally unprecedented will happen! It will be amazing!
-- A lot of things have happened, so I would say yes. :P
~ I will have most of my predictions come true.
-- If I remembered them! I suppose so. At least half.
~ I will realize I have started most of my predictions the same and come back at a later time to edit it.
-- Maybe. Stop with the short term questions, me!
~ I will have over 500 posts!
-- You bet. Did I really have less than 500? Maybe I actually /was/ somewhat active...

Note to self: Don't put so many predictions down.
That was interesting, and fun to reflect on! I had some haha moments. :)

So long!
~ PM

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22 Jan 2016 18:24 - 22 Jan 2016 18:26 #9 by IsraeliRD
Replied by IsraeliRD on topic 2014 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
I never posted my 2013 results... so uh, wrong topic but whatever:

Forums: 2,661 members, 161,120 posts, 8,837 topics, 25-45 members a day (today 51!)
Myself: 2,444 PMs, 12,491 posts
YouTube: Videos: 797, Video Views: 3,428,416, Subscribers: 875
MBG Movie: 88,921/334/202/19

Forums: No one cares @ any stats but we do have ~60 members a day (beforehand: 25-45)
Myself: Don't care
YouTube: I have 951 videos, maybe 2-3 unlisted. 4,939,198 video views and 1,665 subscribers.
MBG Movie: I didn't realise it was blocked throughout the world. Oops.

- Something huge occurs this year that will make the above stats not count unless I... add things up.

New site WOO

- My activity might see an abrupt halt for a few months, but I’m not sure on this. Likewise this affects any project I’m currently involved in. The current staff team might not change or will have new people. 1-2 members may quit.

- All wrong

- PlatinumQuest might be released in 2013, but will be confirmed for 2014 due to reaching a very advanced stage by the end of 2013. PlatinumQuest will release an additional trailer or two as well as a demo build, all of which will hype the community further.


- Marble Blast Fubar will be released (after I bug Aayrl daily), Marble Blast Elite could possibly die or have an incomplete release unless they pull it together instead of being lazy, in which case they might release towards the end of the year. HappyRoll will continue being built or have some sort of release. Other mods will die or have an incomplete release.

- I stopped bugging after a month. Fubar didn't release. Elite died. HR had a demo. Mods died and had incomplete releases in 2015.

- Marble Blast Platinum will release before or on July of this year. New build version is a huge jump from 1.20 and it includes a lot of rewritten or new content that will make people super happy and satisfied until PlatinumQuest comes out.

- 1.50 didn't happen until 2014, so wrong.

- Talking about something huge, it’s going to be a massive earthquake to this community and everyone will be happy with it.

- I think 1.50 was announced?

- Level of the Year 2013 will not happen

THANK. GOD. levels are shit.

- CLA gets a proper update release by mid-2013, as well as an update CGA (Gfx Archive).

NOPE. PF sucks.

- More people either quit or come back to us

Happened, don't ask me who.

- MBP WRR 2 releases this year to huge acclaim, but unknown if it’ll be done for SDA. MBG WRR #4 will continue to be in progress (although no one really works on it) and not release this year.

Yes to both.

- At least two members will be banned.

- Uh, can't remember. I'll write "yes".

- Over 150 new levels will be released in 2013.

- Nope

- I will make Lonestar create a time capsule starting in December instead of late December like always

NOPE and he quit

- Hangman Game passes 1000 puzzles.

IT DIED don't remember maybe

- I might release a new custom level to the community.

NOPE only in 2014

- Seizure will lose the game while working on PQ

He didn't work on PQ but he lost the game

- Videos: 825 or more, Video Views: 3.75m +, Subscribers: 1k+

Sure why not

- MBG Movie will reach over 110,000 video views, get over 355 comments and will be liked more than 250 times while disliked at least 27 times.


- YouTube changes their design yet again to annoy me


Life related:

- I will hold two temporary jobs and miss out on a full-time one
- ...which will mean something big happens this year.

- Only one temp job, and a second happened in 2014. No full-times.

- I will read 3 new books and see at least 3 new movies (1 movie was done today [Disaster Movie])

NOPE probably

- I will get a new desktop computer

YES got it in July 2013

- I will have consider a laptop computer, but this will fall through.

Happened, but hey I got one at my temp job (well it was theirs) so you know... maybe.

- I might get a new mobile phone if my current one dies

It didn't die and I got one in 2014

- I will lose weight and gain muscles. Sexy baby.

Gained muscle and weight. Still sexy baby.


- I stop using FireFox 3.6 and move to 16+ permanently. Currently 3.6 is still my main one.


- My desktop gets a cleanup of icons as I uninstall a number of games and delete or move out old stuff.

Maybe. It did since.

- I’m not sure if I’ll go to SDA’s 2014 AGDQ marathon, but outlook is positive in September.


- I still won’t play C&C4


- I will not get to play RA3: Uprising’s Commander’s Challlenge or play very little, getting at least 30%.


- Theme Park Inc speedrun will complete with audio commentary and be submitted to SDA. Let’s go with ACCEPTED in verification and posted on front page this year as well.


- As much as I’d love to speedrun C&C Generals, this won’t happen this year as well.


- I will not finish TASing Hocus Pocus episodes ¾ and 100% Ep. 1. In fact, they will continue to be suspended indefinitely.


- Andrew will not block me for a second year in a row in MSN. However as MSN dies in March, he will not block me in Skype/Steam.

CORRECT and kept going for 2014/2015. Three years!

- I will not play Hearts in 2013.

I think I did...

- I will find 5 new good songs


- SDA will evolve a lot more and I will continue with my current duties with a job well done. I might be requested to take on more.

Got asked for more in 2013, and SDA de-evolved.

- In fact, my SDA involvement will become larger this year and take over Marble Blast (especially if something big happens this year like I suspect it will).


- I will continue using hotmail/gmail as mail providers, but seriously consider dropping hotmail for good, but won’t do so anyway.


- I will get some new dragon thingy in my room.


- I will step in dog shit :P

Correct :P

- I will lose the game (too late)

FUCK. yes.

- I will not get a girlfriend

Sadly right

- ... I will not like (living in) Israel but accept my fate and do the most with it.

Happened in 2014 so wrong here. I didn't like it in 2014 anyway and accepting my fate. Maybe.

- ... and life will be... good?

2013 was good.

- Regardless of what happens this year (unless the big thing happens, and I have to join that place, where this prediction will no longer be true)... TOAST will remain my #1 breakfast with occurrence of at least 95% of the year.


Also in 2014 the unposted prediction was to make funny jokes in every post I edit. I think I got it.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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